Video Advertising: More Effective, More Challenging

It won’t be long before video ads will be the most important form of advertising online, gradually replacing banners for marketers who want real engagement and results. EMarketer has had some interesting articles on the way in-page video ads perform as compared to the performance of banner ads. Not surprisingly, the differences are dramatic.

We have noticed this at at ZEDO for a long time, and we’re developing new formats for in-page video, and measuring the effectiveness of our Inview ad formats through our partnership with comScore.  We’ve gotten the numbers to 99% in view for the slider, and now we’re working to guarantee that our video ads are brand safe, which is more important with video than with banner ads, because video is more fully integrated into content and also more engaging.

Marketers will usually consider the content of a given website upon which they place a banner ad, but less frequently will they consider the context – the actual nature of the text, videos, and/or pictures against which the ad is juxtaposed. This is because most people will create a natural disconnect between a banner ad and a piece of text.

But video is far more integrated, and a video advertisement can often bleed directly into the hosting video itself.

EMarketer’s articles say that while the standard banner may be increasingly seen as an underperforming  format, other newer formats, such as takeover and video ads will help advertisers get  higher engagement. When MediaMind compared dwell rate and average dwell duration for polite banners to several more interactive formats, such as homepage takeovers, interactivity and creativity won out. A homepage takeover lifted dwell rates 32% over those for a polite banner, and lifted average dwell duration 67%.

Another article talks about dwell and duration rates for Rich Media ads with and without video. Of course, they’re higher with video.

Dwell rate measures the percentage of rich media impressions users intentionally engaged with by touch, interaction or click. Dwell duration is the length of time the user remains exposed to an ad after first engaging with it. To further ensure the validity of the dwell rate measure, all interactions lasting less than 1 second were removed.
The fact that the new iPads come equipped with 4GLTE and have extremely fast download speeds opens the flood gates for rich media advertising, especially video. In the near future, there will be news networks that will stream all day, as Al Jazeera does now. There are also specialty networks, like TWiT, that livestream online tech news.
The core reason for my going into this business has always been my believe that online advertising can be as effective as TV. It will be.

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