Update to ZEDO’s Ad Trafficking Form

This Saturday, our team will release a new Ad Trafficking form.  If you haven’t already, contact your Account Manager to get a walkthrough of what the new Trafficking page looks like.  There are several changes, from information organization, to design, to code optimization.

Why’d you change this?  It was fine the way it was and I’m used to it.

Our old form included years of iterations and feature improvements.  The code had become bloated and the page itself had its own share of usability issues (refreshing, for example, when you click on certain parts).

Additionally, it had become challenging to train new users.  The information, as laid out on the old page design, was not clearly categorized or delineated.

Ok.  What are the changes?

Several!  But some of the important and noteworthy ones include:

  1. Code Optimization. From 12,000 lines of code, to 4,000.  Techies out there will know why we’re so proud.
  2. Better error messaging. More informative error messages and feedback.
  3. No Refreshing Until Page Submit. (!!!)
  4. New Functionality. Create a new ad dimension right in this page!  Look for “Add New” option at the bottom of the dropdown.
  5. New Controls. New Interactive Geo Targeting, New Language Targeting, Time of Day, etc., all new user controls for complex targeting

Sounds good.  What if there are problems?

Like with any significant code change, there is always a risk of a problem or two.  For this reason, we intend to support the Classic Form for a period of time post-release.

You can preview a Demo of the new page on the Create Campaign page in your ZEDO account.