UI Improvements (coming soon)

User Interface is important for any software. Poorly designed user interfaces can make great technology useless and make the problem worse instead of solving it. We haven’t been able to focus much on UX in the past, but 2020 and 2021 will have a lot of UX improvements in the ZEDO portal.

Here are a couple of new changes I want to announce which will be released soon.


  1. Improved home dashboard functionality

All new HTML5 graphs that provide a high level understanding of account. This is the first phase of the new improved dashboard and there will be more interactions to it as we listen to our users. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when you start using it after it is released.

We have dropped the hourly graph but we will introduce it in the later stage along with dynamic cards (explained below). The 30 day graph compares revenue and impressions. It also shows unmonetized impressions.

Top Publisher and Advertiser graphs plots top by the day and not across 7 days. We are hoping this will help in understanding new entries in the top cream so that you can take quick actions where needed. Nevertheless we would like to hear your feedback.


Future Plans:

In future we plan to introduce dynamic cards for the dashboard that will allow you to add a new graph to your dashboard to trend of a single metric or a new table to data of a single entity and may filter out the dashboard for maybe one campaign etc.


  1. Improved header menus

We believe that the user interface of any software should allow quick navigation so that users can find any information or add/edit information as quickly as possible. Our header menu system was kind of outdated and frankly it slowed the user down when trying to reach a particular section of the software.

We are introducing a new layout of the header menu. Tabs will not be clickable anymore. Only menus under a tab will be clickable. Menus will be presented vertically on hover of any tab. This layout will allow users to quickly navigate vertically to find a menu they are looking for.