TV Ad Dollars Will Follow Consumers Online

I fully believe that TV ad dollars will move online as soon as we can prove that online spots work as well as TV spots. We are engaging in research to see if we can prove this. And because I have a strong personal and corporate commitment to making online advertising as good as TV advertising we are also developing new and better ad formats. ZEDO will keep trail-blazing until we get it right for our publishing partners, which also means getting it right for advertisers.

And as we all know consumers are already fully online and probably moving away from TV – so advertising has to follow. According to Heidi Browning, SVP of Strategic Solutions at Pandora,

The whole concept of content everywhere is really coming to fruition, with 70 percent of listening happening on mobile devices for Pandora and this is an incredible opportunity for advertisers. Our fastest growing platform is mobile, Android specifically. When looking at how and when people consume, in the day and evening it’s mobile listening and in the late evening and weekends, it moves to the tablet. First-screen definitions are changing.

We also have data on how news viewing is moving very quickly to the tablet on evenings and weekends. Pandora corroborates our own research. We therfore have a unique TVAds OnPage format that, as the name suggests, puts regular TV ads on the web without any work from the advertiser.

The bottom line is still that brands want to reach consumers, and eventually the money will go where it is most effective. What the online publishing industry needs is new ways of proving the effectiveness of its advertising formats and programs. And it also needs to allow media buyers, brands and agencies to easily buy online media without getting lost in the intricacies and jargon.

People in advertising know that TV Ads work. We in advertising technology need to improve our offerings and educate advertisers on why and how online can be as good as TV.

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