Track your Support Cases online!

ZEDO Online Support Cases

Have you had time to check out the new Support Tab in the ZEDO UI?  We recently introduced a new tab called “Support”, with the following:

  • Online Support Cases:  Log a case, check case status, reply to cases all online in your account.  Also, view the cases of others in your company.
  • Knowledgebase:  Including all our implementation documents and whitepapers, training videos!, API documentation, user manual, FAQ’s, articles, blogs, and more

  • Release Notes:  All current, past and planned future releases are listed here.  Help yourself to a bit of insight about what we’re releasing soon
Retiring Email-Based Cases
In a month or so, we plan to retire our email-based support case tracking system.  This means that all cases must be submitted online.  Don’t worry – we’ll give you plenty of warning and will always provide a backup method for reaching our team.
If web-based case logging doesn’t work for you – let us know!  Contact your ZEDO Account Manager as soon as possible and let us know if this causes a process problem for you or your team.
thanks, and keep reading!