ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2012

Customized reports by Campaign
You will be able to specify which fields your advertisers can see in campaign reports.

  • Activate Custom Reporting for the campaign
  • Choose reporting metrics [Show: impressions/clicks/actions/revenue] for “custom reporting” campaigns for advertiser roles

Passback for VAST ads
Users can enable pass backs in the Create ad form for VAST ads, and generate Pass back VAST tags. This helps you work with  Video ad networks and monetize revenue by serving the next possible ad when an ad network does a passback.

Ad performance information for Channel Sets
When adding / removing ads from a channel set, it’s impossible to determine which ads to chagne without seeing which ads are serving. By bringing a mini ad dashboard to the edit channel set page, you can now use this important context when deciding which ads to turn off.

Targeting details on targeting icons
The targeting icons on the ads dashboard and rank ads pages will show the targeting details on mouse hover on the icons.

Campaign rate in pacing report
Pacing Report will now have a column to display campaign rate.

Disable Schedule Reports for Ad Trafficker users
Default ad trafficker can now disable schedule reports created by any user.

Editable Action Cookie Lifetime
Users can now define a different cookie tracking time for actions created for a campaign/advertiser.


ZEDO, the leading advertising technology partner for publishers, has announced the roll-out of several new services and its expansion of its US arm into a new San Francisco Headquarters.

ZEDO’s new services, launched in 2011, include rich media, ad operations, the inView Slider format for monetizing below the fold inventory, and ZINC Exchange, a premium  exchange launched in India last summer and coming out of US beta in Q1.

Publishers interested in beta testing the new exchange can sign up at

Eleven-year-old ZEDO, which was launched before the dot-com bubble and has grown in both India, Russia and the US, now has 250 employees worldwide.

As a result of its growth, ZEDO will be moving out of the offices on 2nd Street in San Francisco that it has occupied for most of its existence. Starting January 3, ZEDO’a new address will be 850 Montgomery Street, Suite 150, San Francisco CA 94113. The phone number will remain the same, 415.348.1975.

ZEDO is constantly trying to find new ways to help its partners. Having navigated the rough waters of print to digital with more than a thousand customers, we now have the honor of helping them grow their revenue in the new environment. We look forward to releasing even more new products in 2012.

Watch ZEDO in 2012 here, and on twitter at

ZEDO Announces the ZINC Exchange!

There are many ways that publishers and advertisers can sell and buy ad space. Today, the easiest and quickest way for advertisers to buy is with an Ad Exchange. Advertisers like exchanges because they are more transparent than ad networks and are easy and fast to use. For advertisers, there are no more sales calls from publishers or network sales reps. Instead, they choose to buy on their time in a quicker and easier way than our industry has ever seen before. They also remain in complete control. Exchanges are a great source of efficiency for agencies and advertisers. ZEDO, as you may have read today, is launching ZINC Ad Exchange.

ZINC is now in private beta and will soon be open to use by any advertiser. ZINC is different and better than other ad exchanges. Other exchanges sell remnant non-guaranteed impressions on a mixed bag of sites. The ZINC Exchange features only premium, guaranteed inventory – you choose and buy the inventory you want. There isn’t any remnant inventory. This is because the only advertising inventory you’ll find on ZINC is high-quality sites such as newspaper publishers from across the country.  The ZINC Exchange will offer only high-visibility, premium advertising positions on community and metro market news websites. ZINC’s web based interface offers real-time management of campaigns, instant reporting access at any time, and aggressive pricing that allows advertisers to maximize their media budgets. Inventory availability is clear and transparent – agencies see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZEDO CEO Roy de Souza stated in a recent press release that, “The ZINC Exchange offers an easy way to see prices, create a media plan, and instantly buy high quality, brand-safe ad space. The ability to do guaranteed buys with even delivery across the campaign is attractive to brand advertisers and agencies. I am excited to launch the beta today.”

We are thrilled to announce this new way to buy advertising directly from sites, specifically newspaper sites. Please contact us if you want to join the beta at

P.S. Come see ZEDO at ad:tech in San Francisco April 11-13 to learn even more about Zinc Ad Exchange: Meeting Room MR9 (Expo Hall level 2).


Click to buy guaranteed placements on newspaper sites.

ZEDO’s “Publisher Protection Program” Protects Publishers from Malvertising

Bad data can be a BIG problem for publishers. As more and more ad data travels through multiple hands, the risk of bad ad data and malvertising ending up on a publisher website increases.  This can seriously damage a publisher’s online advertising reputation and business. The only solution is to FIGHT BACK!  ZEDO customers can fight with much less energy, since we are now teaming with 3rd party verification companies such as The Media Trust and AdXpose. Yay! This means that ZEDO customers now have x-ray vision into their ad chain and live ad data.

We know that publishers and ad networks suffer from malicious ads and fake agencies posing as legit advertisers.   To fight this, we are working with The Media Trust Company (  to find bad data that may have found its way into our customers’ ad tags.  This new system will send real time alerts to our customers,  which can then be investigated and fixed instantly.  Let us help you protect your site visitors and your brand!

Don’t let any more unwanted ad data go live on your site!  New ZEDO partner AdXpose ( will help you monitor, audit, and stop bad ads on your site in real-time. Take back the power and win the fight against bad ads on your site while easing the strain on your time and your wallet.

Contact us anytime to learn more about protecting your ad data, brand, and users with the ZEDO Publisher Protection Plan.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2010

September has been busy!  Our global R&D teams have been working really hard lately to develop lots of new and exciting features that will help publishers solve various business problems and improve usability of the ZEDO system. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Reach Frequency Reports

Customers often want to find out the effectiveness of campaigns by looking at overall user reach. ZEDO has now launched ‘Reach Frequency Reports’ which will tell you the total number of unique clicks, impressions and actions for a period of 14 days.

This feature allows advertisers, ad networks and publishers to track specific activity related to a particular advertisement, advertiser, channel, or publisher.

Currently only ‘Channel Reach Frequency Report’ will be available. We will soon launch all other reports.

Auto levelling

ZEDO has launched a new feature which will allow customers to optimize ads with much more control. Auto levelling will place the best ad on a higher level than the lesser performing ads, and ensure that the best ad finishes serving before moving on to the next best ad.

This feature is incorporated into the Rank Ads page. You can define Auto levelling criteria on a Channel-Dimension basis for any bucket (except Exclusive Ads) in the Rank Ads structure.  You can use eCPM and CTR as the basis for optimization.

Competing and Companion Ads (BETA)

This has been the most awaited feature by ZEDO customers. We are accepting Beta customers to try out our Competing and Companion features; please contact your Account manager NOW!! We will be happy to give you a free training with our Product experts.

Support Metrics

Your opinion matters to ZEDO!  Once your support case is closed, you can now rate your support experience in the ZEDO system. ZEDO takes all feedback seriously, and we will analyze case ratings to improve our Customer Service for you. Enjoy rating 🙂

Please contact for questions and more information.