ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2012

October has been a busy month for our development team as we planned some important upgrades to boost the performance and quality of our system.

While our main focus was on Quality, we also released the following features.

Ad Title Layer

As Google knows, ad networks can gain brand recognition by including their name on the ads they serve. ZEDO’s Ad Title Layer feature lets customers display their company logo or name on ads, helping with marketing and branding.

We built this feature based on customer demand and it’s very simple to use: Enable the feature and upload the Ad Title in Account Preferences, then apply it when trafficking individual ads.

In Account Preferences, select the Enable Ad Title checkbox and enter the info and file(s) for the Title.

In the trafficking form, select the Include Ad Title checkbox and the Title will show up on the ad.  

All Channels impressions in Rank Ads

The Rank Ads tool shows impressions served on a selected channel, but some of our customers felt it would be nice to have a column which shows the impressions delivered on all channels as well, so we added it. This will help analyze how the ad is doing on the selected channel as compared to others.

The new column is titled Imps All Channels and can be seen for both Today and Total data.

Auto levelling and SMS notification settings in Account Setup

We’ve added a lot of options to Account Preferences and My Preferences in the Admin tab, which allow you to set your default preferences and customize the UI and settings for many features. The two most recent additions are:

  • Auto levelling settings in Account Preferences
  • SMS/Email notification settings in My Preferences

Auto levelling in Account Preferences

SMS/Email Notifications in My Preferences

Global Search for Custom Ad Trafficker roles
Until now, the global search option (search for any entity in the Search box) was available only for default ad traffickers; now, by customer demand we have added access for Custom Ad Trafficker (CAT) users. Access for more role types will follow.


ZEDO, Inc., the leading independent advertising technology partner for publishers, today announced that it is using SelectPath™ multi-platform load balancing technology from content delivery network (CDN) provider Highwinds® to optimize content delivery across multiple CDNs and platforms.  SelectPath, which is integrated into ZEDO’s ad platforms, combines advanced multi-platform network monitoring and CDN load balancing to fuel real-time data-driven content delivery decisions.  ZEDO’s single, unified platform with SelectPath improves performance and increases fault tolerance for customers’ ads.

“We chose SelectPath because it is a unique and cutting-edge technology that allows us to load balance multiple CDNs based on performance.  Other vendors that we talked to could do this on geography alone.  SelectPath integrated into our ad platforms improves delivery performance and reliability,” said Joseph Jacob, CTO of ZEDO, a 12-year-old advertising technology company, the largest independent ad server and an industry thought leader.  “With SelectPath, ZEDO is the first in the industry to be able to CDN load balance based on performance rather than geography.”

Companies like ZEDO use multiple CDNs for many reasons, most of which are driven by the need to deliver the best experience every time to every user.  Highwinds SelectPath, which includes licensed technology from multi-cloud performance and automation pioneer, Cedexis, is well-positioned to help content providers meet performance goals.  It collects real-time performance data directly from actual end users across any number of CDNs as well as the provider’s own origin, and it captures valuable last-mile data often excluded from monitoring services.  SelectPath reacts to the data by dynamically adjusting loads and automatically routing content over the CDN performing best at the moment of delivery.  Highwinds customers can also use SelectPath to create custom rules that programmatically flow content based on geography, time of day, day of month, etc.

“SelectPath is rooted in two premises.  First, we’ve seen third-party data consistently showing that Highwinds CDN outperforms others, and not surprisingly, since we’ve invested heavily into our infrastructure and software stack to ensure our seat at the top.  And second, because we agree that performance matters, SelectPath will steer all content in the direction of the optimally performing CDN, even if it’s not ours,” said Steve Miller, chairman and CEO of Highwinds.  “We commend ZEDO for their recognition that no one CDN is ever faster than the aggregate, and we are excited to support ZEDO’s multi-CDN approach – while earning their bytes on a performance basis.”

To learn more about SelectPath, visit

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2012

February’s been good to us and our ad server!  Here’s a look at what we released so far this month.

Improved Search
We added the ability to search by IO (Reference number) in Global Search and Ad Search.

Introducing Ad Retirement
A new status has been added for ads that stopped serving 12 months ago. This is a maintenance measure to improve the performance of channel and channel set edits.  Contact Support for more details about automatic ad retirement and how this might affect you.

Campaign Level Pacing Graphs
We added Deviation & Pacing indicator for ads in campaign-limited campaigns.

By Popular Demand!
Single Page Ad Trafficking:  We updated the Create Ad page to display all all placement information in one screen (vs. separate tabs).

Clone Ads in Campaign:  We also added the ability to clone ads in a campaign as a step in the campaign cloning process!

Passback Impression Data
Passback Impression Data has been added to the Adhoc Reporting database

API v.4 Update
Added two new fields to API v4: Campaign level impression limit and Campaign I/O

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – 2012's First

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

Tearsheets Updates
ZEDO’s new tearsheet tool shows ads directly on a website.  The illustration below shows a quick links menu which appears when you mouse over the ad. Activate by clicking “Tearsheet”.

Billboard Ad format

IAB Billboard is one of six new IAB Rising Stars formats.  We have added a custom ad template for these ads.  The custom template is available on the Create Ad Page, using the Custom Code Generator link.

Cost-Per-Day (CPD) Properties in Ad Hoc Report Builder
Customers can now create an Ad hoc report template for CPD campaign reporting by including CPD properties such as “Days Targeted,” “Days Delivered,” and “Minimum Threshold” applied to the CPD campaign.

Inventory Forecast Report Improvements
Added a Quick Summary table in Inventory forecast report.

This summary displays the total Sold and Available impressions across your network or for certain channel / dimensions.  “Available” here includes any campaigns trafficked as Excess (remnant).

Inventory Forecast Reports also include a filter for Browsers.  Use this new filter in Inventory forecast reports to run forecast reports for various web browsers (limited to those available for ad targeting).

We also expanded the set of browsers to which you can target an ad to include the following new options:

  • Opera mini and Opera mobile in iPad, Android and other mobile devices
  • Internet Explorer version 9.x
  • Firefox version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

Auto close time for Slider Ads
You can now set the auto-close time for ZEDO Slider Ads.  The default is 10 seconds.

More Options in Reach Frequency Report
We now support Reach frequency reports for Ad dimension, City, and State level data.

VAST ads using API’s
Users can now create VAST ads using ZEDO API

Support for Flash files with Multiple Click Tags
We have modified our create ad templates to accept and assign multiple click tags for the uploaded flash files as shown below:

This is supported for all templates that accept flash files.

Drag and Drop Creative in Create Ad
Users can now just drag and drop their creative from the desktop to the create ad form as shown below:

Processing Time Display
We have added live ad processing updates in Advertiser, Channel, Campaign, and Create ad confirmation page.

This feature will provide updates on the last processing start time and next ad processing schedule (useful when planning the launch of newly created ads for ad traffickers.)

Passbacks Excluded from Totals
We will now exclude passback impressions from the total impressions for ad networks in the ad network dashboard and profit reports.

This will help help optimization by reducing the discrepancy caused by passbacks.

Why Am I Serving Blanks?
We have also added basic explanations for blanks/default ads on the Rank Ads page.
A new messaging system shows you some reasons why blanks/default ads might be serving on a slice of inventory.  We are also making it more clear when fillers won’t serve, and why.

Admin Tab
The Users Tab has been renamed and repurposed to an Adminstrative panel.  Here, you’ll find a new subtab called “Setup”.

You can now set individual and account-wide preferences for various settings, including:

  • Ad and Campaign setup
  • Channel Setup
  • Advertiser preferences
  • Ad Tag options

We have big plans to expand this to many more individual and account-wide settings in 2012.

Pre-Book Orders (Reserve Inventory)
You can now prebook, or Reserve ads for an advertiser.. Reserved ads will be accounted for in Inventory Forecast reports, but will not go live until confirmed by ad operations.

Targeting Templates
Targeting Templates have been introduced to make it easier for ad operations to set up multiple ads with similar targeting requirements.

Alert Me When My Ad Is Live
SMS or Email alerts and updates about each stage of ad processing until it goes live.


ZEDO, the leading advertising technology partner for publishers, has announced the roll-out of several new services and its expansion of its US arm into a new San Francisco Headquarters.

ZEDO’s new services, launched in 2011, include rich media, ad operations, the inView Slider format for monetizing below the fold inventory, and ZINC Exchange, a premium  exchange launched in India last summer and coming out of US beta in Q1.

Publishers interested in beta testing the new exchange can sign up at

Eleven-year-old ZEDO, which was launched before the dot-com bubble and has grown in both India, Russia and the US, now has 250 employees worldwide.

As a result of its growth, ZEDO will be moving out of the offices on 2nd Street in San Francisco that it has occupied for most of its existence. Starting January 3, ZEDO’a new address will be 850 Montgomery Street, Suite 150, San Francisco CA 94113. The phone number will remain the same, 415.348.1975.

ZEDO is constantly trying to find new ways to help its partners. Having navigated the rough waters of print to digital with more than a thousand customers, we now have the honor of helping them grow their revenue in the new environment. We look forward to releasing even more new products in 2012.

Watch ZEDO in 2012 here, and on twitter at

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March

Streamlined Create User Flow

We have redesigned the Create User page so that you can now create new users or add existing users on a single page.

Bulk Keyword Targeting

Often times we get requests from customers who want to target an ad to multiple keywords. We have added a new bulk keyword targeting feature which will let you add multiple keywords from a text file. You can now target up to 200 keywords for an ad using bulk keyword targeting.

Accurate Detection of Third Party Tags

We improved our Create Ad form to detect even more third party ad server and ad network tags. This ensure that proper cache-busting and click tracking is implemented automatically for you, thereby reducing discrepancies.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2010

Our latest batch of updates includes improvements for the Inventory Forecasting report, easier participation in our Behavioral Exchange, a new version of our popular ADMagic tool, a new Publisher Protection Program, and more.

Quickly Identify the Source of Problem Ads on your Site
Our popular Firefox browser plugin, ADMagic, shows you the source of every ad on your page.  Quickly identify problem banner ads and turn them off directly from the webpage.

The latest version of this plugin can be used by ad operations professionals at any site. You do not need to use ZEDO’s ad serving technology to use this plugin.

To read more or download the latest version, visit

Improve Performance in the ZEDO Behavioral Exchange
We’ve given you the ability to categorize your Channels. This is currently only available for Publishers and websites in the ZEDO Behavioral Exchange and will improve performance of our network on your various channels. The Exchange also allows you to opt in only to specific channels.

One Year Forecasting
It’s really important for customers to know how much inventory they can book for years to come. ZEDO has improved its forecasting engine; now you can plan campaigns up to one year in the future!

More Reach Frequency Report Options
We’ve  added various new report formats in Reach Frequency Reports, to help you better determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

New Hourly graph on Home Dashboard
Tired of finding out about problems after they happen? ZEDO’s new hourly graph will not only show important statistical data, but also help you identify problems in real-time.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2010

September has been busy!  Our global R&D teams have been working really hard lately to develop lots of new and exciting features that will help publishers solve various business problems and improve usability of the ZEDO system. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Reach Frequency Reports

Customers often want to find out the effectiveness of campaigns by looking at overall user reach. ZEDO has now launched ‘Reach Frequency Reports’ which will tell you the total number of unique clicks, impressions and actions for a period of 14 days.

This feature allows advertisers, ad networks and publishers to track specific activity related to a particular advertisement, advertiser, channel, or publisher.

Currently only ‘Channel Reach Frequency Report’ will be available. We will soon launch all other reports.

Auto levelling

ZEDO has launched a new feature which will allow customers to optimize ads with much more control. Auto levelling will place the best ad on a higher level than the lesser performing ads, and ensure that the best ad finishes serving before moving on to the next best ad.

This feature is incorporated into the Rank Ads page. You can define Auto levelling criteria on a Channel-Dimension basis for any bucket (except Exclusive Ads) in the Rank Ads structure.  You can use eCPM and CTR as the basis for optimization.

Competing and Companion Ads (BETA)

This has been the most awaited feature by ZEDO customers. We are accepting Beta customers to try out our Competing and Companion features; please contact your Account manager NOW!! We will be happy to give you a free training with our Product experts.

Support Metrics

Your opinion matters to ZEDO!  Once your support case is closed, you can now rate your support experience in the ZEDO system. ZEDO takes all feedback seriously, and we will analyze case ratings to improve our Customer Service for you. Enjoy rating 🙂

Please contact for questions and more information.