ZEDO and the Network Advertising Initiative

I am happy today to announce that ZEDO has become a member of the Network Advertising Initiative, a coalition of over 90 online advertising companies committed to complying with self-regulatory standards that establish and reward responsible business and data management principles.

As I have increased my involvement in Consumer Privacy and Security here at ZEDO, I have been focused on ensuring best practice teams and processes to ensure that ZEDO customers and online consumers are well-protected.  At the same time, the industry has taken note of the growing concern over online privacy, and taken significant steps toward protection, with the formation of several groups and boards collaborating on self-regulation and privacy guidelines.

ZEDO’s continued to commitment to online privacy and trust is also noted in our recent achievement of the 2012 Online Trust Alliance’s Honor Roll.  We are proud to sit on this list with top FDIC, Ecommerce and Social Media sites, as well as other accomplished OTA members.

As a part of our membership with NAI, we offer consumers the chance to opt out of behavioral advertising from our clients using NAI’s Centralized Choice mechanism.

You can learn more about this on the ZEDO Opt Out page and in our Privacy Policy.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – 2012's First

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

Tearsheets Updates
ZEDO’s new tearsheet tool shows ads directly on a website.  The illustration below shows a quick links menu which appears when you mouse over the ad. Activate by clicking “Tearsheet”.

Billboard Ad format

IAB Billboard is one of six new IAB Rising Stars formats.  We have added a custom ad template for these ads.  The custom template is available on the Create Ad Page, using the Custom Code Generator link.

Cost-Per-Day (CPD) Properties in Ad Hoc Report Builder
Customers can now create an Ad hoc report template for CPD campaign reporting by including CPD properties such as “Days Targeted,” “Days Delivered,” and “Minimum Threshold” applied to the CPD campaign.

Inventory Forecast Report Improvements
Added a Quick Summary table in Inventory forecast report.

This summary displays the total Sold and Available impressions across your network or for certain channel / dimensions.  “Available” here includes any campaigns trafficked as Excess (remnant).

Inventory Forecast Reports also include a filter for Browsers.  Use this new filter in Inventory forecast reports to run forecast reports for various web browsers (limited to those available for ad targeting).

We also expanded the set of browsers to which you can target an ad to include the following new options:

  • Opera mini and Opera mobile in iPad, Android and other mobile devices
  • Internet Explorer version 9.x
  • Firefox version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

Auto close time for Slider Ads
You can now set the auto-close time for ZEDO Slider Ads.  The default is 10 seconds.

More Options in Reach Frequency Report
We now support Reach frequency reports for Ad dimension, City, and State level data.

VAST ads using API’s
Users can now create VAST ads using ZEDO API

Support for Flash files with Multiple Click Tags
We have modified our create ad templates to accept and assign multiple click tags for the uploaded flash files as shown below:

This is supported for all templates that accept flash files.

Drag and Drop Creative in Create Ad
Users can now just drag and drop their creative from the desktop to the create ad form as shown below:

Processing Time Display
We have added live ad processing updates in Advertiser, Channel, Campaign, and Create ad confirmation page.

This feature will provide updates on the last processing start time and next ad processing schedule (useful when planning the launch of newly created ads for ad traffickers.)

Passbacks Excluded from Totals
We will now exclude passback impressions from the total impressions for ad networks in the ad network dashboard and profit reports.

This will help help optimization by reducing the discrepancy caused by passbacks.

Why Am I Serving Blanks?
We have also added basic explanations for blanks/default ads on the Rank Ads page.
A new messaging system shows you some reasons why blanks/default ads might be serving on a slice of inventory.  We are also making it more clear when fillers won’t serve, and why.

Admin Tab
The Users Tab has been renamed and repurposed to an Adminstrative panel.  Here, you’ll find a new subtab called “Setup”.

You can now set individual and account-wide preferences for various settings, including:

  • Ad and Campaign setup
  • Channel Setup
  • Advertiser preferences
  • Ad Tag options

We have big plans to expand this to many more individual and account-wide settings in 2012.

Pre-Book Orders (Reserve Inventory)
You can now prebook, or Reserve ads for an advertiser.. Reserved ads will be accounted for in Inventory Forecast reports, but will not go live until confirmed by ad operations.

Targeting Templates
Targeting Templates have been introduced to make it easier for ad operations to set up multiple ads with similar targeting requirements.

Alert Me When My Ad Is Live
SMS or Email alerts and updates about each stage of ad processing until it goes live.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May

As ZEDO works on opening ZINC Ad Exchange to newspaper advertisers and publishers, our development teams continue to improve other areas of our technology options. Check out what the team has been working on this month:

AdForm Tags Automatically Recognized in Third Party Tag Upload Template
We have added Adform to the list of 3rd parties whose tags we support. Users can now simply paste the ad from ad tag in ZEDO and the click tracking macros will be automatically turned on.

Advanced Reports now Schedulable
Your can now select multiple channels or dimensions and get the advanced report schedules sent to your email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and retrieve them later.

Create Folder Structures in FTP
You can now create folders in your FTP account.  Schedule and store files in your folders by simply entering the folder path while scheduling the report.  See image below:

To learn more, or to sign up for ZEDO Advertising Technology, just visit

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April

We introduced a new innovation that we believe is going to revolutionize the online advertising space, improved ad serving functions, created better forecasting, launched a new way for publishers to have even more control.

Launched ZINC Exchange at ad:tech San Francisco!
ZINC is a new Ad Exchange from ZEDO.  ZINC is a guaranteed ad exchange for newspapers and advertisers who want to buy newspaper placements in just one click. Inventory availability is clear and transparent.  Agencies will see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZINC is in currently in beta, but publishers can sign up to secure their invitation at and advertisers at

Dormant Channels
Ad networks often distribute hundreds of tags to sites that eventually pull tags down.  If we find channels that are no longer serving, we’ll stop using active system resources for them.

Channels serving extremely low volumes will be set to a new status called “Dormant”, and will stop getting ad served to them.  Once the channel starts to request ads again, the system will generate a fresh ads.

The Dormant Channels will be indicated in the UI as shown below:

The thresholds for dormancy are set up on a per-customer basis, using impression and timeframe information to trigger the channel status change. Please contact support if you have more questions about Dormant Channels.

Scheduled Delivery of Inventory Forecast Report
Your sales team can now select multiple channel-dimension and get the forecasing report schedules sent to their email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and to retrieve them later.

Access Control Changes:
We have added the ability to let your Publisher Ad Trafficker (PAT) users use the Custom Ad Code Generator tool.

Ad traffickers will be able to grant access of ‘Custom Ad Generator’, in the create ad form, to their PAT users.  This will allow PAT users to create rich media ads using our Custom Ad Code Generator.

Buy iPad ads on the ZINC Ad Exchange

Last week a brand new ad exchange, ZINC, was launched by ZEDO, Inc. ZINC itself is revolutionary, but now we are going a step further…check this out:

With the ZINC Exchange, advertisers can directly target people reading newspapers on their iPads. Impressions targeted to these users are easy to buy on the ZINC Exchange.  ZINC is the first of its kind — no other ad exchange offers iPad newspaper targeting.

It is believed that 14.8 million iPads have been sold since its initial release.  Its success has been charted and forecasted. The iPad usage data reveals a whole new opportunity for advertisers.

Increasing traffic on newspaper sites, the highest quality brand-safe sites on the web, comes from iPads. Only 3 weeks after the device released, Wired stated that it received 26% of its mobile traffic from the device. ChangeWave Research found that 51% of iPad owners now read newspapers on their iPad.  Recognizing this true opportunity for advertisers, ZEDO has created the ZINC Ad Exchange, which allows advertisers to target people reading their daily newspapers on their iPads.

ZINC is currently in beta and being hosted at Publishers learn more at:

Advertisers: Click to buy guaranteed placements on newspaper sites.

Newspapers Jump on the ZEDO Bandwagon

Last week our CEO, Roy de Souza, announced that ZEDO is more capable than ever before of helping online newspapers cut costs and increase revenue. Not only do we have a suite of technology products for newspapers to choose from and use without switching ad servers, we now have an established team of expert ad operations specialists ready to take on any project or challenge from newspapers. We are happy to announce that, well, some newspapers heard us!

ZEDO is excited to welcome Omaha World Herald, The Daily Herald in Chicago (owned by Paddock Publications), and many more on board as our newest Advertising Technology customers. We look forward to helping these newspapers solve challenges, cut costs and keep their advertisers happy and coming back for more premium inventory.

Assistant Vice President of Paddock Publications, Kelly Bolyard, stated that, “ZEDO’s ad ops team is experienced with our ad server and works with us to make sure they understand our specific needs. As a result of our partnership with ZEDO, we never have to worry about being short on trafficking resources.”  Thanks, Paddock Publications!  Send us your trafficking work anytime, 24/7 and we will take care of it (same for all other newspapers out there too!).

So, are you a newspaper? Want to work with the only Advertising Technology provider dedicated to newspapers? Visit to learn all about what we can do for you.

Contact us at: to let us know how we can help you have more options, more visibility, and make more revenue.

Newspapers, ZEDO is here for you.

With circulation of paper newspapers in decline since 2006 and traffic to online newspapers increasing, revenue from subscriptions has dropped significantly for newspapers. Now more than ever, newspapers are becoming increasingly dependent on online advertising. Enabling advertisers to reach their audience and promote their products and services, is still a main focus for newspapers – but the placement has transferred from paper to technology. This change has affected newspapers internally, and forced newspapers to hire technology minded staff in order to ensure advertisers that their ads will run effectively. Here at ZEDO we understand this. In response, we have become the only advertising technology provider dedicated to supporting and completely focusing on the online advertising needs of newspapers.

I believe that ZEDO is truly on the side of newspapers. Not only do we provide major newspapers around the globe with network optimization and ad network services, but we take the time to thoroughly learn about their industry. Newspapers such as the Omaha World Herald (in the US) and Malayala Manorama, Mid-day, and India Today Group (in India) are working with ZEDO because we understand their specific needs. We develop advertising technology solutions that can help newspapers cut cost, increase efficiencies, and make more revenue. We have built a dedicated team in-house to assist newspaper publishers 24/7 on any challenge that newspapers might have. Ad Operations is a key focus, as this is a continually challenging role to fill.

We have built an Ad Operations Service team of technology experts that are dedicated, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to newspapers. Newspapers can depend on ZEDO for affordable ad operations by outsourcing some or all of their ad operations and trafficking work flow (and do this without switching ad servers). This means that Newspapers can save money on hiring, training, and retaining ad operations professionals if need be and also depend on ZEDO during heavy work flow times when there is an overflow of ad operations work.

Also, we recently partnered with digital media consulting agency Maroon, and its Managing Partner Chris Tippie who was the head of the Yahoo newspaper consortium. Maroon has assisted us in connecting with newspapers that benefit from our cost cutting ad operations services. This partnership enables ZEDO to have first hand insight into the challenges that newspapers face, develop fitting solutions, and prove that we are completely dedicated to being a true partner to newspapers.

In addition to ad operations services, newspapers can also depend on ZEDO for rich media formats, an easy to implement self service system for direct ad sales, innovative ad serving, and a robust web-based UI platform that ad operations teams can use to manage every ad that runs on their site.

Learn more now by visiting:

Read the press release at:

ZEDO hires Aashay Paradkar to lead new Ad Operations Services team

ZEDO, Inc., the advertising technology partner for publishers, has hired Aashay Paradkar to head up its new Ad Operations and Creative Services team. Paradkar will take over the Global Ad Operations Services team under Summer Koide, VP Product & Services at ZEDO.

Aashay brings with him over ten years of experience, most recently with Cybage Software, heading up a large staff providing ad operations and technical support to companies such as Operative, Pubmatic, Digital River and more.

“ZEDO’s suite of premier products, services and technology solutions is the need of the hour for top publishers and agencies today,” Paradkar said.  “Quality websites – including newspapers, magazines and video – already capture the attention of the audience that advertisers seek.  Our ad operations and creative services let these publishers focus on their core competency – bringing top quality content to their users 24 hours a day.”

ZEDO offers full service ad operations, as well as an overflow/insurance model to counter lumpy demand with static staffing. Ad Operations customers will have dedicated, trained staff, 24-hour customer support and a local account manager. ZEDO is proud to offer this cost cutting service to publishers, especially newspaper publishers, as well as many other innovative products and services.

Preparing Publishers for 2011

As 2010 comes to an end you might be reviewing the work that your team developed, and the processes by which they did so.  Here at ZEDO, we are spending time doing just that, as well as making some plans and setting expectations for 2011. We wanted to take a moment to share, with the online advertising community, some of the things that we came up with. We hope that these are helpful insights to internet publishers, specifically ad operation teams, on how to prepare for 2011. Here are 5 Ad Operations tips for 2011:

1. Review work flow, processes and templates

In all probability the last quarter of 2010 would have been hectic, with your Ad Ops teams working extended hours, implementing makeshift processes and coming up with temporary solutions. Traditionally workload drops drastically in Q1 and the pressure is significantly lower. Hence, the beginning of 2011 presents an ideal opportunity to review work flow, processes and templates. May be check if there are any missing fields in your IO template or your input tool that would make it easier for your sales folks? May be review templates to check if there are fields that are redundant, fields that have just been there since the template was first made? You may take this opportunity to update workflow diagrams. Document or update the diagrams to identify outdated steps. Assign a senior operations professional to do the documentation – this grows their professional skill-set as well as helps maintain fresh process documentation within your organization

Simply ask yourself the question – are you doing things in a particular manner because “that’s the way they have always been done”? Most Ad Ops teams could benefit from using this as an opportunity to learn from their experiences of 2010’s last quarter.  They could implement systems that ensure that when the workload increases again in the future they are well equipped to deliver efficiently. Lastly, it is advisable to review individual roles, responsibilities and dependencies and make redundancy plans accordingly in order to ensure that you do not have a single point of failure.

2. Bridge the gap between Ad Ops and Sales teams

Although perceptions are fast improving, most sales folks still continue to consider Ad Ops as just a back-office department that simply needs to implement what they are told. Before moving forward, lets get our facts straight. Ad Operations is a vitally important component for any publisher that intends to generate revenue from internet advertising. Without ad operations a contract will never be fulfilled. Without receiving feedback from the ad operations team, a sales team will never be able to price and package inventory accurately. Without accurate analysis from the ad operations team any publisher will not be able to derive the right balance between creative ads and reasonable content. This must be understood in order to get your sales team on the same table with your Ad Ops. You might have to establish processes for both to follow.  It is crucial that the communication channel between Ad Ops and sales is fluid and works both ways. Ad Ops teams need to educate the sales team about their capabilities and sales teams need to make ad ops team aware of what the market wants.

3. Have a contingency plan

It is difficult to run a lean and efficient ad operations department at the best of times. Add in high turnover, unplanned leaves, fluctuating work patterns and it can become an impossible task to manage delivery as per expectations. Also, the top management of any company is always going to balk at the high salaries paid to ad ops professionals. It is almost impossible to make them sit down and explain the importance of skilled professionals in ad operations. They will always fail to see the value in it. The solution is simple; consider outsourcing ad operations, either partially or completely. However, in doing so always ensure that the control stays with you. There are many advantages to outsourcing such as lower cost, no employee retention hassles and if the outsourcing partner works in a different timezone then it may actually result in quicker turnaround times. I repeat though – do not lose control of ad ops in doing so! You need to have a couple of ad operations professionals in-house that are constantly on top of the outsourcing vendor, ensuring that expectations are set accurately and delivery commitments are met in a timely fashion. Many companies also opt to outsource only during high work flow periods. Typically referred to as overflow services. You pay your outsourced vendor a low monthly retainer and utilize them only when needed and get billed on a per placement basis.

4. Define career paths of ad operations professionals

Ad operations is not, and will most likely never be, a stress free business. It is just the nature of the work they do that ad ops teams are going to be subjected to unrealistic expectations from time to time, and are going to be held responsible for mistakes that aren’t entirely their fault. Wrong creatives, wrong clickthru URLs, page being broken or wrong dates, the finger is always going to be pointed at ad ops first. Good traffickers take this within their stride and learn to perform well regardless of external circumstances. A good trafficker is smart, meticulous, self-motivated and technically capable. However, you can keep him performing at optimum levels only if he knows he is heading somewhere in his career. He needs to have possibilities open for him to venture into team management, strategy planning, inventory management or even sales. You could do well to document career paths within your organization. Update job descriptions: a tedious and often painful task that usually reveals overlooked skillsets and responsibilities, and gives your team a ‘future’ that they can visualize

5. Stay abreast with industry innovations and don’t be afraid to experiment a little

Ad operations is a dynamic industry. What may have been good for you a couple of years ago may not necessarily work today. The industry as a whole is taking shape from the unorganized mess that it was a few years ago to one that now offers standards and guidelines for all to follow. In the ever evolving world of ad operations it vital that you keep yourself aware of the latest offerings from various solution providers. Be it work flow management tools, innovative rich media formats or video technology integration, every publisher needs to adapt accordingly in order to maintain their competitive edge.

Lastly, be sure to clean out old reporting templates, archive old files and reports. Start out the year afresh!

To learn more about how you can prepare for 2011, visit

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2010

Our latest round of updates includes a more streamlined Ad Network Dashboard, Activity lifetime for Profile targeting, and Phase 2 of the Account Features page.

Link multiple Advertisers to a single Ad Network
Previously, if you had multiple logins for a single ad network, you had to create a separate Advertiser for each login, and the data were displayed separately on the Ad Network Dashboard. Now you can link multiple Advertisers to a single Ad Network, allowing you to track Ad Network revenue more effectively. We also added new functionality to pull only specific data from Ad Networks, by using standard key-value pairs.

Activity Lifetime for Profile targeting
Now you can set how many days an activity cookie should stay active for a user.

Daily Profit Report
Now you can get a daily breakdown in Profit reports. (This has been one of the most popular customer requests!)

More features on the ZEDO Features page
We’ve made more features visible in the user interface, so you can pick and choose which features you want active for your account.

We hope that you are as excited about these new developments as we are.  With one month left in 2010, make sure to check out December’s Advertising Technology Updates blog to see what’s in our last release of the year!

As always, learn more about any of these products and services at or contact us at