ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December 2012

Ad code update for AdXpose: now Comscore AdEffx

AdXpose has changed their name to Comscore AdEffx, and they’ve released a new vCE code that offers significantly better viewability metrics and view through rate. They have stopped supporting the old code,  so we have updated our system with the new code for all our customers currently using this feature.

Where you previously saw “AdXpose” in the Research Vendor dropdown, you’ll now see “Comscore AdEffx”.

ZEDO Ad Network Reporting for Publishers

We are in the final stages of testing ZEDO Ad Network reporting data for publishers. Previously, data on ZAN impressions was only available through the Ad Network Dashboard. This feature will allow you to pull that data from the Reports tab, and will be released for customers in January 2013.

Daily Goal Data On Campaign Details Page

We are adding daily goal data to the Campaign Details table. A new “Today’s Goal” column will show the daily goal (impressions booked for the day) of each creative in campaigns with Even delivery or impressions allocated Per Day.

This column can be used to compare the creative’s actual progress to the day’s goal.

Custom Variables in VAST Tag

VAST is the IAB standard for video ad serving and is widely accepted and used by websites and ad networks. Advertisers often need to track data like Referrer, Page URL, autoplay, and traffic source for their videos; and ask publishers to pass this data via the ad tag.

Standard VAST variables are now available in the Ad Tag Generator. All variables are optional and can be selected as required.

FAQs merged with Knowledgebase
FAQs are now incorporated into the Knowledgebase: type your question or topic into the Knowledgebase search field in the Support tab.  (You will no longer see a static list of FAQs when you click the FAQs button.)

You can also search the Knowledgebase using the global Search box at the top of any page.

Updates to existing Rich media formats:

  • You can now include back up ads for Intromercial and Page Pusher formats, which will run in case the main ad fails to load.
  • We improved the StayOn/ Catfish ad format so you can run multiple instances of it on one page.