Cookies can be good for you!

Many people think that they understand what browser cookies are, but there are many myths, misconceptions and negative perceptions that surround the mysterious text files. Many people are lead to think that cookies (and the ad servers that send them to your PC) are spyware or malware. But that is far from the truth.  In fact, cookies can be good for you!  No, not the ones with sugar, butter, and frosting, but the ones that enable you to have a personalized experience when surfing the web.

Recently a brilliant weblog was published by “Lifehacker” titled, Fact and Fiction: The Truth About Browser Cookies. The author explained how cookies are simply tiny bits of text that get stored on your computer, by your web browser, when you visit websites.  It is true that cookies do log information about some of your online habits, but they do not steal personal information, or share personal information, or enable viruses to invade your computer.  Cookies are however, still misunderstood and often opted-out of.  Sadly, the negative perceptions are not only inaccurate, but could actually decrease an individual’s online experience.  Without cookies, the websites that you visit would not be able to deliver you customized advertisements based on your interests (a similar concept to which Amazon has gained much of its success from: web personalization).  The diagram below shows how this relationship between you and your websites is developed.  We hope that it offers some clarity on how cookies can be good for you!