More Options to Monetize Inventory

ZEDO is the only technology partner that provides options to manage your direct sales, maximize revenue from your remnant inventory, and sell to small advertisers directly online.
  • ZEDO Ad Server:  Fully-featured ad server for managing direct sales
  • RevMax Yield Optimizer:  Do-it-yourself or full-service yield optimization with ad network management
  • Self Service Advertising Module:  Plug-n-play self service advertising system that plugs into your site, literally selling your inventory while you sleep

Your job as a publishers is to monetize.  The main objective is to sell your inventory to the highest bidder – and make sure you sell ALL of it.  Your ad inventory is your commodity, and we know that you depend on technology to manage this precious cargo.  You see, it’s our job to help you the publisher make as much revenue as possible, and to do so, we have created advertising technology products and services that can support all the ways you monetize.

While you focus on content, getting users to your website, and keeping advertisers coming back, we work on ways to help you sell and support your premium inventory that is  directly sold to your advertisers, the additional inventory that is handed to your ad networks, and inventory that is sold to your advertisers via a self service system.

Use the ZEDO Ad server to run reports that prove your value to advertiser, manage ad operations and trafficking, and adding countless customers as advertiser buy more and more inventory from your direct sales teams.  Then, use the ZEDO network optimizer “AdNet RevMax” to delegate left over remnent inventory that gets passed onto your ad network chain.  Finally, give your advertisers what they want to keep them coming back!   If some of them want a fast and easy way to buy inventory from you check out ZEDO Self Service for premium publishers at (cause it might be in your best interest to make those advertisers happy!)

By offering products and services that give publishers more advertising technology options, we have built a suite of tools and a knowledgeable support staff that can handle any need a publisher might have – including ways to manage ALL three types of your inventory under one roof. Have fun monetizing!!

ZEDO is Much More Than an Ad Server.

The team here at ZEDO has been working diligently over the last two years to build the most advanced ad technologies on the market. We feel that it is now time for a new slogan that proclaims what ZEDO is: A Partner for Publishers.

ZEDO has always been an advertising technology leader. After extensive software development at the request of many of its customers and the need in the market place for a technology company that offers publishers everything they need, ZEDO now offers a lot more than just an ad server. It offers: multiple products for publishers to choose from or use seamlessly together in one platform. It is the most dependable platform for premium publishers to partner with for any one of their advertising technology needs. ZEDO is also the only technology provider that helps premium publishers increase revenues from direct sold, self service, and remnant inventory without requiring them to switch ad servers. Our new tagline, ‘More options, More visibility, More Revenue’, illustrates that choice of products and services that it now offers. The team here is proud of our technology, of our large research and engineering centers, and now our slogan and tagline to describe all this.

Advertising Technology Partner for Publishers

ZEDO offers: More Options, More Visibility, More Revenue. Products include ad network optimization for a publisher’s remnant inventory, innovative rich media formats for publisher’s direct sales teams, full featured ad serving for publishers, behavioral targeting data built into the ad server, an exchange-like platform for publishers to sell behavioral and DMA targeted inventory at high CPMs (see:, a self service platform to allow advertisers to buy directly from a publisher, outsourced ad ops and more.

ZEDO new slogan – Advertising Technology Partner for Publishers.

ZEDO new tagline – More Options. More Visibility. More Revenue.

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