Time to Re-Examine Google’s Ad Server?

After more than two years of saying very little about its preparations for GDPR, Google has now made several changes that reveal how things will change for the rest of the ecosystem. During a call with the IAB Europe GDPR Transparency and Consent Steering Committee, Google disclosed that it has a new tool in beta with some DFP and AdSense customers called Funding Choices.  Funding Choices limits the partners a publisher can share consent with to a dozen.

This is a similar consent tool to other Consent Management Platforms like Admiral and Sourcepoint. A full list of IAB-registered CMPs is here.

The Google consent interface greets site visitors with a request to use data to tailor advertising, with equally prominent “no” and “yes” buttons. If a reader declines to be tracked, he or she sees a notice saying the ads will be less relevant and asking to “agree” or go back to the previous page. According to a source, one research study on this type of opt-out mechanism led to opt-out rates of more than 70%.

Google’s and other consent-gathering solutions are basically a series of pop-up notifications that provide a mechanism for publishers to provide clear disclosure and consent in accordance with data regulations.

As a company that began its life as an ad server, we have been struggling to find out whether we play at all in this full-employment scheme for lawyers, since we do not hold data or sell it. The situation is made more fluid because publishers do not have to accept the Google solution, and large publishers like Axel Springer have developed their own CMP technology.

Another announcement made by Google last week seems to have made  multi-touch attribution attribution much more difficult, because as of May 25 google will no longer provide DoubleClick IDs for data from its had server and DSP, or Cookie IDs and IP addresses from its exchange.

According to Martin Kihn, Research Vice President for Gartner,

Without these IDs, exported DCM log files can’t be used to determine true reach and frequency or to build MTA models, which are by definition user-level. MTA is not the only way to measure the true impact of ads but is theoretically the most accurate and provides by far the most detailed results.

Of course marketers are scrambling. But didn’t everyone in the industry expect this? This, after all, is the objective of GDPR, to preserve the consumer’s privacy.  The consumer does not care about the accuracy of Multi Touch Attribution customer campaigns, and for Google especially there is no other alternative. Google doesn’t really have to care about its ad-serving business (DFP), which it acquired over a decade ago and which is responsible for a very small part of Google’s revenue.

And it’s not as though a company the size of Google can slip under the radar of the GDPR, because it has already been fined and I’m guessing that other than Facebook, Google’s going to be under the greatest scrutiny by GDPR enforcers.

Remember, not everybody has to use Google as an ad server.



ZEDO forms long term Partnership with Japan-based DAC and accepts a strategic investment

DAC_logoToday brings great news from ZEDO. We have formed a strategic partnership with DAC, the digital subsidiary of the giant Hakuhodo agency group. The strategic partnership begins with a collaboration in which DAC’s SSP, YIELD ONE, will use ZEDO’s ad server to reach out to billions of impressions worldwide. Further joint efforts will be announced in the following months. To solidify the partnership DAC has made a strategic investment in ZEDO, Inc.

This is a ringing endorsement of ZEDO, its technologies, its worldwide engineering team and the highly successful ZINC exchange. ZINC allows brand advertisers to buy large video formats that reach a new audience. This new audience comprises over 100 million quality internet users who rarely see the saturation of pre-rolls served on the video sharing site.

Below is the official press release (translated to English) issued by D.A.Consortium Inc

D.A.Consortium Inc (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Hirotake Yajima) announces an investment in ZEDO, Inc. (HQ: San Francisco, CA, USA; CEO: Roy de Souza), which provides Advertising Technology globally. This investment marks the start of a joint business arrangement.

As a first step of this collaboration, YIELD ONE, the Service Side Platform (SSP) of DAC, will connect to the ZEDO Ad Server, which enables YIELD ONE to access more than 100 billion impressions globally which includes RTB inventories per month from more than 1000 publishers in the US and India.

Purpose of this investment

ZEDO, with offices in the US and India, has more than 200 employees including 150 engineers who work to develop leading advertising technologies. ZEDO has partnerships with more than 1000 publishers, whose  total monthly inventories are around 100 billion impression and 80% of the ads served by ZEDO’s Ad Server are premium ads.  In addition, ZEDO has a high technology R&D team to develop original rich video ad formats, and has strong relationships with a variety of customers including local publishers in India.

YIELD ONE, the service of Platform One Inc, will have a large number of possible RTB inventories through ZEDO’s Ad Server. The internet market size in Japan is 37.4 billion Yen in 2012, and 30% growth (48.6 billion Yen), is expected in 2013 *. DAC will expand the YIELD ONE service area all over the world through ZEDO’s customer network.

* Source: IMAI, Internet and Mobile Association of India

Next Steps

DAC will expand a variety of ad services with ZEDO’s global experience and network. Through these activities, DAC will contribute to the evolution of internet ad industry, and drive DAC’s vision of “Empowering the digital future”.

Company Profile

Digital Advertising Consortium Inc
President & CEO  : Hirotake Yajima
Office                    : 4-20-3 YGP Tower, 33F, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded             : December, 1996
Services              : Internet Media Rep Service, Ad Technology Service, Ad Operation Service etc


Digital Advertising Consortium Inc
PR  Tel: 03-5449-6300  E-mail:

ZEDO’s Next Gen Ad Server Draws Praise

Users of ZEDO’s new cloud-based ad server seem to be very happy with the amount of improvement it gives them. We are migrating our clients to the new server and collecting feedback. We’re receiving a great deal of positive feedback on our implementation and customer service processes company-wide, but here are the specific claims we feel we can make  as a result of the new back end we have built:

* New Ads push live within 5 minutes. A HUGE jump from the current average 20-30 minutes

* Trafficking errors can be fixed must faster, reducing loss

* Urgent advertiser requests to start/stop/increase/reduce/move can be granted with a much lower ETA

* Changes to existing ads or pauses are within two minutes or less

* Better inventory control and optimization control, especially if you are running more banners in rotation with specific impression limit goals.

* No longer will ads over deliver / under serve on new channels because of insufficient history

* The odds that an ad will over deliver due to unexpected spikes in traffic have been significantly reduced.

* If you had a many channels and were worried about ads with small limits not serving on all the channels, that won’t happen anymore

* If you use campaign limits, you will see a significant improvement in the delivery of ads, they will distribute better across channels, serve more evenly across days and within a day, and meet limits more often.

* By the end of July, we will also support competing campaigns and roadblock campaigns

But it doesn’t matter much what we claim, unless the customer sees it himself.  So here is what one customer said:

“This is to confirm that we’ve noticed a huge jump, exactly  as you’ve said we would. Much less time launching and pausing the campaigns, many fewer over-delivered impressions and more accurate impression distribution evenly and over the multiple channels.”

Kudos to our entire team for making our customers happy. It makes the effort we put into sustaining our technology leadership worthwhile.

Praise for ZEDO Support

It can make an entire company’s day when a customer shares praise for its product or service. We’re fortunate, because we get quite a few emails of thanks, especially for our support.

Every time we receive one, we make a point of sending out a company-wide message to acknowledge the  team. The support team is one of the most important parts of any company, yet often it’s sales that gets the glory — the commissions, the rewards, the motivational treatment. But sales is only as good as the company’s support, because losing customers makes the sales team’s work irrelevant.

In an industry as complex as advertising technology,  with a product as familiar as an ad server, ZEDO differentiates on its forward-thinking technology and its support. Our sales team actually can “sell” our support.

So here’s the latest compliment. “I just wanted to send a quick note relaying some feedback I received from one of my clients… about a week ago….He had nothing but great things to say about the support team that has been helping him over the past few years. He then sent the following note (pasted below) to our support team reiterating that point. This is great feedback to get from a client and thanks to everyone on the support staff for being such a great resource.

*From Client

Hello Everyone,

I work a lot of support staff both at work and personally and I want to let you know you all are really the best.  I can’t begin to thank you for the help you have given me and how patient and nice you all are.”

We’re proud of our support team!

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2012

February’s been good to us and our ad server!  Here’s a look at what we released so far this month.

Improved Search
We added the ability to search by IO (Reference number) in Global Search and Ad Search.

Introducing Ad Retirement
A new status has been added for ads that stopped serving 12 months ago. This is a maintenance measure to improve the performance of channel and channel set edits.  Contact Support for more details about automatic ad retirement and how this might affect you.

Campaign Level Pacing Graphs
We added Deviation & Pacing indicator for ads in campaign-limited campaigns.

By Popular Demand!
Single Page Ad Trafficking:  We updated the Create Ad page to display all all placement information in one screen (vs. separate tabs).

Clone Ads in Campaign:  We also added the ability to clone ads in a campaign as a step in the campaign cloning process!

Passback Impression Data
Passback Impression Data has been added to the Adhoc Reporting database

API v.4 Update
Added two new fields to API v4: Campaign level impression limit and Campaign I/O

ZEDO Is More Than You Think We Are

Because we have been in the ad tech business longer than just about anyone else, people think they already know ZEDO. And yet they may not. Over the past eleven years, we have constantly changed our offerings and our companies to serve our clients and guide them through what has been a decade of turbulent change for online publishers.

Yes, we started as an ad server. But that’s just where we began. As we move into our new US headquarters on Jan.3, and finalize the plans to launch our American version of ZINC Exchange, we look back on how we have  evolved into a full-service advertising technology partner for our customers.

Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 7.06.04 AM

Our current suite of products includes:

Yield optimization

Innovative rich media formats for publishers’ direct sales teams,

Full featured ad serving for mobile, web, and video

Behavioral targeting data built into the ad server,

Outsourced ad operations,

An exchange-like platform for publishers to sell behavioral and DMA targeted inventory at high CPMs,

And ZINC Exchange, a self service platform that allows advertisers to buy directly from a publisher.

These products are integrated into one technology platform for advertisers and publishers to choose from, or use seamlessly together. ZEDO has been in the internet advertising industry for over 10 years, and is the most successful independent ad server in the US and the market leader in India.

In 2012, we hope to continue to make our brand the most trusted ad tech partner for publishers, and to demonstrate through the use of such new formats as the inview Slider that we can raise the revenue of publishers as the market shifts again — this time to mobile.

Make More Revenue Without Changing a Thing

As you know, ZEDO is an Advertising Technology partner for publishers.  We have multiple products and services for publishers, especially newspaper publishers, to choose from and use seamlessly together on one web based platform.  We are widely know for our complete and innovative ad server, which publishers use to manage their direct ad serving needs.  We are also helping tons of publishers make more revenue with our yield optimization technology, RevMax.  However, if you are not a ZEDO customer, changing ad servers and/or network optimizers can be a time consuming process.  We get that.  So we have developed an arsenal of tools that publishers can use, without changing ad servers or network optimizers, to start making more revenue immediately.

We can’t tell you all the details right here, but just get in touch and we will explain it all.

Call the ZEDO team to learn how you could be making more revenue without changing ad servers or network optimizers: 415-348-1975.

Contact ZEDO online HERE.

Advertisers, as always, sign up for ZEDO’s ZINC Ad Exchange at:

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May

As ZEDO works on opening ZINC Ad Exchange to newspaper advertisers and publishers, our development teams continue to improve other areas of our technology options. Check out what the team has been working on this month:

AdForm Tags Automatically Recognized in Third Party Tag Upload Template
We have added Adform to the list of 3rd parties whose tags we support. Users can now simply paste the ad from ad tag in ZEDO and the click tracking macros will be automatically turned on.

Advanced Reports now Schedulable
Your can now select multiple channels or dimensions and get the advanced report schedules sent to your email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and retrieve them later.

Create Folder Structures in FTP
You can now create folders in your FTP account.  Schedule and store files in your folders by simply entering the folder path while scheduling the report.  See image below:

To learn more, or to sign up for ZEDO Advertising Technology, just visit

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February

With 2011 in full force, our technology development teams have been working hard to make sure ZEDO’s customers have the most innovative tools on the online advertising scene. Here is a glimpse of just a few things they accomplished this month:

Demographics targeting in rank ads
We’ve added a new column in Rank ads to show demographics targeted to an ad.

Change Logs in Creative Pacing Graph
Our creative pacing chart shows 30 days’ serving trends.  We’ve added the useful information from the Change Logs so you can see which changes impacted the ad serving volume.

Country reach frequency report
This is an enhancement to our reach frequency report. This report will now give you unique impressions and clicks for each country.

Recently Visited Pages
Want to customize your ZEDO landing page? This feature will allow you to choose a landing page design and give you a quick navigation to your “Most Viewed” and “Recently Visited” pages:

Expandable ads using Iframe tags
You will now be able to run Expandable Ads using standard IFRAME tags.  This long-awaited feature lets publishers serve valuable, rich formats with ease, without requiring a tag change on their website.  For now, we provide support for “User Initiated” and “Auto Initiated” expandable ads using standard IFRAME tags. We will be rolling out IFRAME tag support for other rich media ad types in upcoming releases.

You got data, now what?

Internet publishers need to have insight into their data, that’s for sure.  At ZEDO we believe it’s not only about getting the data, it’s about what you are allowed to do with it; how much you can generate, in what format, and how many tools are available to turn you into an analytical quantitative master. So you want your advertising partner’s management platform to be as innovative as possible. Much like ZEDO’s (to shamelessly applaud ourselves).

We’ve been told that our interface is the easiest to use and that we have the “best reporting of all ad servers… both fast and flexible, allowing us to drill down into data from multiple views.” (Doucette Media).

To boot, publishers can customize their own reports in the ZEDO UI at lightning speed.  Email your advertisers success stories in the form of reports, and ensure them accurate spending with in-depth forecasting.  Because it’s not just about having data, it’s what you’re able to do with it.