Site Owners: Are you prepared for a data breach?

Yesterday, the Online Trust Alliance released a Data Breach & Loss Readiness Guide. This guide addresses emerging security and privacy threats, and provides guidance for executives and organizations to ensure preparedness in the case of a data breach or loss.

From OTA:

In 2010, over 400 incidents were reported impacting over 26 million records for a cost to U.S. businesses of over $5.3 billion dollars.  Of these, 98% were a result of a server exploit; yet on analysis, 90% were avoidable if the recommendations outlined in the OTA report were in place.  OTA research and industry survey indicates the data reported is just the tip of the iceberg as a great majority of breaches continue to occur undetected or unreported.  While OTA encourages self-regulation and reporting, the trends outlined in the report suggest the need for broader transparency and self-reporting requirements.

The Readiness Guide includes an overview of data breaches and security risks in 2010, a set of questions executives sh0uld ask themselves, and recommendations for businesses of all sizes.  The timing of the release of this guide coincides with Data Privacy Day, this Friday, January 28th.  More information is posted at

ZEDO joined the Online Trust Alliance last year to work directly with member companies and government organizations to battle the ongoing fight against malvertising.  The OTA provides resources and guides for sites and networks to help secure their systems against malvertising.