Run TV Ads on Mobile to Raise Campaign Impact

ZEDO‘s new click to full-screen video high impact ad formats allow advertisers to run the same TV ads on mobile devices that they run on TV, with little implementation challenge or work. So?

Why is it important to run your TV ads on mobile?

Because most people who watch TV do it with another screen in front of them. We thought this was just an amusing quirk of the youth market, but a new Nielsen report shows that it is not age-related anymore.

While tablets and smartphones offer the freedom of mobility, close to 40 percent of Americans now use their tablets or smartphones while watching TV at least once a day, and twice as many do it at least once a month.  Modernity, in its new form, enables myriad content access points. It’s a fact of which Americans are taking full advantage. These devices are omnipresent, and not just among the youth.

There have also been tests done by major brands that show the effectiveness of brand campaigns  This is from Google’s research:

  • Cross screen research conducted in Nielsen Media Labs proved that for groups that saw a Volvo ad across all screens -TV, PC, smartphone and tablet – the brand recall jumps dramatically to 74%. (vs. 50% for TV only).
  • Reebok experienced over 131% lift in brand response conversions after extending its video creative across all digital screens – PCs, mobile phones and tablets – to promote RealFlex.
  • Delta Air Lines successfully targeted business travelers across mobile devices and networks with interactive mobile video units. The campaign doubled awareness, consideration intent and association with business elite services.
  • The adidas’ “All-In” campaign video, featured above, generated over 2 million views by adapting their video creative for engagement across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

So we’ve invented a high impact format the brings the power of TV commercials to the browsing experience. We put it in our Inview Slider, where we already know we will have 99% viewable impressions, because we’ve been testing for a year. The slider keeps your ad in view as the viewer scrolls, and since it plays without sound there’s a compulsion to mouseover it to get the audio playing. The viewer can also click and get it to full-screen. And once the ad is done, it goes away. So advertisers would be smart to play their best commercials in this new high impact format.


99% in view.

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