ZEDO’s Cloud-Based Next Generation Ad Server


We haven’t been marketing our ad server lately,because it has been in transition. But it is still our flagship product, and recently we’ve done a lot of work to distinguish it from  those of our competitors. ZEDO ad server is now a completely cloud-based next-generation ad server, able to do things our legacy competitors can’t. For example, we can make ad changes on the fly that appear in seconds. And we can scale infinitely.


That’s because we recently rebuilt our ad server on Amazon Web Services, probably the most effective cloud service in the world, the one that runs Netflix. That’s important because Netflix has scaled to be the most important user of the internet worldwide. Currently, it delivers 30% of the downstream traffic on the internet globally, and as much as 75%  of the US traffic during evening prime time. This means it has already proven itself both scalable and reliable.


Amazon asked us to help them write a case study on our partnership, and this is what appears on their website:


ZEDO began working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of its research efforts. After experimenting with prototypes, the ZEDO team determined that AWS provided the reliability and scalability that they needed to support ZEDO’s globally distributed, high-traffic ad server platform.

By taking advantage of AWS, ZEDO was able to build, test and deploy an ad server platform capable of serving billions of impressions per day in just a few months. ZEDO uses Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling to form scalable clusters of servers. “Auto Scaling groups make it easy to deploy new code on a daily basis,” says de Souza. “Developers can innovate, test and deploy without the red tape and logistics around procuring new hardware. The icing on the cake is that they just terminate the servers when they are finished.”


With AWS, we don’t have to spend time thinking about technology infrastructure. Using AWS saves us  time and effort so we can focus on our clients and their businesses:  integrating our services on a single platform running on AWS makes it easier for our customers to choose one or several products. Both we and they have more flexibility.

Since ZEDO moved to  AWS, the we are capable of more detailed ad targeting and can make changes to ads worldwide within minutes. Our quality of service has improved. Ad calls that would typically consist of three to five object requests prior to AWS have been reduced to just one request, because we don’t need to cache everything and can make real time decisions. Fewer calls mean an almost 50 percent improvement in ad delivery time.

It’s also easier for the development team to access different parts of the service, and as a result, developers are able to roll out new features faster than before. Products and features are also being built around Amazon CloudFront.

We credit AWS with removing barriers that we faced with our legacy system. We have far fewer limitations. Without a service like AWS, it would have been hard to build a real-time decision-making ad server at a reasonable cost, without buying data centers around the world and negotiating with multiple parties. Our new system, running on AWS, gives us more flexibility for innovation, room for growth, and reduces our data center costs.

Now we are making that available to you. You might want to consider a change in ad servers. There is a difference.


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