ZEDO Named a Top Trusted Website in OTA’s 2013 Honor Roll

For the second year in a row, ZEDO has been named to the Online Trust Honor Roll in recognition of our leadership in brand protection, online security, and privacy best practices. The Honor Roll calls out for praise those companies who best protect their own brand and their customers from cybercriminals.

OTA, a nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with industry leaders to enhance online trust, completed comprehensive audits of more than 750 domains and privacy policies, approximately 10,000 web pages, and more than 500 million emails for this report. The composite analysis included over a dozen attributes focusing on 1) site and server security; 2) domain, brand, email and consumer protection; and 3) privacy policy and practices. In addition to the in-depth analysis of their web sites; Domain Name Systems (DNS), outbound emails, and public records were analyzed for recent data-breach incidents and FTC settlements. Key sectors audited include the Internet Retailer 500, FDIC 100, Top 50 Social Sites, as well as OTA members.

“Consumers are trading billions of pieces of personal data in exchange for desired services. They rely on the integrity of the businesses collecting and storing this information to protect them,” said Craig Spiezle, president and executive director of the Online Trust Alliance. “We are very pleased with the voluntary level of adoption many consumer-facing websites implemented this year that went above and beyond baseline compliance.”

As a company, ZEDO has always been aware of the evolving landscape and the need to take a holistic view of security and privacy. We long ago shifted from compliance to stewardship, and have made data privacy part of our value proposition. We’ve made a long term ongoing investment in monitoring our own processes and practices.

Nearly a third of the companies reviewed made the Honor Roll, including ZEDO. The report indicates that company size and/or sales are not true measures of the level of security and privacy a company implements.

Started in 2005 as an effort to drive adoption of best practices, the Honor Roll’s objectives are to 1) recognize leadership and commitment to best practices which aid in the protection of online trust and confidence in online services, 2) enable businesses to enhance their security, data protection, and privacy practices, 3) move from compliance to stewardship, demonstrating support of meaningful self-regulation, and 4) promote security and privacy as part of a company’s brand promise and value proposition.

Being named to the 2013 Honor Roll is a significant achievement, considering the large number of companies that received failing marks for inadequate domain and consumer protection (22%), insecure websites (11%), and inadequate privacy policies or data collection practices (35%).