Neilsen Study Reveals Mobile Video Growth

The Neilsen Corporation released its quarterly report about TV viewing, and as we can already guess, it’s going down on traditional TV sets. This doesn’t mean Americans don’t watch video, however. They watch more of it than ever, and more and more on mobile. Smartphones are the new portable TVs.

As a result, ZEDO is offering several innovative formats to run real 30 second TV spots on the web.Here are some highlights.

o   After several years of consistent year-over-year growth, traditional TV viewing declined one half of one percent or roughly 46 minutes per month. This may be the result of leveling off after a period of sustained growth, weather and economic factors or of other viewing options.

o   As more homes adopt DVRs and transition to timeshifted viewing, timeshifted TV growth has offset the bulk of live TV declines. Other potential factors include time spent using game consoles, tablets and other emerging devices. The average American watches nearly five hours of video each day, 98 percent of which they watch on a traditional TV set.

o   Although this ratio is less than it was just a few years ago, and continues to change, the fact remains that Americans are not turning off. They are shifting to new technologies and devices that make it easier for them to watch the content they want whenever and wherever is optimal for them

o   As of February 2012, smartphones now represent half of all mobile phones in the U.S3. With improving screens, Internet connectivity and the advantage of being “the best screen available” while on the go, smartphones are increasingly becoming portable TVs.

o   33.5 million mobile phone owners now watch video on their phones—an increase of 35.7 percent since last year. While mobile phones won’t replace other screens anytime soon, they are part of the ever-increasing number of ways in which consumers can and will consume content when and where they want.

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