Mobile Ad Serving is just the tip of our ad serving

Earlier this month, we announced our complete set of mobile ad serving tools. This year, we plan to round out our mobile ad server with more granular targeting options, more mobile app support and specialized mobile reports.

Our advertising technology solutions have been a boon to premium publishers, helping them to manage costs, improve margin, protect their bottom line, all while staying innovative in a constantly evolving market.

The ZEDO ad server combines best-of-breed features with a specialized architecture which allows for rapid, reliable ad serving. Our trafficking interface is easy to learn and use, our Executive Dashboards give managerial statistics at-a-glance, and our canned and custom reporting is flexible and fast.

ZEDO’s Ad Operations and Creative Services team is growing faster than ever, to keep up with our growing customer base. Customers around the world find relief and security with our overflow and full replacement ad operations models. Our experienced Ad Operations team can quickly manage your OAS, DFP, APT ad serving setup. While you let your team focus on your core competency, ZEDO can handle the rest, including staffing, training, and ongoing team management.

RevMax – ZEDO’s Yield Optimization service, can perfectly round out your ad serving needs by managing all your unsold inventory, guarantee brand protection through managing advertiser and content blocklists, complete data aggregation, and take advantage of our existing relationships with hundreds of ad networks, where we’ll fight for CPM on your behalf.

And that’s really just the beginning. We offer dynamic ad formats (and development of your ideas into new, innovative formats, I mean, have you seen the IAB Rising Stars?), a self-service plugin module, API access for all your ad serving data, and top of the line, dedicated customer service.