Use Our Viewability information to Buy Advertising

This morning I read a post from MediaPost’s RTB Insider talking about how to use viewability to buy media. The thrust of the post is to tell people we need a technology to show whether an ad is viewable BEFORE it is served. The author, Alex White from DG-Peer39 , insists this technology isn’t available yet.

True viewability technology and measurement should live in the ad server, a technology that acts as the source of truth for both advertisers and publishers. In an ideal world, servers will make an ad call only when the space for the ad comes into view on the browser and while this technology isn’t widely available yet, I mention it here as a goal the industry should reach. Many ad servers are now rolling out the ability to report on viewability.

With all due respect to Alex White, he is behind the times. We have been partnering with comScore and Nielsen for a couple of years now, and have been able to report on viewability.However, we also have the ability to act proactively, as he suggests.

Eighteen months ago, we developed an ad format, the ZEDO Inview Slider, that only appears when a viewer is on the place on the page where the ad slot is.In the past, we have used it to help our publishers generate new revenue from below the fold ad slots that couldn’t be monetized before. Our premium publishers sell these ad formats with their direct sales forces,they are also sold programmatically.

And recently, we’ve also launched  ZINC a network where agencies and advertisers can buy these formats from our publishers.

We have exactly the technology White is speaking about.

Viewability will ultimately come down to two technologies: one based inside the ad server for premium publishers, the other relying on the statistical likelihood that an ad is “in view” for the large marketplaces and exchanges. 

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