Make More Revenue Without Changing a Thing

As you know, ZEDO is an Advertising Technology partner for publishers.  We have multiple products and services for publishers, especially newspaper publishers, to choose from and use seamlessly together on one web based platform.  We are widely know for our complete and innovative ad server, which publishers use to manage their direct ad serving needs.  We are also helping tons of publishers make more revenue with our yield optimization technology, RevMax.  However, if you are not a ZEDO customer, changing ad servers and/or network optimizers can be a time consuming process.  We get that.  So we have developed an arsenal of tools that publishers can use, without changing ad servers or network optimizers, to start making more revenue immediately.

We can’t tell you all the details right here, but just get in touch and we will explain it all.

Call the ZEDO team to learn how you could be making more revenue without changing ad servers or network optimizers: 415-348-1975.

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