According to IAB, performance-based advertising has reached the point of diminishing returns for all its players; it has created a highly efficient market in which there is almost no margin left for either publishers or agencies. So this  is the year digital brand advertising can and must be born, or the digital advertising industry can’t survive.

We are part of the IAB because we feel we are aligned with its goals. We don’t just join every organization. IAB shares our beliefs that if agencies are freed to produce magical creative, technology will help them build brands across platforms and geographies. And all this can be measured with metrics that are useful to marketers.

Here is a summary of the IAB Digital Brand Building initiatives for this year.

1. Rising Stars rewards the creative that interacts with consumers right on the page and allows them to engage the way they used to engsge in person. We have to allow agencies to produce better creative — the kind with which people really want to engage.

2. 3MS(Making Measurement Make Sense) is the initiative that began last year to change how we measure ads. Last year, the emphasis was on viewable impressions. Going forward measurements will also include Interactivity, Engagement and any other tangible forms of ad interaction that correspond with results.

3. Advertising Technology and Operations. Deployed well, advertising technologies can eliminate fraud and assure brand safety. But the ecosystem has been portrayed with unnecessary complexity. iAB wants to simplify and lubricate the supply chain. Amen brother.

4. Protecting Privacy. To build brands requires trust, and the industry should collaborate with consumers to combat malware and spyware, and protect privacy through self-regulation. Firefox’s decision to forbid third party cookies is the tip of the impending security/privacy iceberg.

5.Demystifying Dats. Right now, the advertising industry takes more data than it gives, and to be successful we must foster  transparency and trust in the ad value chain.

6.Screens. Simplifying the delivery of ads across devices is critical.Cross-screen research initiatives will quantify the value of cross-screen campaigns and IAB will try to help marketers manage the risks and maximize the rewards of working across screens.

7. Learning and Certification. iAB wants to grow, professionalize and standardize our sales teams, ad ops, and ad technologists so the industry can be taken seriously.

8.Global Brand Building. All brands can and should be global. Digital reaches everywhere, and digital can play both a global and a hyperlocal role simultaneously. IAB plans to help brands be global safely.

Once again, we’re ahead of this curve, already selling our high impact formats and full screen video formats that accept already- produced TV ads on a digital platform. We’re just waiting for you to meet us here in the digital marketing Utopia ahead. How else can we help?