High Impact Formats Deliver A Banner Year for ZEDO

This is another time of transition in the advertising and publishing industries, two industries whose symbiotic existence is threatened by privacy advocates, ad blocking software, and the shift to mobile. Banner ads, the publishing industry’s main strategy for making the shift to digital in 1993, are longer effective after two decades of being the workhorse of online advertising. Click-through rates have declined from  .63% in 1999  when ZEDO was founded to today’s meagre .04% CTR for the standard 468×60 banner. That’s an all-time low, and everyone knows they won’t recover as digital natives come to the table with higher standards for what will get their attention.

Publishers once again feel their revenues are being threatened as CPMs accompany CTRs in this race to the bottom. Intuitively publishers may know their content is premium and their ad space is more valuable than current rates indicate, but without better audience engagement they can’t prove it to media buyers. Publishers need something to sell that will engage even the most jaded visitor.

Enter high impact formats. a new suite of ZEDO products that invite user interaction, increase CTRS, and raise publisher revenue.

These products are especially valuable to publishers today  because media buyers also love them. We are signing up premium publishers at an unparalleled rate, and agencies are running very high profile ad campaigns using these new formats.

The high impact formats, many of which are measured 99% viewable by comScore, have opened new divisions and product lines for ZEDO. Although we have not forgotten our origins as an ad server, and we just completely re-architected our ad server as a cloud-based solution so it’s faster and better than anyone else, we have become a total solution provider and not merely an ad tech company.

These innovations, coupled with the fact that we are a company that runs on revenues rather than funding, gives us both stability and market leadership. We are having our best year ever, even amid the constant turmoil.

Our support team receives consistent praise from customers who are impressed by the quality of our customer service and our implementation support. Our developers, who are constantly scanning the horizon for new ideas to offer our publisher partners, are constantly innovating.

We feel that ZEDO is positioned to capitalize on all the coming changes in the ad tech industry. As a company that generates cash rather than burning it, with an experienced team that knows ad tech since the last century, and a focus on customer service, we’re ready for anything the industry throws at us.


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