Google and ZEDO on the Same Page About the Future of Advertising

Susan Wojcicki, SR VP of Advertising at Google, has been keynoting several conferences lately, trying to get the word out about Google’s view of the future of advertising. Happily, her main points reinforce our vision, especially points 1,3,and 5. Sometimes a company Google’s size has the money and time to spend to educate the market, which helps us, because we’ve been here for a while. Below are the five things Google believes are likely to shape the future of digital advertising.

Choice – Viewing ads will be voluntary. Google is placing emphasis on what they call ‘engagement ad formats, ” such as the Pepsi prank ad  that generated 33M views. The user hovers over the ad to interact with it, similar to the way our formats use our mouseover for voice and click to full screen. Advertisers will have to create content that the user wants to see.
Control – Google believes that users will participate if we provide enough value and control to them. G+ has an ads preference page. Apparently more and more people are choosing to view ads voluntarily.
Charm – Ads at scale will be more interactive and beautiful, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch ad, which connected the user to the live stream of the launch event when they hovered over.
Connected – Ads will help people live their lives on the go. Multiple devices will blur the lines between desktop and mobile, TV and web.
Calibration – All ads will be measured, and clicks will be only one form of measurement.  For brand advertisers, reach and impact are more relevant metrics.
Our market is going to be hearing about this more and more in the near future. We’re excited about the new opportunities presented by brand advertising.