Good Advertising Should Seem Like Content

“Advertising is at its best when it brings you back to a place and time – remember how you felt the first time you saw the grandmother from Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” or Coke’s “Mean Joe Green”.  Unfortunately, too often we treat advertising like a mass production line: commoditizing it and diluting it to the point that it no longer matters and becomes white noise.”

This quote from Larry Allen in Business Insider hits the nail right on the head for me. For a long time, I’ve thought digital advertising can be as impactful as TV advertising. But right now, it’s sold incorrectly and executed without true creativity, almost as if creative were an afterthought. The advertising of my youth, known for its cleverness and excitement, has faded into the vanilla digital banner, or the slow-loading flash ad.

Of course these kinds of ads don’t work. Ads, Allen says, should be like music: pleasant to listen to and evocative of emotions. Brands are dissatisfied with the current data-driven state of digital advertising,, because they want engagement. Publishers are losing revenue. How do we fix that? With new formats that make advertising compelling again, with effectiveness that can truly be measured.

According to DoubleVerify, which monitors brand exposure, most impressions are not viewable.

— Only 54 percent of impressions matched IAB viewability parameters,

which state that an ad must be at least 50 percent viewable on the

screen for at least one second to be considered “viewable”.

— For a major advertiser, the highest brand exposure duration for a

campaign was 95 seconds while for another advertiser it was only 18


— For duration of more than one second, the highest performing media

seller had a viewability rate of 83 percent while the lowest was 28


— The top performing media sellers had average viewability of 75 percent

while the low performing had average viewability of 40 percent.

— For all media sellers, the average ad viewability rates declined with

time as follows:

— One second or more: 54 percent

— Three seconds or more: 43 percent

— Five seconds or more: 36 percent

— 10 seconds or more: 27 percent

— 30 seconds or more: 12 percent

Media sellers using our high impact formats can demonstrate 99% viewable impressions.

How do we fix this? We need new and better technology for publishers. ZEDO has this technology and it has been adopted by hundreds of sites across the US. Publishers using our high impact formats get 99% viewable impressions. And  brand advertisers notice that and call our publishers. One agency has put out an RFP strictly for viewable impressions..

And with these the new highly viewable ZEDO formats that users actually see, especially ones that include video, creative directors can finally take their great TV ads and show them to hundreds of millions of target consumers on the web. Bring back the good old days of “Mad Men,” when fun creative that everyone viewed made the day.

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