Get Rich with ZEDO Rich Media Formats

Rich media ad formats have become sought after by Publishers who realize that they can make more revenue with these innovative formats. Rich Media ads yield a 38 percent higher clickthrough rate than normal banner ads, and are well on the way to dominating online advertising. For some time now, Internet users have been overlooking typical banner ads. Rich Media Ads are becoming the best option for publishers to attract traffic and sales. With Rich Media technology constantly improving, companies who want to build traffic are considering the potential: The best Flash ads are the most likely way to attract new customers.

To enable your site and get rich media formats running properly, publishers should work with ZEDO! Not only does ZEDO offer Rich Media Ad Formats, but Incremental Ad formats as well. Why is this awesome? For one, Advertisers, always looking out for something new and innovative, love these formats. Most of all, incremental ad formats help Advertisers to increase their performance and help Publishers increase their revenue without putting in too much effort. Something for everyone!

To learn more about Rich Media, check out our rich media expert Vinay Uttamchandani in iMedia Connection’s blog, where he explores publisher challenges, and gives six tips to make rich media work.

Also, take a look at these demos to see ZEDO’s available Rich Media and Incremental ad formats in action.

ZEDO’s Rich Media and Incremental Ad Formats for publishers:

Rich Media Ad Formats

  1. Expandable
  2. Page Pusher
  3. Page Peel
  4. Overlay
  5. Ads For Flash
  6. Skinning Ad
Incremental Ad Formats

  1. Intromercials
  2. Slider Ads
  3. Ads On Photos
  4. Ads On Video

Learn more about rich media formates at ZEDO or by emailing