DFP Failure Gives Glimpse of the Future

One morning quite recently, this happened.

Google’s ad server for publishers (DFP) went down on Wednesday costing publishers across the world millions of dollars in lost advertising revenue. Google scrambled to fix their technology. It also brought some of the web to a  standstill as their ad server prevented pages from loading on some sites.

As a side effect this left the web free of their small banner ads , much as it had been at its beginning. On many tier one sites the only ads you saw were the sophisticated and attractive ZINC formats. Not many of them per page but good ads and well presented.

It was a great opportunity to think about how to redefine the way we present ads online. As banner ads are in decline the future is fewer but higher quality advertising – often with video ads on the web. These are ad formats that work for the publisher revenue goals, user experience and for the advertisers. That is what ZINC believes in.

We thank Google for turning off all their ad clutter so that we could get a glimpse of the future.