CTV Ad Server (with or without monetization)

ZEDO is a fully functional CTV Ad Server (or OTT app ad server) and monetization partner. It has been an industry leader for many years and is considered a technology powerhouse. We also offer outstanding customer service.

ZEDO’s efficient and powerful video ad serving with optional SSP solution allows the publisher to simplify workflows while maximizing revenue.

Key Features

    • Parallel Calls and Server Side Chasing
      • This is far better than a traditional waterfall. We call all your demand partners at the same time and choose the one that will pay you the most at that point
    • Unified Auction
      • Unified auction between tag-based and programmatic buyers: campaigns uploaded into ad server, Deals (PMPs/PG), IAB OpenRTB 2.3 and Header Bidding
    • Frequency capping based on device id
    • Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology via a partnership

Other Features

    • VAST 4.0
    • Ad pod support
    • Easy intuitive reporting and analysis interface
    • Full support for supply chain quality including Ads.txt and seller.json
    • Retargeting
    • Setup Deals/PMPs with all leading DSPs
    • Automated and Manual Advertiser prioritization
    • Support for content macros

To the majority of marketers, supply path optimization (SPO) is a major focus. ZEDO aims to simplify the supply chain between advertisers and publishers by cutting out needless intermediaries and reducing redundancies. If you have your own DSP relationships we can enable direct connections for your account where ZEDO is not an intermediary in payments


We keep it simple for the publishers and provide a one-stop solution. We charge

  1. CPM for impressions sold traditionally where the VAST tag or video file is uploaded into the ad server
  2. Low % for impressions sold by the publisher but delivered programmatically using: PMP,  Deal ID or Programmatic Guaranteed (PG)
  3. Rev share for impressions that ZEDO fills as an SSP
  4. Free house ads
  5. No charge for programmatic ad requests that do not result in a paid impression for the publisher