ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May

As ZEDO works on opening ZINC Ad Exchange to newspaper advertisers and publishers, our development teams continue to improve other areas of our technology options. Check out what the team has been working on this month:

AdForm Tags Automatically Recognized in Third Party Tag Upload Template
We have added Adform to the list of 3rd parties whose tags we support. Users can now simply paste the ad from ad tag in ZEDO and the click tracking macros will be automatically turned on.

Advanced Reports now Schedulable
Your can now select multiple channels or dimensions and get the advanced report schedules sent to your email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and retrieve them later.

Create Folder Structures in FTP
You can now create folders in your FTP account.  Schedule and store files in your folders by simply entering the folder path while scheduling the report.  See image below:

To learn more, or to sign up for ZEDO Advertising Technology, just visit http://www.zedo.com/technology/learnMore.htm.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April

We introduced a new innovation that we believe is going to revolutionize the online advertising space, improved ad serving functions, created better forecasting, launched a new way for publishers to have even more control.

Launched ZINC Exchange at ad:tech San Francisco!
ZINC is a new Ad Exchange from ZEDO.  ZINC is a guaranteed ad exchange for newspapers and advertisers who want to buy newspaper placements in just one click. Inventory availability is clear and transparent.  Agencies will see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZINC is in currently in beta, but publishers can sign up to secure their invitation at www.ZINCx.com/publishers and advertisers at www.ZINCx.com/advertisers.

Dormant Channels
Ad networks often distribute hundreds of tags to sites that eventually pull tags down.  If we find channels that are no longer serving, we’ll stop using active system resources for them.

Channels serving extremely low volumes will be set to a new status called “Dormant”, and will stop getting ad served to them.  Once the channel starts to request ads again, the system will generate a fresh ads.

The Dormant Channels will be indicated in the UI as shown below:

The thresholds for dormancy are set up on a per-customer basis, using impression and timeframe information to trigger the channel status change. Please contact support if you have more questions about Dormant Channels.

Scheduled Delivery of Inventory Forecast Report
Your sales team can now select multiple channel-dimension and get the forecasing report schedules sent to their email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and to retrieve them later.

Access Control Changes:
We have added the ability to let your Publisher Ad Trafficker (PAT) users use the Custom Ad Code Generator tool.

Ad traffickers will be able to grant access of ‘Custom Ad Generator’, in the create ad form, to their PAT users.  This will allow PAT users to create rich media ads using our Custom Ad Code Generator.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March

Streamlined Create User Flow

We have redesigned the Create User page so that you can now create new users or add existing users on a single page.

Bulk Keyword Targeting

Often times we get requests from customers who want to target an ad to multiple keywords. We have added a new bulk keyword targeting feature which will let you add multiple keywords from a text file. You can now target up to 200 keywords for an ad using bulk keyword targeting.

Accurate Detection of Third Party Tags

We improved our Create Ad form to detect even more third party ad server and ad network tags. This ensure that proper cache-busting and click tracking is implemented automatically for you, thereby reducing discrepancies.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February

With 2011 in full force, our technology development teams have been working hard to make sure ZEDO’s customers have the most innovative tools on the online advertising scene. Here is a glimpse of just a few things they accomplished this month:

Demographics targeting in rank ads
We’ve added a new column in Rank ads to show demographics targeted to an ad.

Change Logs in Creative Pacing Graph
Our creative pacing chart shows 30 days’ serving trends.  We’ve added the useful information from the Change Logs so you can see which changes impacted the ad serving volume.

Country reach frequency report
This is an enhancement to our reach frequency report. This report will now give you unique impressions and clicks for each country.

Recently Visited Pages
Want to customize your ZEDO landing page? This feature will allow you to choose a landing page design and give you a quick navigation to your “Most Viewed” and “Recently Visited” pages:

Expandable ads using Iframe tags
You will now be able to run Expandable Ads using standard IFRAME tags.  This long-awaited feature lets publishers serve valuable, rich formats with ease, without requiring a tag change on their website.  For now, we provide support for “User Initiated” and “Auto Initiated” expandable ads using standard IFRAME tags. We will be rolling out IFRAME tag support for other rich media ad types in upcoming releases.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January

As we dive into 2011, our development teams have already started turning ideas into reality. Check out some of the improvements that our team has rolled out in the first month of 2011:

More control over user access
Ad networks often don’t want publishers to see data for everything running on their sites. Now administrators can designate which advertiser records a Publisher can view. This is especially useful for ad networks that wish to exclude house and default ads from impression and performance statistics.

теперь, Русский (Now, Russian)
We’ve added the ability for users to select a language preference for our interface. We started with Russian, and will be adding more languages throughout the year. The setting is available on the Create User or Edit My Information pages.

If you speak or read Russian fluently and notice any errors, please let our Support team know!

Search by Demographic
Our global search field has been updated.  You can now search for ads by user demographics.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December

With the end of 2010 at our feet, our global development teams still have their noses to the grindstone. They’re still relentlessly creating new technology tools and improving features for online publishers. Check out what they did in December for publishers:

Support for international text ads
ZEDO now allows publishers to upload text ads written in any language. Speak to your audience wherever they might be, with ZEDO’s help!

Administrative users can change passwords for others
Previously, administrative users (Default Ad Traffickers) could create new users, but could not then edit these users’ passwords. We’ve changed this, giving your administrators more control over Publisher and Advertiser access to the system.

Gather specific data from Ad Networks
Often we got requests from customers that they wanted to gather  data from ad networks for specific Publishers only. Now you can simply set a key tag identifier attribute and gather data for specific publisher from an adnetwork.

Increased frequency capping limit for ads
Before this month, publishers were limited to a frequency capping of 7 days.  We have increased the frequency capping limit – giving publishers a much greater amount of time – to 30 days!

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2010

Our latest round of updates includes a more streamlined Ad Network Dashboard, Activity lifetime for Profile targeting, and Phase 2 of the Account Features page.

Link multiple Advertisers to a single Ad Network
Previously, if you had multiple logins for a single ad network, you had to create a separate Advertiser for each login, and the data were displayed separately on the Ad Network Dashboard. Now you can link multiple Advertisers to a single Ad Network, allowing you to track Ad Network revenue more effectively. We also added new functionality to pull only specific data from Ad Networks, by using standard key-value pairs.

Activity Lifetime for Profile targeting
Now you can set how many days an activity cookie should stay active for a user.

Daily Profit Report
Now you can get a daily breakdown in Profit reports. (This has been one of the most popular customer requests!)

More features on the ZEDO Features page
We’ve made more features visible in the user interface, so you can pick and choose which features you want active for your account.

We hope that you are as excited about these new developments as we are.  With one month left in 2010, make sure to check out December’s Advertising Technology Updates blog to see what’s in our last release of the year!

As always, learn more about any of these products and services at www.ZEDO.com or contact us at salesinfo@zedo.com.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2010

Our latest batch of updates includes improvements for the Inventory Forecasting report, easier participation in our Behavioral Exchange, a new version of our popular ADMagic tool, a new Publisher Protection Program, and more.

Quickly Identify the Source of Problem Ads on your Site
Our popular Firefox browser plugin, ADMagic, shows you the source of every ad on your page.  Quickly identify problem banner ads and turn them off directly from the webpage.

The latest version of this plugin can be used by ad operations professionals at any site. You do not need to use ZEDO’s ad serving technology to use this plugin.

To read more or download the latest version, visit www.zedo.com/admagic.

Improve Performance in the ZEDO Behavioral Exchange
We’ve given you the ability to categorize your Channels. This is currently only available for Publishers and websites in the ZEDO Behavioral Exchange and will improve performance of our network on your various channels. The Exchange also allows you to opt in only to specific channels.

One Year Forecasting
It’s really important for customers to know how much inventory they can book for years to come. ZEDO has improved its forecasting engine; now you can plan campaigns up to one year in the future!

More Reach Frequency Report Options
We’ve  added various new report formats in Reach Frequency Reports, to help you better determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

New Hourly graph on Home Dashboard
Tired of finding out about problems after they happen? ZEDO’s new hourly graph will not only show important statistical data, but also help you identify problems in real-time.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2010

September has been busy!  Our global R&D teams have been working really hard lately to develop lots of new and exciting features that will help publishers solve various business problems and improve usability of the ZEDO system. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Reach Frequency Reports

Customers often want to find out the effectiveness of campaigns by looking at overall user reach. ZEDO has now launched ‘Reach Frequency Reports’ which will tell you the total number of unique clicks, impressions and actions for a period of 14 days.

This feature allows advertisers, ad networks and publishers to track specific activity related to a particular advertisement, advertiser, channel, or publisher.

Currently only ‘Channel Reach Frequency Report’ will be available. We will soon launch all other reports.

Auto levelling

ZEDO has launched a new feature which will allow customers to optimize ads with much more control. Auto levelling will place the best ad on a higher level than the lesser performing ads, and ensure that the best ad finishes serving before moving on to the next best ad.

This feature is incorporated into the Rank Ads page. You can define Auto levelling criteria on a Channel-Dimension basis for any bucket (except Exclusive Ads) in the Rank Ads structure.  You can use eCPM and CTR as the basis for optimization.

Competing and Companion Ads (BETA)

This has been the most awaited feature by ZEDO customers. We are accepting Beta customers to try out our Competing and Companion features; please contact your Account manager NOW!! We will be happy to give you a free training with our Product experts.

Support Metrics

Your opinion matters to ZEDO!  Once your support case is closed, you can now rate your support experience in the ZEDO system. ZEDO takes all feedback seriously, and we will analyze case ratings to improve our Customer Service for you. Enjoy rating 🙂

Please contact zedosupport@zedo.com for questions and more information.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – August 2010

Welcome to the new monthly ZEDO Technology Updates blog post!  Each month we will share what new features and technology advancements our expert engineers and product teams have come up with to help publishers advance in the online advertising world.

Summer 2010 was exciting and busy for our innovation teams.  We were able to build and update a lot of advanced technology options for publishers. Check them out!

  • Self Service Advertising System for FREE

Now small publishers can make more revenue with Self Service Advertising! ZEDO will work on a Revenue sharing basis and offer a basic Self Service platform to small Publishers. Learn more at: http://www.zedo.com/product/selfServiceAdSystemFree.html

  • Upgraded Flash validation for ‘Upload Flash template’

We’ve surpassed Flash 8!! ZEDO can now rectify incorrect Flash ClickTAG implementations and notify users about missing Flash ClickTAG functions up to Flash version 10!

  • Set dates at Ad level

Customers often ask us – “Can I set run dates for a creative?” Previously, you had to set one date range for all ads in a Campaign. Soon, you’ll be able to set flight dates at the ad level.

Date targeting
If you’d like to learn more about anything on this list, go to http://www.zedo.com/publisher-products/.

If you’re interested in talking to someone about ZEDO, you can call our Sales team at 415-348-4076 or email salesinfo@zedo.com.