ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2012

VPAID Ad Format: Expandable Overlay
After adding support for VPAID swf file uploads, we now give users the ability to create VPAID overlay ads by uploading normal swf files. We support two overlay expandable ads and expandable ads using Flash. Both functions can be found in the trafficking for VAST Compatible tab. Get More Data with ZEDO Ad Network
The ZEDO Ad Network (ZAN) dashboard has been updated with new options for viewing data. Users can choose  to see:
  • Yesterday (This is the default view.)
  • Yesterday & LWSD
  • Last Month
  • MTD & Last Month
  • Compare Dates (User can select dates for which to compare data.)
  • Custom Date Range (Summarizes data for a user-selected date range.)


Auto Detection Of AdMagnet Tag In ZEDO
ZEDO now supports AdMagnet ad tags as standard ad server tags in our 3rd party ad server: When a user uploads an AdMagnet tag, ZEDO will automatically add appropriate click tracking and cache busting macros.

Scheduled Report Change Log
Now you can see who created, modified, activated, or deactivated any Scheduled Reports, along with the time and date of the change.

Overlay Ad Without Base Using 3rd Party Ad Code:
We now allow users to create an overlay ad without a base using 3rd party ad code.
Users can access the Overlay/Floater (Without Base File) template through the Custom Ad Generator link in the trafficking form (Create Ad).

We will automatically update the ad code with ZEDO click tracking macros for the following ad servers: Atlas, Doubleclick, Mediaplex, Adtech, Eyeblaster. Others will have to be updated manually.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2012

VAST Advanced Report

Last month we released a Summary Report for VAST video ads that will give you statistics for all 16 standard IAB events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO.

This month, we added more:

  • Advertiser performance report
  • Channel report
  • Publisher report
  • Account report
  • Ad dimension report
  • Campaign report
  • City, Country, State, DMA reports

Horizontal Page Pusher with Leave Behind
Our Horizontal Page Pusher ad is a high-impact, large format which moves your entire site to the side to display a large banner.  This unit is designed for creative larger than 640×480.

We’ve improved this unit to allow for a 300×250 leave behind, as shown in the screenshot below:

When done, the site moves back into position and leaves room for the 300×250 leave behind.

Schedulable Inventory Forecast Reports
In April, we released a simple, clear and more comprehensive inventory forecast report. We have now added support for scheduling this report to be delivered both to email and to a FTP server.

VAST Template Changes:
VAST “Wrapper ads” get their own section in the VAST ad upload template; allowing you to easily set up VAST wrapper ads, and clearing the confusion between VAST inline ads and other ads.

Custom Ad Code:  Overlay Improvements
This revised Overlay Template makes it easier to upload ads by automatically inserting required flash functions, thus avoiding any problems caused by manual file modifications.

You can also now preview your close button to view customizations for button size, font style and size, and close bar color.

Support for VPAID .swf files (VAST)
You can now upload VPAID swf files in both Inline and Overlay VAST ads.

Inline ad:

Overlay Ad:

More suggestions? Just let us know and we will work them into the product roadmap.

Click Tracker End Dates:
Unlike standard ads, click trackers are not controlled by our ad serving engine – they simply log any and all clicks.  In the past, this meant that in order to stop counting the clicks, the tag had to be removed from the page.  This isn’t always possible, and now, we will stop counting clicks based on the end date assigned to the click tracker.

End date in create ad form:

New parameter in Click tracker tag:

Send User Info by Mail
Quickly send account information for new users directly from the Create User screen.

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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2012

VAST Events Report
Now you can track all sixteen IAB standard events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO. We added a multi-select box  in the VAST Ad template that allows customers to choose the events they would like to track for an ad. See below:

To see the report for all sixteen events, look under the  Reporting tab.  In this first phase we are allowing you to pull only the “creative summary report “ for all events. See below:

We plan to add more types and filters in upcoming releases.

Adhoc Report Read Only Access For CAT
Default Ad trafficker users can now allow custom ad.traffickers  read-only access to  Adhoc reports. See below:

My Preferences
As the name says this is a new section in our Admin tab which will allow you to set your preferences. You can change the default settings of our dashboard views, set the default rank ads settings and more, as displayed below:

We will continue to add more options in this tab in future releases

Dock Main Navigation Pane
As part of the effort to enhance user experience, the navigation pane now docks to the top of the page, and remains on the screen unless removed. This allows users to access the navigation easily, especially on lengthy pages. This project was led by a group of young developers at ZEDO, who recognized the importance of navigation in the UI and worked to give it prominence. See below:

Global Search Revolutionized
We have revolutionized our global search by adding simple commands that will allow you to jump to any page or any task. For example:

  • Type ” create campaign” press enter and jump to create campaign page.
  • Type “create ad in <campaign name> and jump to create ad of that campaign.

There are many more commands to help you jump to any page without any navigation. See below:

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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2012

ZEDO Inventory Forecast 3.0 [Beta]
Sales teams for online publishers need to know exactly what’s available to sell. To this end, they need precise inventory forecasting. Forecasts also allow Ad Operations teams to optimize performance, leading to maximum revenue.

Always responsive to customers’ needs, ZEDO released Inventory Forecast 2.0 in mid-2010, which used ad server predictions to generate forecasts. This report greatly improved on the accuracy of our previous forecast report.

But better isn’t always good enough. We got feedback that people wanted graphic representations of data – which is sometimes difficult to visualize from numbers. The latest iteration – ZEDO’s Inventory Forecast 3.0 – is simple, clear, easy-to-read and interpret, with a comprehensive graph and a succinct summary. It’s in beta. Let us know what you think!

The New Report

Other differences in the new report are

  1. Data for Reserved inventory
  2. All new results set for Channel and Ad Dimensions forecast
  3. Ability to select multiple Channels and Ad Dimensions
  4. Updated labels and terminology

Expanded support for VAST 2.0 ads
We added a new template for trafficking Overlay (non linear video) ads that are compatible with VAST 2.0 compliant video players.

Streamlined trafficking flow
We streamlined the ad trafficking process by adding a direct link to the Create Ad form in the menu bar.

Previously, to traffic a new ad you had to

  1. Click the Campaign tab
  2. Select the Advertiser and wait for the campaigns to load
  3. Select the Campaign
  4. Click the Create Ad button

Now you can just

  1. Hover over the Campaign tab until you see the sub links, then click “Create Ad”
  2. Select the Advertiser and Campaign and traffic the ad

Isn’t that easier?!

Flash ClickTAG Validator Tool
This tool was previously used internally to make sure that the clickTAGs in Flash files were correct. We made some changes and released it so that now anyone can use it to make sure that their tags will click through properly. This means that Publishers can now ask Advertisers to check their own clickTAGs before sending creative – alleviating the “Please fix the clickTAGs” back and forth. This advertising technology tool is available at: http://www.zedo.com/flashclicktagvalidator/clicktagValidator.html and it looks like this:

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2012

Customized reports by Campaign
You will be able to specify which fields your advertisers can see in campaign reports.

  • Activate Custom Reporting for the campaign
  • Choose reporting metrics [Show: impressions/clicks/actions/revenue] for “custom reporting” campaigns for advertiser roles

Passback for VAST ads
Users can enable pass backs in the Create ad form for VAST ads, and generate Pass back VAST tags. This helps you work with  Video ad networks and monetize revenue by serving the next possible ad when an ad network does a passback.

Ad performance information for Channel Sets
When adding / removing ads from a channel set, it’s impossible to determine which ads to chagne without seeing which ads are serving. By bringing a mini ad dashboard to the edit channel set page, you can now use this important context when deciding which ads to turn off.

Targeting details on targeting icons
The targeting icons on the ads dashboard and rank ads pages will show the targeting details on mouse hover on the icons.

Campaign rate in pacing report
Pacing Report will now have a column to display campaign rate.

Disable Schedule Reports for Ad Trafficker users
Default ad trafficker can now disable schedule reports created by any user.

Editable Action Cookie Lifetime
Users can now define a different cookie tracking time for actions created for a campaign/advertiser.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2012

February’s been good to us and our ad server!  Here’s a look at what we released so far this month.

Improved Search
We added the ability to search by IO (Reference number) in Global Search and Ad Search.

Introducing Ad Retirement
A new status has been added for ads that stopped serving 12 months ago. This is a maintenance measure to improve the performance of channel and channel set edits.  Contact Support for more details about automatic ad retirement and how this might affect you.

Campaign Level Pacing Graphs
We added Deviation & Pacing indicator for ads in campaign-limited campaigns.

By Popular Demand!
Single Page Ad Trafficking:  We updated the Create Ad page to display all all placement information in one screen (vs. separate tabs).

Clone Ads in Campaign:  We also added the ability to clone ads in a campaign as a step in the campaign cloning process!

Passback Impression Data
Passback Impression Data has been added to the Adhoc Reporting database

API v.4 Update
Added two new fields to API v4: Campaign level impression limit and Campaign I/O

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2012

Here’s a preview of the latest improvements in our recent release!

Push On Demand:

With the click of a button, you can “hurry up” those fixes and changes you need pushed quickly.  Regular ad updates are processed every 15 minutes (give or take), but for those things that can’t wait until the next train, you have the power to initiate a push on your own.  This is a great improvement that should tide you over while we work on other improvements that will rapidly push ad changes across the board.

Home Tab Access:

For our Ad Network Customers – your publishers already have access to the Home Tab – but Publishers with Ad Trafficking were overlooked.  With the recent release, users with PAT role will also have a Home Tab when they login.

Vertical Slider Speed Options:

Customers using ZEDO’s Vertical Slider will notice that they now have an option to select the speed of the ad unit.

InView Slider:
We’ve mentioned this before, but ZEDO’s InView Ad Unit only runs when it can be guaranteed that it will be seen. This best-in-class ad unit gives publishers a way to boost revenue, and gives advertisers a great way to guarantee to catch scrolling readers.

Real Time Data added to Dashboards:

We’ve rolled out real-time data updates on the Campaign and Advertiser dashboards, and will roll this out to all other dashboards in the coming releases.

Run Adhoc Reports on-the-fly:
It’s much easier to run an adhoc report now – rather than create the report as a template, then save it, and then run it, you can run the report right when you build it.  Dare I say, “Finally!”?

Flash File support for Wallpaper Ads:
We now offer support for flash files with the ZEDO wallpaper unit.

To learn more about any of these features, contact your ZEDO Account Manager by calling 415-348-1975.

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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – 2012's First

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year.

Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand!
Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for cloning campaigns.  We plan to extend this in early 2012 to make it even easier to clone ads while cloning campaigns.

Targeting Icons added to Campaign Manager screen
A new column now shows all the targeting options applied to an ad.

Campaigns restriction for Advertiser User Accounts:
You can now specify individual campaign access for Advertiser accounts. This is useful when you want to restrict Advertisers from viewing data and reports of campaigns.

Tearsheets Updates
ZEDO’s new tearsheet tool shows ads directly on a website.  The illustration below shows a quick links menu which appears when you mouse over the ad. Activate by clicking “Tearsheet”.

Billboard Ad format

IAB Billboard is one of six new IAB Rising Stars formats.  We have added a custom ad template for these ads.  The custom template is available on the Create Ad Page, using the Custom Code Generator link.

Cost-Per-Day (CPD) Properties in Ad Hoc Report Builder
Customers can now create an Ad hoc report template for CPD campaign reporting by including CPD properties such as “Days Targeted,” “Days Delivered,” and “Minimum Threshold” applied to the CPD campaign.

Inventory Forecast Report Improvements
Added a Quick Summary table in Inventory forecast report.

This summary displays the total Sold and Available impressions across your network or for certain channel / dimensions.  “Available” here includes any campaigns trafficked as Excess (remnant).

Inventory Forecast Reports also include a filter for Browsers.  Use this new filter in Inventory forecast reports to run forecast reports for various web browsers (limited to those available for ad targeting).

We also expanded the set of browsers to which you can target an ad to include the following new options:

  • Opera mini and Opera mobile in iPad, Android and other mobile devices
  • Internet Explorer version 9.x
  • Firefox version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

Auto close time for Slider Ads
You can now set the auto-close time for ZEDO Slider Ads.  The default is 10 seconds.

More Options in Reach Frequency Report
We now support Reach frequency reports for Ad dimension, City, and State level data.

VAST ads using API’s
Users can now create VAST ads using ZEDO API

Support for Flash files with Multiple Click Tags
We have modified our create ad templates to accept and assign multiple click tags for the uploaded flash files as shown below:

This is supported for all templates that accept flash files.

Drag and Drop Creative in Create Ad
Users can now just drag and drop their creative from the desktop to the create ad form as shown below:

Processing Time Display
We have added live ad processing updates in Advertiser, Channel, Campaign, and Create ad confirmation page.

This feature will provide updates on the last processing start time and next ad processing schedule (useful when planning the launch of newly created ads for ad traffickers.)

Passbacks Excluded from Totals
We will now exclude passback impressions from the total impressions for ad networks in the ad network dashboard and profit reports.

This will help help optimization by reducing the discrepancy caused by passbacks.

Why Am I Serving Blanks?
We have also added basic explanations for blanks/default ads on the Rank Ads page.
A new messaging system shows you some reasons why blanks/default ads might be serving on a slice of inventory.  We are also making it more clear when fillers won’t serve, and why.

Admin Tab
The Users Tab has been renamed and repurposed to an Adminstrative panel.  Here, you’ll find a new subtab called “Setup”.

You can now set individual and account-wide preferences for various settings, including:

  • Ad and Campaign setup
  • Channel Setup
  • Advertiser preferences
  • Ad Tag options

We have big plans to expand this to many more individual and account-wide settings in 2012.

Pre-Book Orders (Reserve Inventory)
You can now prebook, or Reserve ads for an advertiser.. Reserved ads will be accounted for in Inventory Forecast reports, but will not go live until confirmed by ad operations.

Targeting Templates
Targeting Templates have been introduced to make it easier for ad operations to set up multiple ads with similar targeting requirements.

Alert Me When My Ad Is Live
SMS or Email alerts and updates about each stage of ad processing until it goes live.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July

VAST Video Ad Serving
With our July 28th release, ZEDO will complete the adoption of the VAST 2.0 standard for video ad serving.  Our customers can use their custom flash player, or a VAST compatible player.

Frequency Cap by Hour
In response to customer demand, we now support frequency capping by hour.

Ad Title
Your ad slots can now have Titles (example:  “Advertisement” as shown in the image below).  You can do this in the ZEDO ad tag without having to add extra HTML or make any changes to the site.

Report Builder Improvements
We have made a the following improvements to the ZEDO Report Builder:
1. Now supports CPD campaigns
2. Hourly data available for past 14 days
3. Today’s data available
4. Level and Weight data now available under Creative properties

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June

With half of 2011 now behind us, the ZEDO development team continues to produce innovative advertising technology for publishers.  We are most excited about our newest development – ZEDO mobile ad serving!  Read all about it in our latest press release here.

Run ads on mobile devices
Customers will now be able to run ads in the browsers of devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry, as well as other devices running the Android OS.

Added new COST PER DAY revenue model
Cost per Day [CPD] is a revenue model developed for situations in which advertisers want to pay a fixed price per day of a campaign, and don’t want to pay unless they get “enough” impressions.

The Advertiser can set a number of impressions (“minimum threshold”) below which they are not obligated to pay for a day, and a number of days (“targeted days”) within a broader campaign date range; After the ad has served at least the minimum amount for the number of days targeted, the ad will cease to serve. This gives publishers more flexibility for selling to advertisers.

Added support for tiling:
ZEDO now supports tiled ads. Now, Publishers can ensure that, on a page with multiple instances of an ad size, an ad will never be shown more than once per page view. To set up tiling in ZEDO, first create a Page (a set of the channel/ dimension combinations found on a web page).  Once you’ve set this up, ads of the same dimension that are targeted to that web page will behave as Tiled ads, never showing up in more than one space at a time, even if they’re targeted to multiple channels on that web page.

To learn more about ZEDO’s Advertising Technology products and services just contact us by visiting here.