ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2013

Infinite End Date for a Campaign:

Usually remnant and house ad campaigns are long running with only the creatives changes. Most of the users want such campaigns to never end.

With this feature we will allow users to set the end date of the campaign to infinite. This will enable user to serve house ads and filler ads forever without worrying about serving blank ads due to campaign expiry.

The below screenshot display a button next to Campaign end date which can be toggled to enable/disable end date to make the campaign infinite.

Other upgrades:

  • Improvements to the exclude a channel from channel set / remove from channel list from create ad channel targeting functionality.

  • Important database upgrade to support double byte character support.

  • Quick links to jump to ad tag generator page from campaign manager page as shown below

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2013

Country Forecast Report

We have now added forecasting by country to the Inventory Forecast Report.  This includes a country-by-country breakdown of total, sold, reserved and available inventory. This is useful for allocating impressions and allows your sales team to monetize inventory based on countries.

3rd Party Research Vendor support for VAST

You can now insert single-line 3rd-party research vendor tracking tags to track VAST ads externally.

Activity Targeting Enhancements  

Activity Targeting now includes support  for “NOT” logical operator and an improved

user interface to easily select and create logical expressions, This feature can help you understand the sequence in which the expression will be evaluated.

Integrated Security Screening with The Media Trust

Running an unknown 3rd-party tag through your network without  proper verification could risk your reputation in the market. Get this scanned with The Media Trust’s scanning solution in your ZEDO account.

ZEDO, in partnership with Mediatrust, has added an ability to scan 3rd-party ad tags uploaded in ZEDO system. This is a premium feature and will be available at the Advertiser and Campaign level.

Upon activating this for an advertiser/campaign, all the 3rd-party tags will be put for scan in Mediatrust. ZEDO support team will send you detailed report for any suspicious activity found for these tags and help you curb these issues before they spoils your relationship with your publishers or site users.

 Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.


InView Ad Tags

Our popular InView and StayOn ad formats have been a hit with advertisers and publishers.  Advertisers love the innovative, viewable unit, and Publishers love the integration with their site and supplemental inventory.

You can now generate ad tags for this High Impact Format directly in the ZEDO Ad Tag Generator.


Scheduled Reports

You can now edit the Subject Line and Message body for all Scheduled Reports.


ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2013

We continue to work hard on developing great advertising technology solutions for publishers here at ZEDO. Here is a list of the what we have been working on:

Publisher Role Enhancements

We have added the ability to hide Advertisers/Campaigns/Creative and revenue information from your Publisher and Publisher with Ad Trafficking (PAT) home dashboard graphs.

You can manage this in the Admin tab when you are creating or editing Publisher or PAT roles (see below).

Ad Selection in Campaign Navigation bar

This January we introduced a new navigation bar which allowed users to quickly access any campaign from the Campaign tab landing page. We have now added more features to it:

  • A dropdown to select and navigate directly to a specific Ad.
  • A Create option in the Campaign and Ad selection dropdowns, so you can navigate directly to Create Campaign or Create Ad from here.



Apply frequency cap to all channels

You can now apply a frequency cap to all targeted channels at once when you are capping By Channel – this will save time and effort previously spent on capping each channel individually.



Container Ad Enhancements

Added functionality/features to Container Ads

  • Logo
  • Footer message
  • Can make entire Leaf ad clickable
  • Border in between Leaf ads
  • Secure clickthrough URL option
  • Hyperlink capability
  • Options for opaque or transparent ad
  • ‘Enter’ to separate multiple lines of text


Other Ad Server Changes:

  • Replaced the old flash-based date picker in Create Ad with a JS-based date picker. This will load fast and will work on all browsers.
  • Increased the maximum file size limit for VAST ads to 10 mb.
  • Added Backup Ad for Vertical Page Pusher.
  • Removed auto close bar requirement for Horizontal Page Pusher (main and backup ads).

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2013

VAST event report enhancement

Previously, the VAST event report we showed data up to the previous day – you had to wait for another day to check the current day’s event data. We now include the current day’s data in the report, and as it’s updated hourly, you can get the most current VAST events data at any time.

Separate Test Ad for backup ad

You can now test both the primary and back up ads – for all ad types – when trafficking.

VAST Event reporting in Report Builder

We have added VAST events as parameters in the Report Builder – you can now create your own custom reports for VAST events

State/City level data in performance report

You used to have to use Inventory reports to see state and city level data. Now, Performance reports will also show country, state, and city data, even if no ad is targeted to the particular geographic region. This will allow users to run any performance report (Advertiser, Campaign, . . . etc) for a country, state, or metro.

Iframe buster for Slider Ads

This improvement will allow users to slider ads using iframe tags. This was previously possible using JavaScript tags only. Just select the check box as show in the screenshot below:

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2013

Streamlined Navigation for Easier Campaign Access
Previously, to  view or edit a campaign, you had to

  • Go to the Campaign Dashboard
  • Select an advertiser to see its campaigns
  • When the campaign list loaded, select the campaign
  • Click the campaign name to see the details

We have simplified the process by adding searchable drop downs to the Campaign Dashboard. Now you need only select the Advertiser and Campaign from the dropdowns and click Go.
(You can type in the Campaign field to find a campaign even faster.)

Much quicker than waiting for all campaigns to load!

In this phase we have added Campaign selection:  In the future you will also be able to navigate directly to a specific ad and to the Create Campaign and Create Ad pages.

Simplified Macro Insertion for Non-Standard Ad Server Tags
We have made it easy for users to insert ZEDO click tracking and cachebusting macros in ad tags from non-standard ad servers.

You will no longer have to remember the process or refer to documents to correctly insert macros. All you have to do is highlight the macro placeholder and then click a button to replace the highlighted text with the ZEDO macro.

Streamlined Ad Targeting UI
Previously, if you were viewing the Targeting section in Vertical mode, all the options were displayed, which made the form very long and a bit difficult to navigate.

Now you can collapse the options which you don’t need to see, so the form is shorter and easy to navigate.

Updated Ad Search
Over the years we have added many features to Campaigns and Ads, but not allowed you to Search using these options.

We have added many new filters to the Search tool – like additional targeting options, delivery type, and campaign settings – making it more convenient for you to search for any campaign or ad from this page.

New Slider Behavior – Slide from Top Right
A new variation for our slider ad template allows the ad to slide in from the top right corner and settle at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Add Bulk Channels to Channel Sets
We’ve added the ability to add multiple channels to a channel set at one time by uploading a text file containing all the channel names.

Channel Type Filters
In this project we have added a drop down menu of channel types to the View Channels page and the Channel Dashboard. You can now filter results by the following Channel types:

  • Flash
  • Sequencing
  • Synchronized
  • VAST Video
  • Secure
  • Linked to ZAN

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December 2012

Ad code update for AdXpose: now Comscore AdEffx

AdXpose has changed their name to Comscore AdEffx, and they’ve released a new vCE code that offers significantly better viewability metrics and view through rate. They have stopped supporting the old code,  so we have updated our system with the new code for all our customers currently using this feature.

Where you previously saw “AdXpose” in the Research Vendor dropdown, you’ll now see “Comscore AdEffx”.

ZEDO Ad Network Reporting for Publishers

We are in the final stages of testing ZEDO Ad Network reporting data for publishers. Previously, data on ZAN impressions was only available through the Ad Network Dashboard. This feature will allow you to pull that data from the Reports tab, and will be released for customers in January 2013.

Daily Goal Data On Campaign Details Page

We are adding daily goal data to the Campaign Details table. A new “Today’s Goal” column will show the daily goal (impressions booked for the day) of each creative in campaigns with Even delivery or impressions allocated Per Day.

This column can be used to compare the creative’s actual progress to the day’s goal.

Custom Variables in VAST Tag

VAST is the IAB standard for video ad serving and is widely accepted and used by websites and ad networks. Advertisers often need to track data like Referrer, Page URL, autoplay, and traffic source for their videos; and ask publishers to pass this data via the ad tag.

Standard VAST variables are now available in the Ad Tag Generator. All variables are optional and can be selected as required.

FAQs merged with Knowledgebase
FAQs are now incorporated into the Knowledgebase: type your question or topic into the Knowledgebase search field in the Support tab.  (You will no longer see a static list of FAQs when you click the FAQs button.)

You can also search the Knowledgebase using the global Search box at the top of any page.

Updates to existing Rich media formats:

  • You can now include back up ads for Intromercial and Page Pusher formats, which will run in case the main ad fails to load.
  • We improved the StayOn/ Catfish ad format so you can run multiple instances of it on one page.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2012

Rank Ads
Rank Ads is one of the most important features of ZEDO; widely used by all customers. With the growing demand to add features to the page, it got a little difficult to navigate, so in the next few releases we lined up some changes we think will make it easier for users to use this tool to prioritize their ads.

This release includes the following changes.

  1. You can now hide Ad ID and Campaign Name
    • Fewer columns means you can see the entire table
  2. Added View Only Active Ads
    • When this is selected, you will see only the ads available to serve at that time. This means you will not see day/time targeted ads which are not scheduled for that day/hour.
  3. Added new optional column: Impressions served across all channels (optional). You will see this under both the Today and Total sections.


More enhancements are coming in the upcoming releases:

  • Download data as CSV
  • Improved management of the Rank Ads UI in the Admin tab (My Preferences)
  • Graphics
  • Other UI upgrades


Slider Top Right
We added a new position for the Slider Ad: Top Right. You’ll see it as a “slide from” dropdown when trafficking sliders.


Horizontal Page Pusher
We’ve updated the Horizontal Page Pusher template (in the Custom Ad Generator).

  • Added frequency cap for theExpand On Load: Now you can set the ad to auto-expand more than once.
  • Added vertical alignment


VAST Events for Wrapper Ads
Tracking user interaction is important for measuring the effectiveness of a video ad. Using the IAB’s VAST specs, we previously added event tracking for our VAST inline and overlay ads but not for 3rd party tags (“wrapper ads”). This limited publishers from analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns created using 3rd party VAST tags.

Now we’re releasing event tracking for VAST wrapper ads as well.


Upcoming Project Highlights
Upcoming Releases has been renamed Sneak Peek, and we’ve added an Also Working On section where we’ll show you what’s in the pipeline but not necessarily scheduled in a specific release. Feel free to give us feedback on what’s in development!


eCPM Trend Graph
eCPM trend graph under the Ad tag performance page in the Ad network Dashboard use to show the eCPM trend for only last 8 days.

We have improved this graph and it now includes upto 3 months ‘True Impressions’ graph along with ‘eCPM trend graph’ as displayed below.

Windows Mobile Browser Targeting
Added Windows mobile device and Palm device browsers under the browser targeting section in the create ad form as shown below:


ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2012

October has been a busy month for our development team as we planned some important upgrades to boost the performance and quality of our system.

While our main focus was on Quality, we also released the following features.

Ad Title Layer

As Google knows, ad networks can gain brand recognition by including their name on the ads they serve. ZEDO’s Ad Title Layer feature lets customers display their company logo or name on ads, helping with marketing and branding.

We built this feature based on customer demand and it’s very simple to use: Enable the feature and upload the Ad Title in Account Preferences, then apply it when trafficking individual ads.

In Account Preferences, select the Enable Ad Title checkbox and enter the info and file(s) for the Title.

In the trafficking form, select the Include Ad Title checkbox and the Title will show up on the ad.  

All Channels impressions in Rank Ads

The Rank Ads tool shows impressions served on a selected channel, but some of our customers felt it would be nice to have a column which shows the impressions delivered on all channels as well, so we added it. This will help analyze how the ad is doing on the selected channel as compared to others.

The new column is titled Imps All Channels and can be seen for both Today and Total data.

Auto levelling and SMS notification settings in Account Setup

We’ve added a lot of options to Account Preferences and My Preferences in the Admin tab, which allow you to set your default preferences and customize the UI and settings for many features. The two most recent additions are:

  • Auto levelling settings in Account Preferences
  • SMS/Email notification settings in My Preferences

Auto levelling in Account Preferences

SMS/Email Notifications in My Preferences

Global Search for Custom Ad Trafficker roles
Until now, the global search option (search for any entity in the Search box) was available only for default ad traffickers; now, by customer demand we have added access for Custom Ad Trafficker (CAT) users. Access for more role types will follow.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2012

Logical operators for Activity targeting
In the quest to find the most appropriate user for your ad we want to help you get as granular as possible. To that end, we have enhanced our Activity targeting feature to support logical operators (OR, AND, AND NOT), which will allow you to create the desired combinations of activities and find the best users to serve your ads to.Screen:
Revenue using True ImpressionsOur new True Impressions calculation removes passbacks from the count, so you can see true revenue numbers in the Home tab. This is automatically enabled for all customers using ZEDO’s Ad Network Optimizer with passback-enabled ads.Multiple expandables on a page

You can now run multiple expandable ads on a single page. Subsequent changes to the existing method of editing flash files for user-initiated expandable ads can be seen in the updated Ad Summary on the trafficking form.Flash wmode setting

We now allow users to override the default wmode setting for flash ads from the Create Ad page as shown below:

Choose between three wmode settings

  1. Transparent: Flash ad background is transparent, allowing everything on the page behind to show through.
  2. Opaque: Hides everything on the page behind the ad.
  3. Window: Ad plays in its own window on a webpage.

The feature in the trafficking form:
New data in Rank Ads
We have added new data in Rank Ads.

Displays the eCPM by ad for Today and Total.Auto Level Info:
Displays the most recent eCPM/eCPC set in Auto Leveling.New columns in Rank Ads:

Auto Detection Of OpenX Tags In ZEDO
ZEDO now supports OpenX ad tags as standard ad server tags in our 3rd party ad server. When a user uploads an OpenX tag, ZEDO will automatically add appropriate click tracking and cache busting macros.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – August 2012

AdHoc Reports is now Report Builder

AdHoc reports let you build you own reports, so we decided to rename it “Report Builder”.
To keep everything in sync with the new name we have also made some label changes in the UI.

Report Gallery
Along with the new name, we have also added the “Report Gallery”.  This new addition aims to share some useful reports and samples for each report type (nested, linear, crosstab) for your reference.

You can use these reports as-is or edit and save them to ‘My Reports’. You can run or schedule them from there as needed.

Knowledgebase in Global Search
Now you can quickly search for any topic  in our knowledgebase by typing in the global search box as shown below:

On clicking Search in Knowledgebase, you’ll see the search results in a new window.

Profile Targeting for VAST ads
In our effort to bring you the best video ad serving experience with VAST, we have added the ability to target user behaviors so your VAST ads reach only relevant users.

If you use ZEDO Profile Targeting, you will now see the Profile tab in the targeting section of the VAST ad trafficking form. This will allow you to serve video ads based on users’ behavioral patterns, which is proven to give you better performance.

Browser Targeting for Competing and Roadblock Ads
Browser targeting options will now be available for competing and companion (Roadblock) ad setups.

Macros for tracking Referrer URL and Page URLs
By customer demand! We have created macros to track Referrer and Page URLs for third party html code trafficked into ZEDO.

%ZZREFERRER% is used to track referrer URLs and is passed in the clickthrough URL of HTML codes.

For example, in this code snippet, pref is chosen as the placeholder variable.
<a href=”%ZZECLICK%http://www.facebook.com?pref=%ZZREFERRER%” target=”-blank”>

%ZZPAGEURL% is used to track referrer URLs and is passed in the clickthrough URL of HTML codes.

For example, in this code snippet, ref is chosen as the placeholder variable.
<a href=”%ZZECLICK%http://www.facebook.com?ref=%ZZPAGEURL%” target=”-blank”>

Iframe Buster for Overlay Ads
In response to popular demand, we’ve added an Iframe buster option to the Overlay ads trafficking form – when selected, this will allow Overlay ads to bust out of an Iframe ad tag and serve the ad animation as designed.