Inview Slider Ad Format Gains Acceptance

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Advertising generates the money publishers need to continue offering readers information. Since most online content is free, advertising revenue helps publishers afford to create and publish information. Television programming has commercials for the same reason. In print and in broadcast, consumers tolerate ads, and in some cases actually admire them for their creativity. On the Internet, however, that hasn’t been the case.

As the advertising technology partner to many publishers for the past decade, we’ve borne the brunt of consumers’ anger and intolerance toward advertising. We keep listening, and trying to come up with better solutions. What can we do to help our publisher partners generate revenue without annoying their readers?

Banner ads alone cannot support quality publishing. Since the supply of banner ad space is high, their rates have come down significantly, which forces publishers to look at innovative means of generating online advertising revenue without disturbing readers unduly. But readers let publishers know loud and clear that popups weren’t the answer. Nor, of course, do readers want anything installed on their computers. We listen. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be the largest independent advertising technology player worldwide.

The pressure from readers keeps us innovating. Now we think we have something truly “great” in the InView Sliders. The InView Slider ads, because they are unobtrusive, bridge the gap between insufficient high quality advertising space available and the publishers’ revenue requirements. They help make up the revenue gap, and protect free content produced by quality writers.

The InView Slider glides across your field of vision without obstructing much content, then allows itself to be viewed, and then quietly retreats. It’s a “friendly” form of advertising.

If you are seeing InView Sliders from ZEDO, it’s because you visited a website that uses our ad delivery technology to generate revenue. It means you have helped a publisher provide unrestricted access to the content you want to read, without sacrificing your privacy and security. We are getting great feedback about the new format. For the first time ever we have received an email from a newspaper to say that she loves the format and the ads she sees “sidling up to her”.

To provide as much content as possible to as many people as possible, publishers use advertising to keep the cost of access low or free. It’s the time-honored way of doing business for newspapers, magazines, and now online websites. This great innovation in advertising from ZEDO allows consumers to get more great content for free. And it allows advertisers to tell consumers about their great new products in a fun friendly way.
Welcome the new InView Sliders from ZEDO.

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Solving the Problem of Global Ad Compliance: ZEDO Partners with GeoEdge

In a global online publishing environment, all  advertising laws and regulations are not the same. How do you ensure that content appears accurately in hundreds of  locations? And how do you monitor your advertising policies to make sure you comply with the laws of each country?

Large publishers with a worldwide presence have had difficulty enforcing compliance with the laws and regulations of different jurisdictions. We’ve been especially aware of this because we have been serving the online publishing industry  with ads almost since it began.

Now we think we have found our publishing clients an effective solution. ZEDO has partnered with GeoEdge Ltd., the leading geo-visibility solution provider, to give our publishers have clear visibility into  their global ad inventory and enforce compliance. This should also help you maximize your SEO and SEM globally. After all you can’t measure what you don’t monitor.

GeoEdge, an advanced geo-location toolset, helps publishers, advertisers, ad networks and SEO/SEM experts  view web content on a geographical basis – from virtually any location in the world. Its tools will give our publishers unrivalled compliance enforcement and the ability to monitor entire global ad inventories on one screen, ensuring that ad policies and rules are not breached. Publishers can check that content appears accurately in different markets around the world, comply with governmental and organizational policies in each country, and reduce hassle with more effective and efficient QA.

GeoEdge will now be a part of our platform, providing even more value to our existing publishers and helping us grow our US customer base. Traditionally recognized as a partner for publishers,  we offer our customers more advertising technology options, more visibility of analytics and data, and more ways to cut cost and increase revenue. ZEDO’s feature set is specialized for the needs of publishers with growing inventory, a growing user base, and an urgent need for more efficient ad inventory management.

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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June

With half of 2011 now behind us, the ZEDO development team continues to produce innovative advertising technology for publishers.  We are most excited about our newest development – ZEDO mobile ad serving!  Read all about it in our latest press release here.

Run ads on mobile devices
Customers will now be able to run ads in the browsers of devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry, as well as other devices running the Android OS.

Added new COST PER DAY revenue model
Cost per Day [CPD] is a revenue model developed for situations in which advertisers want to pay a fixed price per day of a campaign, and don’t want to pay unless they get “enough” impressions.

The Advertiser can set a number of impressions (“minimum threshold”) below which they are not obligated to pay for a day, and a number of days (“targeted days”) within a broader campaign date range; After the ad has served at least the minimum amount for the number of days targeted, the ad will cease to serve. This gives publishers more flexibility for selling to advertisers.

Added support for tiling:
ZEDO now supports tiled ads. Now, Publishers can ensure that, on a page with multiple instances of an ad size, an ad will never be shown more than once per page view. To set up tiling in ZEDO, first create a Page (a set of the channel/ dimension combinations found on a web page).  Once you’ve set this up, ads of the same dimension that are targeted to that web page will behave as Tiled ads, never showing up in more than one space at a time, even if they’re targeted to multiple channels on that web page.

To learn more about ZEDO’s Advertising Technology products and services just contact us by visiting here.

We’ve got you covered!

Mobile advertising is taking off.  Today, iMedia Connection stated in the article Mobile advertising is taking-off, finally! that, “in the past month, 689 advertisers ran mobile display campaigns; an increase of 128% from the same period in 2009.” It is no secret that your web impressions are moving to handheld devices.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  ZEDO’s fully-featured publisher ad server includes all you need for Mobile Ad Serving solutions like:

  • Ad serving for iPhone and Android apps
  • Mobile targeting for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
  • Reports on-the-go with SMS report delivery

The ZEDO team is focused on supporting the changing needs of newspaper publishers.  We can handle your online advertising business on the web and on mobile.  It’s easy since you can use the same ZEDO interface/platform that you use to manage your current banner and digital advertising business to reach mobile users.  Learn more here:

We’re also innovating our advertising technology products to help you reach readers on Tablets.  Readers are spending much more reading time on their tablet than on their mobile devices.  You need to be on tablets, and you need to work with an advertising technology partner to help you make the most revenue possible from this device.  We know that browsers get more impressions than apps and will work to develop a rich, impactful new ad unit that makes sense on a tablet and your business.

Reach out to a ZEDO team member online here

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May

As ZEDO works on opening ZINC Ad Exchange to newspaper advertisers and publishers, our development teams continue to improve other areas of our technology options. Check out what the team has been working on this month:

AdForm Tags Automatically Recognized in Third Party Tag Upload Template
We have added Adform to the list of 3rd parties whose tags we support. Users can now simply paste the ad from ad tag in ZEDO and the click tracking macros will be automatically turned on.

Advanced Reports now Schedulable
Your can now select multiple channels or dimensions and get the advanced report schedules sent to your email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and retrieve them later.

Create Folder Structures in FTP
You can now create folders in your FTP account.  Schedule and store files in your folders by simply entering the folder path while scheduling the report.  See image below:

To learn more, or to sign up for ZEDO Advertising Technology, just visit

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April

We introduced a new innovation that we believe is going to revolutionize the online advertising space, improved ad serving functions, created better forecasting, launched a new way for publishers to have even more control.

Launched ZINC Exchange at ad:tech San Francisco!
ZINC is a new Ad Exchange from ZEDO.  ZINC is a guaranteed ad exchange for newspapers and advertisers who want to buy newspaper placements in just one click. Inventory availability is clear and transparent.  Agencies will see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZINC is in currently in beta, but publishers can sign up to secure their invitation at and advertisers at

Dormant Channels
Ad networks often distribute hundreds of tags to sites that eventually pull tags down.  If we find channels that are no longer serving, we’ll stop using active system resources for them.

Channels serving extremely low volumes will be set to a new status called “Dormant”, and will stop getting ad served to them.  Once the channel starts to request ads again, the system will generate a fresh ads.

The Dormant Channels will be indicated in the UI as shown below:

The thresholds for dormancy are set up on a per-customer basis, using impression and timeframe information to trigger the channel status change. Please contact support if you have more questions about Dormant Channels.

Scheduled Delivery of Inventory Forecast Report
Your sales team can now select multiple channel-dimension and get the forecasing report schedules sent to their email daily.  You can also save these reports, and their schedules, in your FTP account and to retrieve them later.

Access Control Changes:
We have added the ability to let your Publisher Ad Trafficker (PAT) users use the Custom Ad Code Generator tool.

Ad traffickers will be able to grant access of ‘Custom Ad Generator’, in the create ad form, to their PAT users.  This will allow PAT users to create rich media ads using our Custom Ad Code Generator.

Buy iPad ads on the ZINC Ad Exchange

Last week a brand new ad exchange, ZINC, was launched by ZEDO, Inc. ZINC itself is revolutionary, but now we are going a step further…check this out:

With the ZINC Exchange, advertisers can directly target people reading newspapers on their iPads. Impressions targeted to these users are easy to buy on the ZINC Exchange.  ZINC is the first of its kind — no other ad exchange offers iPad newspaper targeting.

It is believed that 14.8 million iPads have been sold since its initial release.  Its success has been charted and forecasted. The iPad usage data reveals a whole new opportunity for advertisers.

Increasing traffic on newspaper sites, the highest quality brand-safe sites on the web, comes from iPads. Only 3 weeks after the device released, Wired stated that it received 26% of its mobile traffic from the device. ChangeWave Research found that 51% of iPad owners now read newspapers on their iPad.  Recognizing this true opportunity for advertisers, ZEDO has created the ZINC Ad Exchange, which allows advertisers to target people reading their daily newspapers on their iPads.

ZINC is currently in beta and being hosted at Publishers learn more at:

Advertisers: Click to buy guaranteed placements on newspaper sites.

ZEDO Announces the ZINC Exchange!

There are many ways that publishers and advertisers can sell and buy ad space. Today, the easiest and quickest way for advertisers to buy is with an Ad Exchange. Advertisers like exchanges because they are more transparent than ad networks and are easy and fast to use. For advertisers, there are no more sales calls from publishers or network sales reps. Instead, they choose to buy on their time in a quicker and easier way than our industry has ever seen before. They also remain in complete control. Exchanges are a great source of efficiency for agencies and advertisers. ZEDO, as you may have read today, is launching ZINC Ad Exchange.

ZINC is now in private beta and will soon be open to use by any advertiser. ZINC is different and better than other ad exchanges. Other exchanges sell remnant non-guaranteed impressions on a mixed bag of sites. The ZINC Exchange features only premium, guaranteed inventory – you choose and buy the inventory you want. There isn’t any remnant inventory. This is because the only advertising inventory you’ll find on ZINC is high-quality sites such as newspaper publishers from across the country.  The ZINC Exchange will offer only high-visibility, premium advertising positions on community and metro market news websites. ZINC’s web based interface offers real-time management of campaigns, instant reporting access at any time, and aggressive pricing that allows advertisers to maximize their media budgets. Inventory availability is clear and transparent – agencies see real-time inventory and actual pricing.

ZEDO CEO Roy de Souza stated in a recent press release that, “The ZINC Exchange offers an easy way to see prices, create a media plan, and instantly buy high quality, brand-safe ad space. The ability to do guaranteed buys with even delivery across the campaign is attractive to brand advertisers and agencies. I am excited to launch the beta today.”

We are thrilled to announce this new way to buy advertising directly from sites, specifically newspaper sites. Please contact us if you want to join the beta at

P.S. Come see ZEDO at ad:tech in San Francisco April 11-13 to learn even more about Zinc Ad Exchange: Meeting Room MR9 (Expo Hall level 2).


Click to buy guaranteed placements on newspaper sites.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March

Streamlined Create User Flow

We have redesigned the Create User page so that you can now create new users or add existing users on a single page.

Bulk Keyword Targeting

Often times we get requests from customers who want to target an ad to multiple keywords. We have added a new bulk keyword targeting feature which will let you add multiple keywords from a text file. You can now target up to 200 keywords for an ad using bulk keyword targeting.

Accurate Detection of Third Party Tags

We improved our Create Ad form to detect even more third party ad server and ad network tags. This ensure that proper cache-busting and click tracking is implemented automatically for you, thereby reducing discrepancies.

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February

With 2011 in full force, our technology development teams have been working hard to make sure ZEDO’s customers have the most innovative tools on the online advertising scene. Here is a glimpse of just a few things they accomplished this month:

Demographics targeting in rank ads
We’ve added a new column in Rank ads to show demographics targeted to an ad.

Change Logs in Creative Pacing Graph
Our creative pacing chart shows 30 days’ serving trends.  We’ve added the useful information from the Change Logs so you can see which changes impacted the ad serving volume.

Country reach frequency report
This is an enhancement to our reach frequency report. This report will now give you unique impressions and clicks for each country.

Recently Visited Pages
Want to customize your ZEDO landing page? This feature will allow you to choose a landing page design and give you a quick navigation to your “Most Viewed” and “Recently Visited” pages:

Expandable ads using Iframe tags
You will now be able to run Expandable Ads using standard IFRAME tags.  This long-awaited feature lets publishers serve valuable, rich formats with ease, without requiring a tag change on their website.  For now, we provide support for “User Initiated” and “Auto Initiated” expandable ads using standard IFRAME tags. We will be rolling out IFRAME tag support for other rich media ad types in upcoming releases.