ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2014

Bug fixes and Performance improvements:

This month our main focus was to release some back-end projects that would help improve performance of our system. We also fixed and released some of the issues as below:

  • Upgrades to Transcoding of video files in the VAST compatible template
  • Allow bulk cloning of ads from an ad network linked advertiser to a direct advertiser who is not linked to any ad network


We are building support for multiple languages (currently Japanese) in ZEDO and we updated a few pages like, Home, Advertiser dashboard, Profit per Publisher dashboard and few reports.

Ad formats updates:

Container Ad with One Leaf – You can now create a Container Ad with only one leaf instead of the previous two leaf restriction.


container ad.png


The full page expanded unit has been made Optional so that users can use it like a stay-on ad format on their desktop and mobile devices. We have also added Close Button Properties in the Adhesion Format ad template.

What is the ZEDO Exchange?

While  publisher-side ad serving was our core business  since our founding in 1999, the part of our business that has been growing most quickly for the past year has been the ZEDO Ad Exchange, our simple, scalable way to  manage both advertisers and publishers conducting business in display banners, videos, mobile, high impact formats and smart programmatic integrations. ZEDO Exchange allows Demand Side Platforms access to the premium high-quality display and video inventory of our premium publisher network.

For advertisers, the ZEDO Ad Exchange offers the best click-through rate in the industry, along with the best of all worlds — instant pricing and availability of ad inventory on newspaper web sites. We’re different from other exchanges and ad networks, because the only ad inventory we offer is avails from our high quality publisher network, which consists of premium brands you already know and trust who are integral parts of local communities and national conversations.

We’re both innovative and smart about the way we run this network: we not only offer high impact formats, but also make sure that the advertiser gets viewable impression where they count — on premium sites.

On the publisher side, ZEDO Exchange is designed to make sure that all  publishers that use ZEDO for ad serving get a fair price for their inventory. This is one of the reasons we do not work on the RevShare or CPC model. We only work on a flat CPM model with our publishers. ZEDO Exchange will pick up inventory only if we meet the agreed CPM. We can also sell impressions to multiple RTB buyers and get maximum CPM from the highest bidder. (ZEDO’s Supply Side Platform (SSP) is Open RTB 2.0 compliant.)

Our Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a single, unified platform from which to manage all aspects of a campaign using a single account (Display Banners, Videos, HIFs, RTB & Mobile). Since all the publishers are linked in one master account, this provides media buyers with maximum efficiency.

Publishers may opt in simply by clicking the “Join ZEDO Exchange” link on their reporting and trafficking UI, or they can give us a heads up via email. After opting in, integration with ZEDO Exchange is very simple. ZEDO has built a smart back-end linking process that makes sure  publishers do not have to spend time trafficking tags or tracking campaigns. Everything is done automatically, and ZEDO Exchange reports will be displayed directly under the Reports section of the Publisher’s ZEDO account.


ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2014

Updates to Reach Frequency report


A) Reach report for all advertisers:

Now you can pull reach report for all advertisers at one go. Earlier, a user could get Reach Report for a single campaign under a given advertiser. But now at a given point of time, one can pull all campaigns under a single advertiser and all campaigns under all advertisers.

B) Reach report for current month:

If a campaign was running and one would like to see current month reach report than one had to wait for the whole month to end. But now one can pull current month reach report. The current month reach is available  from start of the month till last calendar week end ONLY. Data for current month reach will be available ONLY if calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) is completed. Report output shows the actual date range for which the data is processed i.e from the start of the month till last calendar week end.

Transcoding Video to Multiple Bitrate

You can now traffic VAST video ads into multiple bitrate without using any external tool for transcoding. Earlier, there were certain limitations – our video ads delivery from VAST templates was slow as there was no direct facility in the trafficking system to transcode a High quality video from the advertisers into multiple profiles suitable for different bandwidths.

However, now, the moment you select the ‘Transcode my Video’ option from the VAST compatible template, the system automatically transcodes the creative video into different formats. The accepted file formats via Browse are: AVI, MOV, MP4 and FLV. When a video is uploaded successfully the system displays the bitrate and resolution for the original file. In fact, the system displays the Format, Bitrate, Width, Height, Video and Duration of the transcoded video file.

Single line and multi-line Research URL/code

With this project we are trying to make the trafficking of RV tags simple for Users by demarking single line and multiline RV tags clearly on UI as well as backend. Previously we use to have just a single text box which create a lot of confusion.



ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2014

1) Transcoding of video to multiple bit rate (to be released by the end of this month!)

We have built and integrated a new Transcoding tool in our VAST compatible ad template. Users will now be able to convert their often higher bit rate videos into multiple videos of different bitrates.

This will allow the VAST player on the Publisher page to pick up the file with the best suited bit rate file as per the users bandwidth.  This will ensure that the the video loads smoothly without any lag even for slower bandwidth connections.

You can transcode the files from the VAST Compatible create ad template as shown here:


2) New UI to manually upload multiple files in VAST compatible template:

We have updated the VAST compatible template UI for easy uploading and defined properties of upto 6 media files. The UI is displayed here:

23-04-2014 11-45-47.png


ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2014

IAB – Full Page Flex:

ZEDO now supports IAB Mobile Rising Star – Full Page Flex ad format. This new ad format offers a full screen ad experience with sight, sound, motion, and interaction capabilities. Full Page Flex ads are designed to fit  responsively across different mobile devices with consistent behaviours that keep the viewer firmly in control.

This new  format helps advertisers take advantage of users’ full screen to display their creative, accommodating screen size variations.

Decimal Preference:

Users can now choose the the currency format they want to use for their account. This can done by simply selecting the desired number  of decimal points in the all rate fields and for all revenue calculations.



More enhancements:

  • New month to date option on schedule report page.

  • New Page Peel Ad template that supports 3rd Party Ad Tags

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2014

Custom HTML Ad Template

Ad templates is a powerful template creator tool that will allow ad traffickers to insert frequently-used HTML/Javascript Ad codes and create a template.

Create Ad Template Screen:

The templates created will be available in the Create Ad page as a new primary ad type called Ad Templates.

Create Ad Screen:

This will allow you to eliminate all the manual tweaking required before you upload a new ad with new supporting files.

So go ahead and create templates for all your custom ad code and make life easy for your ad trafficker.

Master JS tag on ad tag generator

ZEDO is excited to introduce the next generation of  The Master JavaScript Tag.

The new tag is easy for publishers to implement, while providing speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Publishers can now use a single tag to serve ads in all ZEDO ad slots via a single request.

Master Tag Generator:

This provides the best possible experience for end users, while simplifying ad delivery of web, mobile, and video content.


Video Ad Buyers Seek More Reach

Publishers: if you are not already a ZEDO partner, you may be missing a valuable opportunity to sell inventory to major brand advertisers who want to increase their video reach on sites that run more than just pre-roll. If you are a publisher who wants video ads on your pages, you’re someone who ought to be getting the higher eCPMs that video ads deliver. Here is what our ZINC division promises its agency and brand partners. If your premium site can deliver this, you’re an ideal partner for ZEDO.

ZINC sells publisher inventory

Our ZINC division brings buyers for your inventory

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December 2013

Custom Targeting Improvements:

We released Custom Targeting a couple of months back, and have been rolling out enhancements. What’s new this time:

          Key-Value Filter in Rank Ads
          You can now filter your Rank Ads results by Key-Value.

          Display Name for Key-Values
          Because key-values themselves can get complicated and/or convoluted, we’ve added a
          Display Name, which is essentially a nickname for your key-value that makes it easier to           understand what you’re looking at.

 More Secure Ad Tag Options
You’ll be able to generate Yahoo, AOL, MSN and VAST ad tags with secure domains. And, as usual, we’ve released some backend performance improvement projects.

For Holiday Ads, inArticle Video Fills the Bill

It’s amazing now narrowly the discussion of video advertising has focused. Most participants view it merely as placing ads in front of, in the midst of, or at the end of video content. Let’s call that advertising on video.

That’s a real miss for media planners who have video ads they’d like to deploy with greater reach during the holiday sason. There’s a large audience that doesn’t frequent video sites, yet spends much of the day online. Those consumers are READING. They’re getting information about everything from their finances to the weather to what they’re going to give for Christmas, but they’re not getting it from YouTube. Most of these people visit premium sites and tend to be people with more money than the younger people who frequent YouTube. Because they are information gatherers, they also tend to be more educated and they skew a bit older. You can’t reach them on video because they’re busy, but they do keep up with the news, or the ball scores, or the health sites.

To reach those more affluent, more educated consumers, a format like our ZINC InArticle unit is ideal. It displays a video ad  alongside an article the site visitor is reading.  This format deployed over our premium network gives advertisers unduplicated reach.

As you can see, these ad formats are not involved in the discussion of whether TV is dead, is shifting online, or whatever the latest ad tech distraction is.  It is irrelevant whether TV has shifted online, or even if these consumers watch TV at all. These are not ads in video, they’re engaging, high impact video ads in a print environment. They display in standard IAB sizes, and they can be placed wherever you might place a display ad, although they can use content made for TV or video. Because they ARE video, these formats are more engaging. Although they do not auto-play, if the user mouses over them the volume turns on. And if a visitor clicks on the ad, it expands to full screen. It’s ideal for new car launches, financial service products, most luxury goods, and even consumer packaged goods.

Our initial tests of these formats sold through our ZINC platform demonstrate substantially higher levels of engagement and recall. So if you’re looking for a way to reach new customers with existing video ads, inArticle could be your best choice.



ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2013

Changes to Custom Ad Generator for Rich Media

Our Custom Ad Generator is well known to all ZEDO customers running Rich Media ads. When we first added this tool, it stood alone, in the  Normal tab of Create Ad. We have now incorporated it into the more appropriate Rich Media trafficking template, under the new name “Custom Code Generator”.

We’ve also updated the workflow; making it easier to traffic, edit and clone ads created using Custom Code Generator. You no longer have to download the JS file and then upload it. The file and any supporting files will be automatically uploaded from the template.

Please contact support @zedo.com with any questions.

Custom Reporting for Publisher and Advertiser Roles

We have added a new Campaign feature – Custom Reporting – that allows you to specify what Campaign data your Publisher and Advertiser Users can see when they’re logged in.

It’s simple to set up:

  1. In the new Custom Reporting for Campaigns section of Edit Role (for Advertiser or Publisher), specify

    • which data (imps, clicks, and/or actions) you want these users to see

    • whether you want the selection to apply to all campaigns, or only to campaigns that have “Custom Reporting” enabled

  1. Select the Custom Reporting checkbox for the campaigns you want to apply this to.