Buy iPad ads on the ZINC Ad Exchange

Last week a brand new ad exchange, ZINC, was launched by ZEDO, Inc. ZINC itself is revolutionary, but now we are going a step further…check this out:

With the ZINC Exchange, advertisers can directly target people reading newspapers on their iPads. Impressions targeted to these users are easy to buy on the ZINC Exchange.  ZINC is the first of its kind — no other ad exchange offers iPad newspaper targeting.

It is believed that 14.8 million iPads have been sold since its initial release.  Its success has been charted and forecasted. The iPad usage data reveals a whole new opportunity for advertisers.

Increasing traffic on newspaper sites, the highest quality brand-safe sites on the web, comes from iPads. Only 3 weeks after the device released, Wired stated that it received 26% of its mobile traffic from the device. ChangeWave Research found that 51% of iPad owners now read newspapers on their iPad.  Recognizing this true opportunity for advertisers, ZEDO has created the ZINC Ad Exchange, which allows advertisers to target people reading their daily newspapers on their iPads.

ZINC is currently in beta and being hosted at Publishers learn more at:

Advertisers: Click to buy guaranteed placements on newspaper sites.