Business Insider: Mobile Exploding


To answer the call for an industry leading technology in the ad space ZEDO has invested resources in the ZINC High Impact product suite. Our leading platform provides the technology to make an impact on the right audience on web and mobile. ZINC is fostering an environment for effectively reaching consumers on mobile devices – a goal that many have attempted, but none have successfully achieved. A new study conducted by Business Insider puts ‘mobile usage at an all-time high’ sharing that ‘we’ve reached a usage tipping point’ as ‘mobile was the only media type to grow in total U.S. Consumer minutes spent per day from 2010 to 2012’.

ZINC is differentiated and gaining prominence among brand marketers and high level agency execs because of the highly visible nature of its mobile video formats. ZINC is able to connect with consumers while they are engaged with the most personal device they own – their phone. The ability to adapt, create, and innovate in this space is dependent on the ability to understand how consumers use mobile smartphones. ZINC presents brands the opportunity to expand mobile reach and engage at the most intimate level with consumers.


Because ZINC provides game-changing video formats that are both non-intrusive and highly visible, and plugs into a network of Tier 1 publishers who are part of ZEDO’s customer base, advertisers can gain immediate access to the “right” global audience with the reach and frequency they need to get their messages out.