Add/Remove Ads from Ranks ads

Do you wish that you could have a basket of ads by your side, so you could just add good ads and remove the bad ads from a channel?

ZEDO has released a feature which allows you to add or remove any creative to or from a channel directly from the “Rank Ads” page.

Adding Creative

You can directly add a creative to the desired level on the “Rank Ads” page, and set an impression limit and frequency cap too.

add creatives

Removing Creative

Removing a bad creative is also easy. Just mouse over on the ad name, click on the “recycle bin” icon and select the ads to be untargeted from the channel.

Ads to be removed will be shown as below:

When you click Submit, all the selected ads will be added and/or removed.

You can also remove ads from the Channel Dashboard!

Ads to be removed will be shown as below:

All the changes will be saved on clicking submit.

ZEDO’s Popular Slider Ads

ZEDO’s new Incremental Ad Formats are extremely popular with existing and new clients. For customers using ZEDO to serve 100% of their impressions, these new ads actually INCREASE IMPRESSIONS and overall inventory.

  • Easy to implement
  • Increase overall impressions and inventory of your site / network
  • Multiple sizes can rotate in the placement
  • No blanks / defaults
  • Serves images, flash, 3rd party code
  • Not as invasive as pop up and floating ads

These ads are eye-catching and have proven to have a stronger click-through-rate than standard in-page banners.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about ZEDO’s slider ads!

Got Quantcast? Third party research vendors in ZEDO.

Now you can automatically insert tags for Quantcast and other third party research vendors when you create ads in ZEDO.

For Quantcast, it’s as simple as filling in your Quantcast ID and choosing the type of tag:

  • HTTPS for secure pages or
  • Advertiser to track just an ad, not the whole page

You can even use both, for a secure Advertiser tracking tag.

Quantcast tag

For other vendors, you can enter the vendor’s 1×1 tracking pixel code, which we will append to the ad.

Other Third Party Vendor tag

Stay tuned for even more improvements: Support for more vendors, and the ability to add third party research vendor tags in the ad tag generator.

Track your Support Cases online!

ZEDO Online Support Cases

Have you had time to check out the new Support Tab in the ZEDO UI?  We recently introduced a new tab called “Support”, with the following:

  • Online Support Cases:  Log a case, check case status, reply to cases all online in your account.  Also, view the cases of others in your company.
  • Knowledgebase:  Including all our implementation documents and whitepapers, training videos!, API documentation, user manual, FAQ’s, articles, blogs, and more

  • Release Notes:  All current, past and planned future releases are listed here.  Help yourself to a bit of insight about what we’re releasing soon
Retiring Email-Based Cases
In a month or so, we plan to retire our email-based support case tracking system.  This means that all cases must be submitted online.  Don’t worry – we’ll give you plenty of warning and will always provide a backup method for reaching our team.
If web-based case logging doesn’t work for you – let us know!  Contact your ZEDO Account Manager as soon as possible and let us know if this causes a process problem for you or your team.
thanks, and keep reading!



Channel Sets Improvements

Several of our ad network customers have asked that we extend our Channel Sets functionality to work for Ads Served in Flash, since these ads are set up in ZEDO to run on special flash-ready channels.  You can now create a Channel Set for your Flash Enabled Channels, and target your ads to the Flash Channels set.

Many of you have also asked how to target a campaign to a group of sites or channels, while excluding another group of sites.  For example, if you want to target a Diet Ad to all your Family and Parenting Sites, EXCEPT those that specifically exclude Diet Ads, you can use our new Exclusion Sets functionality in Channel Sets.

Channel Sets – if you need a refresher – are an arbitrary grouping of channels according to your needs.  These were designed to alleviate the headache of targeting ads to the same set of channels time after time after time – thus preventing errors caused in tedious setups.  If you want to know more about Channel Sets, or need this feature actcivated in your account, contact

Thanks for reading!

ZEDO Steps into a New Year

As we bid farewell to 2008, and prepare for 2009, it’s time to take a look back and reflect, and look forward to the future and its hidden opportunities.

My, How We’ve Grown!

In late 2007, we decided we needed to pick up the pace of development significantly to stay ahead of competition and stand out in 2008.  We tripled the size of our development and project management teams and doubled our release schedule.  By Ad:Tech San Francisco, it was clear that we had a new momentum and were picking up speed.  By Ad:Tech New York, booth visitors were amazed by what we had to offer them.  In fact, we realized that we were so focused on improving the product, maintaining stability and performance, that we forgot to show off everything we did this year!  So, in the fall, our Account Managers and Sales Team reached out to all our customers, to let them know just that.


To keep it simple, we consolidated some of the major changes into a presentation:  17 Things You Didn’t Know About ZEDO.  If you haven’t already seen it, contact your Account Manager to check it out!  You will definitely see some new things.  If you have seen it, you can contact your Account Manager with any questions – they’re standing by to help you.

Kindness and Support from our Customers

On November 26, 2008, Mumbai suffered horrendous terror attacks at hotels, restaurants and other high-profile and tourist locations in the city’s downtown area.  All ZEDO team members were unharmed during the attacks, but several employees were affected through friends and family who were on location, or who lost friends and colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and the survivors of the atrocities that happened during the three-day standoff.

The outpouring of care and concern from our clients and industry friends was encouraging and very moving.  Here is a sample of the kind words shared with our team:

“Thanks for the update…I called in earlier and spoke to Support when I heard about this and they mentioned all are ok.”

“Thank God [you’re all okay] … Our thoughts are with all of you.”

“this is horrible… please send our hopes to your staff in Mumbai, I am surprised this is happening there, its the equivalent of terrorist attacks in Houston – its not logical from the outside looking in….

“My best wishes and prayer to all members of the Zedo team and their families”

“Just a note to please extend our sympathies to those affected by the violence in Mumbai. We are glad to hear that the ZEDO team are safe and sound…. As we have worked with some of the ZEDO team members for years…we are glad to know they escaped the danger and wish them all well.”


Lemonade from Lemons in 2009

2009 will be a tough year for everyone.  Our team’s focus in 2009 is helping our customers make more money with the inventory they have, and finding new inventory to monetize.  If you don’t earn more, we don’t earn more. It’s as simple as that.  Our mantra this year will continue to be:  Help Customers Make More Money by using ZEDO.  Look forward to more posts about increasing your revenue, finding better paying deals, optimizing your site and advertising to earn more, and other tips and tricks as we find them.

Comments Welcome!

We love to read what you have to say.  Please feel free to post comments – good and bad – on the blog. We’re waiting to hear from you!


See your business grow every hour…

Our customer interaction sessions led us to believe that most of our customers want to see how their network is doing every hour. Moreover, they wanted stats to be supported by clear and concise graphs. The enthusiasm customers showed by pouring us with valuable ideas and information, obviously tempted us to deliver what was being asked.

And so we build the “Hourly Impressions (HI)” graph and added it to Home Dashboard as well as Advertiser Dashboard.

This Line graph shows you the number of impressions recorded by your account until the last hour and it keeps updating every hour. It also plots the hourly impressions served yesterday and its corresponding day in the previous week. This will help you to monitor your today’s curve in comparison with yesterday’s and same day last week’s data.

The HI graph on the Home Dashboard displays account level data and includes everything that your account serves.

Home dashboard

The HI graph on the Advertiser Dashboard is displayed when yesterday’s option is selected.


On the Advertiser Dashboard the graph will give the hourly impressions for each of your top 5 Advertisers and will compare today’s data with that of yesterdays and same day last week.

We hope that you will find the new HI graph quite useful. Please write to us and share your thoughts.

Cloning got a little easier today.

Many of our customers want to use the Cloning feature when adding multiple creatives to the same campaign.  Until today, this was impossible since you can’t edit the ad dimension while cloning.

Today’s release lets you change Ad Dimension when cloning an ad. Simply choose the appropriate dimension, then set all the rest of your ad setup details.

Setting a new ad dimension for a cloned ad.

A word of warning, though: Please, please don’t forget to use the right ad tag / image dimensions or your ad will be distorted when loaded onto a webpage!

Want more from cloning? Don’t worry – it’s coming!  We’re currently working on how to clone all ads within a campaign, to save you even more time when setting up ads in the system.

Want to participate? We’d love to  hear from you and hear more about how you use ZEDO to manage your business.  Please send a note to and your input and ideas will be sent directly to the product management team.

Hungry for Data? Have a snack.

Publishers will practically kill for more and more data about their site and campaign performance. We recently released a new level of data granularity – performance data at the hourly level.

Hourly data is retained for the last seven days. This means you can pull any report for the last seven days, and get an Hourly Breakdown of performance.

But wait, there’s more! This release has also let us give you Today’s Data in ZEDO Reports. Earlier, Today’s Data was only available in Dashboards. Now, you can get Hourly Data for Today, pulled in along with your historical data.

I hope you enjoy this new level of data granularity. We’re doing a lot this year, and this blog is our new way to let you know all about it. I apologize for not writing sooner – but expect this blog’s activity to increase!