ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2010

September has been busy!  Our global R&D teams have been working really hard lately to develop lots of new and exciting features that will help publishers solve various business problems and improve usability of the ZEDO system. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Reach Frequency Reports

Customers often want to find out the effectiveness of campaigns by looking at overall user reach. ZEDO has now launched ‘Reach Frequency Reports’ which will tell you the total number of unique clicks, impressions and actions for a period of 14 days.

This feature allows advertisers, ad networks and publishers to track specific activity related to a particular advertisement, advertiser, channel, or publisher.

Currently only ‘Channel Reach Frequency Report’ will be available. We will soon launch all other reports.

Auto levelling

ZEDO has launched a new feature which will allow customers to optimize ads with much more control. Auto levelling will place the best ad on a higher level than the lesser performing ads, and ensure that the best ad finishes serving before moving on to the next best ad.

This feature is incorporated into the Rank Ads page. You can define Auto levelling criteria on a Channel-Dimension basis for any bucket (except Exclusive Ads) in the Rank Ads structure.  You can use eCPM and CTR as the basis for optimization.

Competing and Companion Ads (BETA)

This has been the most awaited feature by ZEDO customers. We are accepting Beta customers to try out our Competing and Companion features; please contact your Account manager NOW!! We will be happy to give you a free training with our Product experts.

Support Metrics

Your opinion matters to ZEDO!  Once your support case is closed, you can now rate your support experience in the ZEDO system. ZEDO takes all feedback seriously, and we will analyze case ratings to improve our Customer Service for you. Enjoy rating 🙂

Please contact zedosupport@zedo.com for questions and more information.

Ad Serving and Self Service Technology in One Place!

As a true advertising technology partner for publishers, we here at ZEDO have multiple products and services for publishers to choose from.  Most well known for our ad serving technology, we also have something that our competition doesn’t (and it just happens to be something that publishers and their advertisers want): a self service system.

Our expert engineer Ivan Yakovenko has worked diligently to make ZEDO the only advertising technology company that offers both a robust independent ad server AND a self service technology for publishers.

Not so sure about Self Service?  We want you to know that using it is easy and can help you save time and money.  By making it easy for advertisers to buy inventory directly from your website, and allowing them to manage their buys with a user-friendly technology, Self Service can save you time and money while keeping your customers happy and returning – which means more revenue for you (and isn’t that what this is all about?). Our experienced support team will help you throughout the entire installation process.  They will help you configure the technology to fit your specific needs, website design, language, targeting preferences, and inventory selling style.

Read more about ZEDO Self Service at:


Learn about all our products and services and see how we are able to claim that we offer publishers more options than any other advertising technology provider in the industry: http://www.zedo.com/product/for-Publishers.htm.

Contact salesinfo@zedo.com to learn more.

More Options to Monetize Inventory

ZEDO is the only technology partner that provides options to manage your direct sales, maximize revenue from your remnant inventory, and sell to small advertisers directly online.
  • ZEDO Ad Server:  Fully-featured ad server for managing direct sales
  • RevMax Yield Optimizer:  Do-it-yourself or full-service yield optimization with ad network management
  • Self Service Advertising Module:  Plug-n-play self service advertising system that plugs into your site, literally selling your inventory while you sleep

Your job as a publishers is to monetize.  The main objective is to sell your inventory to the highest bidder – and make sure you sell ALL of it.  Your ad inventory is your commodity, and we know that you depend on technology to manage this precious cargo.  You see, it’s our job to help you the publisher make as much revenue as possible, and to do so, we have created advertising technology products and services that can support all the ways you monetize.

While you focus on content, getting users to your website, and keeping advertisers coming back, we work on ways to help you sell and support your premium inventory that is  directly sold to your advertisers, the additional inventory that is handed to your ad networks, and inventory that is sold to your advertisers via a self service system.

Use the ZEDO Ad server to run reports that prove your value to advertiser, manage ad operations and trafficking, and adding countless customers as advertiser buy more and more inventory from your direct sales teams.  Then, use the ZEDO network optimizer “AdNet RevMax” to delegate left over remnent inventory that gets passed onto your ad network chain.  Finally, give your advertisers what they want to keep them coming back!   If some of them want a fast and easy way to buy inventory from you check out ZEDO Self Service for premium publishers at http://www.zedo.com/product/selfServiceAdSystem.html (cause it might be in your best interest to make those advertisers happy!)

By offering products and services that give publishers more advertising technology options, we have built a suite of tools and a knowledgeable support staff that can handle any need a publisher might have – including ways to manage ALL three types of your inventory under one roof. Have fun monetizing!!

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – August 2010

Welcome to the new monthly ZEDO Technology Updates blog post!  Each month we will share what new features and technology advancements our expert engineers and product teams have come up with to help publishers advance in the online advertising world.

Summer 2010 was exciting and busy for our innovation teams.  We were able to build and update a lot of advanced technology options for publishers. Check them out!

  • Self Service Advertising System for FREE

Now small publishers can make more revenue with Self Service Advertising! ZEDO will work on a Revenue sharing basis and offer a basic Self Service platform to small Publishers. Learn more at: http://www.zedo.com/product/selfServiceAdSystemFree.html

  • Upgraded Flash validation for ‘Upload Flash template’

We’ve surpassed Flash 8!! ZEDO can now rectify incorrect Flash ClickTAG implementations and notify users about missing Flash ClickTAG functions up to Flash version 10!

  • Set dates at Ad level

Customers often ask us – “Can I set run dates for a creative?” Previously, you had to set one date range for all ads in a Campaign. Soon, you’ll be able to set flight dates at the ad level.

Date targeting
If you’d like to learn more about anything on this list, go to http://www.zedo.com/publisher-products/.

If you’re interested in talking to someone about ZEDO, you can call our Sales team at 415-348-4076 or email salesinfo@zedo.com.

(Responsible) Care and Feeding of User Data

Last week, the Wall Street Journal posted a series about Online Cookies and Tracking that was enough to make your blood run cold, if you didn’t know any better.  These (borderline sensational) articles have caused quite a stir and, I’m sure, have had managers scrambling to assure their frantic executives that nothing bad is happening on their site.

The series actually has brought up a number of interesting rebuttals and topics of conversation.  George Simpson at MediaPost reminded us that no one really wants to see ads (oh, except that they do):

“…you have no use for ads (except the ones that tell you about new products you might like, items on sale at local retailers, ideas for Christmas and Mother’s Day — oh, and for whatever you are in-market for at the moment.) Okay, okay, you’ll sit still for ads (or better yet, fast-forward through them) if they mean you don’t have to pay to see individual TV shows. Or pay $450 for a subscription to your favorite magazine. Or they are kind of fun, like the recent Old Spice ads.”

Rob Rose at iMediaConnection wrote that consumers need education about this topic. (I wholeheartedly agree.  But how?  A series of Schoolhouse Rock videos?)  Meanwhile, Eric Anderson remarked that it’s not the tracking or targeting that sucks, but the ads do.

So what do we here at ZEDO think of all this?  Well, for starters, it’s actually great that the topic is being discussed openly and broadly around the industry.  This isn’t a topic which is considered regularly with any sort of depth.  It’s imperative that as a third party provider of advertising technology, we ensure that our services and systems adhere to the standards outlined by the NAI.  Furthermore, third parties have a clear responsibility to explain to users – in simple English – what the privacy policy means, and how the use of their data can be controlled.  Companies must use this same vigilance in choosing partners.

I had a conversation with someone just today about this topic.  He disagreed with my belief that third party companies may have the right to collect and sell user data if done responsibly.  His argument was that companies earn that right only when they’ve been given explicit consent.  My example was that this had been done for years by credit card companies, selling my purchase history data to advertisers, which he refuted with his belief that by signing up with a credit card, he’s given his explicit consent.

It certainly gives me pause to think.  The industry clearly has some strides to make in order to settle down the panic in consumers.  The talk of icons on data-targeted ads, or collecting user consent, may be headed in the right direction, but it certainly sounds unwieldy in execution and user experience.  The recent rumors that the FTC is considering a Do Not Track list (similar to the Do Not Call list) via a browser plugin sounds interesting, yet unlikely.  I look forward to the next several months as all this shakes out, and am curious about what we’ll see in early 2011.

Meet the ZEDO Account Managers!

It’s August, but it doesn’t feel like it at all. While the rest of the country roasts in a sweltering heat wave (or so we hear), the Bay Area is turning on heaters and still wearing winter outfits.  Will this weather ever stabilize? Half the year’s gone by, and my Product Management and Customer Service teams have had their noses to the grindstone all year long.

We’re on track to deploy our 13th release of the year later this month.  We’re blowing features out the door as fast as a startup, and without jeopardizing stability or performance and with little impact to our customers.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our Account Management team…these are the folks that give you a single touchpoint with ZEDO and make sure all your needs are being addressed; from support to product roadmap improvements, coordinating trainings and facilitating invoice questions.

Abdulla Lodhia


  • Name: Abdulla Lodhia, Assistant Manager – Customer Support
  • With ZEDO since: March 2008
  • Name one way ZEDO takes care of its customers: Excellent Customer Service including Implementation, Support, Trafficking & Dedicated Account Manager
  • What are your hobbies outside of work?  Travelling & researching online about various topics
  • What is exciting to you about what ZEDO offers their customers? ZEDO now offers all sorts of Advertising solutions right from dedicated Ad Server, Publisher Rich Media, Trafficking Services, Ad Network Optimization for publishers, Self Service Platform and outsourced Ad Ops as well as creative designing services.

Working with ZEDO has been a learning curve and it has definitely helped me improve personally and professionally, as well as expand my knowledge of our Online Advertising industry. There are various parties involved right from Advertiser, Publishers, Agencies, Affiliates, Networks and more, each of them have their own goal to achieve and seriously this industry has no limits in terms of approach or creativity that you can do to achieve these goals. The best part what I like working with ZEDO is the honesty, approach and feedback that we take towards helping our customers grow. There are endless opportunities to improvise and do something new for our customer which keeps me really interested, unlike boring places to work where you get monotonous after certain period. There are a lot more examples to share on a case to case basis but it cannot be all written here, all I can say is I am really GLAD that I am a ZEDOITE.

Buddy Johnston

meTODAY Buddy Johnston here, Account Manager at ZEDO. I first sat down in this position 2 years ago this week.   I have been amazed how our UI has changed over time largely because of input from Customers like you. I have watched as new products & services were built to give you more options, more visibility and hopefully more revenue. Our CEO, Roy De Souza, once said something that I love to repeat all the time, “If you’re doing well, ZEDO is doing well.” I sincerely believe that and in those instances when things don’t go so great we feel your pain. Let’s face it this business we’re all in changes day by day. Thankfully for me I have a great Support Staff in Mumbai ready to dive in and address any concerns that come up quickly & accurately. Our Engineers in India & Russia keep the back end humming while our Product Managers work on new projects and enhancements to existing products.  I am proud to be a part of the ZEDO Team and can’t wait to see what the last half of 2010 bring to us all. When I’m not here at work I am listening to music or watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons  trying to figure out why the 1st part of 2010 went by so fast.

Namrata Karmokar


  • Name: Namrata Karmokar, Account Manager
  • With ZEDO since: December 2006
  • Name one way ZEDO takes care of its customers: By building valuable customized features that our clients ask for.
  • What are your hobbies outside of work? My hobbies are Dancing, Drawing and playing outdoor games.
  • What is exciting to you about what ZEDO offers their customers? The support which we provide to customers is remarkable. We make sure that customers get what they are looking for. We respect their time and assure them for response on timely manner. I like two features which makes our customer happy:  Rich media ad formats and Ad Network Revenue Maximizer.

There is a lot to learn in this industry.  This Ad Serving industry is booming every day and things are becoming advanced and enhanced as each day passes. It’s been more than 3 years I am working in this firm and I still learn new things with every request we receive from our customers. There’s an old saying, “We can always learn more from challenging times than from good times.” Catherine Pulsife.

Katy Franco


  • Name:  Katy Franco, Account Manager/ Corporate Trainer/ Tech Writer
  • With ZEDO since:  July 2008
  • Name one way ZEDO takes care of its customers:  We build what you need. Many of our current features came out of customer requests.
  • What are your hobbies outside of work? Working on my house, sewing, reading, cooking, learning Hindi.
  • What is exciting to you about what ZEDO offers their customers? Lots! As I mentioned – we really react when people tell us what they want to do.  (This also makes it a great place to work  I know that my own ideas will always be considered and often implemented.) I like how much we care about our customers. It’s neat to be able to tell people that we can help them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I also like that we’ve grown to be so much more than an ad server.  I often get to tell people, “We can do that, too!”

I’ve been working in Customer Service for over twenty years in a wide range of jobs, but never in any field that I wanted to stick with.  I kinda fell into my job at ZEDO because I was doing some contract copywriting for a side project.  Then I started editing some ad serving customer facing docs and found the technology fascinating.  Now I train new customers to use the ad server, have a roster of very interesting clients to help out, and still work on documentation when I can. It’s certainly never boring, and I plan to stick to this industry for a long time.

This year, ZEDO is celebrating our customers during the month of August. Contact your ZEDO Account Manager to find out about special offers we have about system overviews and setup analysis sessions.

Why outsourcing extra ad ops capacity is good

Of ZEDO’s many Advertising Technologies and Services for publishers, outsourced trafficking is the one most in demand today because of its ability to help publishers cut cost.  Publishers using many different ad servers often ask me if ZEDO can help their ad ops team with overflow work load, and I am proud to always answer confidently that ZEDO certainly can.

The benefit of using outsourced ad ops for publishers is threefold:

1. Save Money.
ZEDO, for example, charges about half the fully loaded US cost of a full time ad operations employee (FTE). No one wants to be the one paying more than they have to.

2. More Coverage.
Customers ask my team all the time if someone can help them because their ad ops team is short staffed, or not working on weekends. Advertisers send requests late on Friday night or Saturday mornings and often want ads live by Monday. Publishers usually have great ad ops teams, but only during business hours. Outsourcing provides 24 hour 7 day a week coverage. I am excited that we can do this at any time of the day or night, and customers really appreciate it.

3. Avoiding Retention Issues.
Retaining great ad ops staff is hard work, in my experience. Entry level ad ops recruits often want to move to sales or development after a year.  That means hiring and training all over again and losing your best people. Outsourcing can be a better solution.  By signing up with ZEDO, publishers maintain their excellent senior teams and don’t waste time on hiring and retention. They find this quite a relief.

I think outsourcing of ad ops is the right way to go for publishers. We can add value to any publishers across the world. Outsourced ad ops is one of our big value adds today. Publishers cut costs, avoid wasting time on retention and get excellent 24/7 coverage to win and retain advertisers.

And, there is no better company than ZEDO to do this because we engineered an ad server – we know how they work. I, personally, and my team actually enjoy helping publishers to keep their advertisers happy.

We forecast that you’ll love this

It’s about time sales reps had reliable inventory forecasts.   Leaving money on the table simply because your inventory forecast isn’t accurate is simply not acceptable.  Underdelivering an order, on the other hand, can jeopardize advertiser relationships.

Inventory forecasting is a complex science. Decision-making servers decide which ad to serve to a user only when an ad request comes in from that user. Those decision-making servers execute highly complex algorithms at the very moment of the ad request. They take into account what has already served from each campaign, frequency capping and geo targeting requirements, and much more.

An inventory forecasting system has to predict what these complex decision-making servers will decide. And it has to predict this far in the future. The best it can do is to make a good guess.  How can an inventory forecast keep up with the complexity of thousands of combinations that a decision-making server can handle?

ZEDO has elegantly solved this problem. For each forecast, ZEDO runs the decision-making servers hundreds of times. We run the decision-making server for tomorrow based on predictions of tomorrow’s traffic and store the results of what will serve. We then use these results and a prediction of traffic patterns for the next day, and make another run of the decision server.  We use the results of the second day to generate the third day, and so on.

Why is this better?  Simple. Rather than guessing what the decision server will do, we are executing all decisions: actually running them hundreds of times for every forecast. It is a huge undertaking that is both CPU and data intensive. Since the same engine that determines ad-delivery does predictions as well any improvements to the decision engine are also immediately reflected in the forecasts. Further, this is uniquely possible because ZEDO built a predictive delivery system 10+ years ago – some of you may remember why.

What it does  provide are beautifully accurate forecasts. And the premium ad sales rep can even see day-by-day illustrations of how each advertiser’s impressions will be served. This is a remarkable leap forward, for direct sales forces across the country. ZEDO inventory forecasts are a tool that every sales rep must have in their arsenal.

How to make Real Time Bidding a win for Publishers

In response to recent industry enthusiasm for Real Time Bidding (RTB), I feel it is important to look at the publisher’s point of view. Exchanges and real time bidding systems are popular because they allow an advertiser to pay just one cent more than the next highest paying advertiser. Is this a good thing? Advertisers use RTB to continually test lower bids and find the lowest accepted price. Clearly this is a great technology for advertisers.

However, Real Time Bidding can be bad for publishers if they don’t use it well. Take this example of a local advertiser who is happy to pay $4.00 CPM because he is getting a satisfactory cost per conversion. With the new RTB ability to vary bids, the advertiser may find that for some users the next highest bidder is paying $0.40 CPM. Now, the advertiser will only pay $0.41 CPM instead of $4.00 for those users. This is a 90% loss of revenue for publishers.

To benefit from this great new technology, publishers need an Advertising Technology company that is on their side. A good publisher technology allows publishers to prevent bidders or exchanges from knowing, or being able to derive, the price other advertisers are paying. The publisher technology should instead hold their private information close to their chest and set a minimum price. For example, a good technology allows the publisher to set a fair minimum CPM, of e.g. $5, for advertisers that are choosing valuable, locally targeted impressions. ZEDO, as a partner for publishers, is unique in offering this.

iMedia Connection uses ZEDO, Inc.!

Recently, the online publisher of content, news, and commentary on critical issues affecting buyers and sellers in the interactive media and marketing industry, iMedia Connection, switched ad serving technology providers from Microsoft  to ZEDO, Inc.  We are thrilled to have them on board as a customer, and look forward to supplying ad operation problem solving, innovative and creative technology enhancements, and competent 24×7 customer support.

We understand that it is iMedia Connection’s job is to produce valuable content for its audience, and we plan to be a strong advertising technology partner behind the scene, solving the ad technology issues, so that iMedia Connection can focus on its main objectives. We will achieve this plan in three ways:

  1. Providing iMedia Connection with more adverting technology options to choose from and use seamlessly together in one web-based platform.
  2. Giving them access to more visibility of critical data and information about their past, current, and future inventories.
  3. Helping them to increase monetization, and make more revenue in the process.

Welcome iMedia Connection!