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Cookies May Be Sweet Compared to What Comes Next

As you probably already know if you’re in the industry, third-party cookies are under fire. Google has already announced that it is moving away from them to a different way of tracking users. Internally, our engineering teams are also at work. Now, two of the industry associations, the Digital Advertising Industry and the IAB are […]

ZEDO’s Next Gen Ad Server Draws Praise

Users of ZEDO’s new cloud-based ad server seem to be very happy with the amount of improvement it gives them. We are migrating our clients to the new server and collecting feedback. We’re receiving a great deal of positive feedback on our implementation and customer service processes company-wide, but here are the specific claims we […]

ZINC Keeps Your Brand Safe on Mobile Devices

In the days since the first messages were sent out over the internet, our expertise with technology has continuously encouraged us to do things with our new capabilities that perhaps we shouldn’t. We’re moving toward a world in which everything connects, for better or for worse, even the refrigerator and the thermostat in your home. Eventually, […]

What Are ZINC’s High Impact Formats?

We’ve been talking about high impact formats for over a year now, long enough to occupy most of the first page results on Google. However, the term probably needs a more specific definition, especially the way we use it at ZINC. Our high impact formats emerged from a challenge I issued to our team over […]

The Rise of ZINC

Things at ZEDO and in the ad market are so exciting. For a while now we’ve been working on our new division, ZINC, hiring people, moving to a Madison Avenue office in New York, and re-branding as way more than an ad server. In the last month things have continued to accelerate. This has really been an […]

High Impact Formats Display Best on Responsive Sites

Now that tablets appear to have taken over from laptops, most brands, especially publishers, are building mobile apps. But while some magazine apps are wildly successful most are not, although research does agree that consumers are reading more on mobile devices. What is the disconnect? The disconnect is that consumers actually prefer information from a […]

Ad Server FAQs

Ad Server Information What is an Ad Server? An Ad Server is a web based tool used by publishers, networks and advertisers to help with ad management, campaign management and ad trafficking. An ad server also provides reporting on  ads served on the website. Finally, an ad server serves the creative side: this means that […]

Are Private Exchanges a Failure?

Private exchanges can’t prove to agencies that they’re any more valuable than buying on the open market. Agencies are asked to buy at higher prices yet they are offered very little reach and exactly the same type of inventory they can get in the open exchanges. So agencies seeing more reach and lower prices, just stick to buying on the open exchanges.