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Ad Fraud: Long Term Industry Killer

There’s always something happening in the advertising business, and this week it’s fraud. Now that the dirty little secret that a high percentage of ad traffic comes from non-humans or bots, everyone is wringing their hands.   Actually, the problem of fraud is not new. It originated almost as soon as publishers moved online. And […]

ZEDO Lands Firmly in Top 20 Buy Side Networks

We knew we were growing, but sometimes it’s great to have our own optimism corroborated by the measurement and research of a company as well-respected as comScore. This month, we discovered that we’re in the top 20 Buy Side Networks, according to comScore January measurements. Watch us next month as we continue to overtake our […]

What Does WhatsApp Have to Do with Advertising?

Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp, the nearly free ( $1 a year) group text platform that doesn’t believe in advertising, sent shivers down the spine of the advertising industry. For brands, the question was “how do we target and engage with those users?” For agencies, the question took a slightly different form: “what constitutes an ad […]

ZEDO’s Viewable Impressions Strategy

This looks like the year the advertising ecosystem will finally get around to using viewable impressions as a metric. For us, it’s long overdue. For a little history, we announced a partnership with mPire, whose AdXPose technology we integrated in 2010, allowing our publishers to activate verification, measurement, alerting and ad blocking services directly within the […]

Publishers Must Preserve Premium Inventory

“There is no excuse for crappy network-served teeth whitening and “one weird trick” ads served against high quality content. Disastrous.” –Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and co-founder of VC firm Andreessen-Horowitz.   Andreessen was part of a multi-party Twitter conversation on the future of news one evening recently. He made the point that a proliferation […]

Video Ad Buyers Seek More Reach

Publishers: if you are not already a ZEDO partner, you may be missing a valuable opportunity to sell inventory to major brand advertisers who want to increase their video reach on sites that run more than just pre-roll. If you are a publisher who wants video ads on your pages, you’re someone who ought to be […]

Mobile Video Advertising Takes Off in 2014

It has taken a long time for advertisers to accept that video could be bought like television rather than on the basis of click-throughs, the antiquated metric they were accustomed to in display advertising (and which doesn’t work anymore anyway). What does this mean? For the industry, it means that digital video advertising has finally […]

Agencies Face Radical Transformation in 2014

“The future does not fit into the containers of the past,” said Rashad Tobaccowala, Chairman of DigitastBi and Razorfish, somewhere in the middle of a thoughtful keynote address at iMedia Agency Summit 2013. “The way agencies and marketers were organized in the past won’t work now.”   Why not? Because most clients and agencies are […]

Mobile Video Advertising to Grow Next Year

The last 25 years have seen an extraordinary shift in the digital media business. New media already dwarfs old media in market value. In fact, it’s almost 3x the size of old media, which is worth a mere $480 billion compared to the combined power of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo, who together are […]