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OTA Comments on Proposed Data Breach Notification Legislation

As a member of The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a global non-profit with the mission to enhance online trust and promote innovation, we take seriously the issue of online trust. There are now several federal data breach notification proposals wending their way through the legislature. OTA, because it represents over 100 other organizations, feels compelled […]

Mobile Advertising Makes Context Supremely Important

Programmatic media buying has done many things well, but it has done one thing very poorly: it has not kept good track of one of advertising’s most important media buying tenets –context.  Context used to be the watchword of print media buyers, who chose audiences by buying certain magazines, like the New Yorker for elite […]

How to Get a Handle on Your Dark Traffic

As a publisher, you would like to know where your traffic is coming from, and you’d like to know as much as possible about each visitor. But Atlantic admits that it doesn’t know where approximately 40% of its traffic comes from, and the Guardian cannot account for 7-8%.The Guardian’s website is being swamped by unidentifiable […]

ZEDO Technology Platform Proves its Worth

As the CEO of such a fast growing company as ZEDO has become, I’m not hands on with our technical team on a daily basis. ZEDO VPs of Engineering Arleif Braganza and Nitesh Naik lead the architecture of the platform its operation. Recently I had the opportunity to sit in on a technical presentation the […]

What is ZINC, and What is its Relationship to ZEDO?

Our ZINC division, which sells high impact formats to advertisers,  is somewhat new to the agency world, and we are often asked some simple questions: who are we? What are we selling? And how are we different? Who are we? ZINC is the brand and agency division of ZEDO, Inc, a fifteen-year-old ad tech company […]

IAB OK’s Trading on Viewability

For three years, we’ve been screaming that in digital advertising, there’s no such thing as “below the fold,” with its devalued impressions. We asserted that if an ad is seen by a visitor,it should be paid for. Now, IAB‘s new standard has directed that this should and will happen. Above and below the fold will no […]