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When Brand Advertising Comes Back, Google Gets Eclipsed

The well-respected blogger Ben Thompson wrote quite a controversial post titled Peak Google after seeing Google’s Q3 earnings. While Google’s ad business obviously isn’t in serious trouble, the numbers led Ben to contemplate the fact that while Google has totally captured the search advertising business, search represents a scant 10% ($50 billion), of the $545 billion total […]

Internet Ad Revenues Post Huge Gains

While ad tech companies themselves are still merging and their IPOS may not be doing too well, the industry they enable is doing just fine. PwC US has just released its latest half year study of Internet ad revenues, an they’ve hit yet another new high, now at $23.1 billion. That’s up 15% from last […]

TV Execs Minimize Video Threat, but…

Big numbers have been released by comScore about the growing number of online videos served by both Facebook and YouTube. Between the two sites, they delivered more than 24 billion views in August alone. To get down to the specifics. comScore’s executive chairman said that Facebook had delivered a billion, yes that’s billion, more video […]

Better Targeting Without Cookies

Amidst all the fuss about cookies and whether advertisers would survive  with new regulations surrounding the use of third party cookies, Facebook has developed a demand-side platform that can target customers totally without cookies.  Not only that, but this platform can target a customer on or off Facebook, on mobile or desktop, and on any […]

Shifts in Viewing: Video Consumption Up, TV Down

How appropriate that Nielsen’s new Cross-Platform Report is called “Shifts in Viewing.” You would have to be insensate not to know that people are consuming  more digital video. We know it because our video content publishers are seeing rapid upticks in traffic. In summary, the report says that although TV viewing has declined, most sharply […]

Will Infinite Scrolling and Lazy Loading Help Publishers?

If there’s anything that can convince you that times are changing –again–in the online advertising business, it’s the relatively new practice of “lazy loading” pages. Unless you’re deep in the weeds of the business, you may not even know what this term means, but it is a new way to make pages load faster, and […]

Programmatic isn’t a Synonym for Low CPMs

Are small publishers having difficulty keeping their CPMs stable with programmatic? According to Brian Fitzgerald of Evolve Media they are: The overall marketplace has been putting pressure on brands to move into indirect programmatic channels at lower CPMs. Smaller sites have really been feeling the pinch. There’s a shrinking pool of people viewing ad inventory […]

Mobile is Changing the Creative Process, As Well As the Product

You may have been away on vacation this summer, but advertising hasn’t stood still in your absence.  The market will increase 5.3% this year to $180 billion, one of the biggest increases in a decade. This is good news for an industry that struggled during the Great Recession.  And a great deal of that growth […]

MMA Study: Formats That Work on Mobile

As all brands and agencies already know, consumers are not crazy about mobile ads, especially those on the mobile phone. The phone has a special place in a person’s life because it is carried on the body, and the rules for successful advertising on the phone without intrusiveness are still being written. One thing we […]

Help Advertisers Find Audiences with Viewable Impressions

Advertising has always been a cyclical and tenuous business. The venerable department store magnate John Wanamaker, whom no one even remembers any longer, once said “I know half my advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”  If there’s a blip in the market, advertising is always the first thing to go, and that’s why Madison Avenue is […]