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Video Advertising Will Be as Effective as TV: Update

About two years ago, I wrote about my belief that  high quality publishers could make Internet advertising work at least as well as the best TV advertising. At the time, that was a pretty lonely position. In a world of banners and remnant inventory,online advertising was heading toward commoditization. Yet I continued to believe that we could […]

How RTB Fits in a Brand Strategy

Online media is growing up. Once thought only appropriate for performance advertising, it has now entered many media plans much earlier in the marketing funnel—at the stage of building the brand. This has made media planning more complex, especially as real time bidding now constitutes almost 40% of ad sales. How does a media planner […]

Publishers Must Help Advertisers Buy Video

Recent tectonic shifts in the advertising ecosystem have left all parties reeling and reaching for something firm to hold on to. In the past two years, You Tube, where dancing babies and talking heads once prevailed, has become the home of major celebrities. The online content world has shifted from text to video almost overnight, […]

Industry Changes Demand Technology Leadership

Our industry is changing fast. We’re aware of that, and our technical team is hard at work coming up with new, more effective solutions to help advertising survive and content continue, in most cases, to be free. Advertising is the time-honored way to support content, but the invasive methods of some marketers have brought about […]

ZEDO’s Cloud-Based Next Generation Ad Server

  We haven’t been marketing our ad server lately,because it has been in transition. But it is still our flagship product, and recently we’ve done a lot of work to distinguish it from  those of our competitors. ZEDO ad server is now a completely cloud-based next-generation ad server, able to do things our legacy competitors can’t. For example, […]

Google and ZEDO on the Same Page About the Future of Advertising

Susan Wojcicki, SR VP of Advertising at Google, has been keynoting several conferences lately, trying to get the word out about Google’s view of the future of advertising. Happily, her main points reinforce our vision, especially points 1,3,and 5. Sometimes a company Google’s size has the money and time to spend to educate the market, […]