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Predictions for 2014

Tis the season of parties and predictions, and far be it from ZEDO to be left out. Although we have no inside track to the future, we’re as entitled to make predictions as anyone else in our industry, so here goes: 1) In another year, no one will have a “mobile strategy.” Rather, brands will […]

What is Native Advertising and Why Might it Be Confusing?

It’s no surprise that native advertising is drawing the attention of the FTC, which  held hearings on the subject on December 4, although does not intend to regulate the industry at this time.. Not only is there the potential for confusion on the part of consumers, but advertisers and publishers are equally confused. According to […]

Mobile Video Plays in Holiday Advertising

We are entering the holiday season, otherwise known as the advertising season. Retail forecasts are less than glowing, and stores are adjusting their hours and promotions accordingly. It appears that as soon as we get up from the table on Thanksgiving, we’ll be heading off to a sale. And how will we find out about […]

Unduplicated Reach for Video Ads

Everyone knows intuitively that digital video advertising must be effective — after all, look how the number of people watching it keeps growing. But are you reaching the same people with your digital video ads that you reach on TV? Most media planners don’t know. They’re just beginning to focus on measuring digital video, because […]

Apple Rollout of Tablets Bodes Well for Mobile Ad Prices

So Apple announced at its most recent events that it has had the strongest iPhone launch ever. The company then went on to say that it has sold 170,000,000 iPads. If that doesn’t tell you something about the value of mobile advertising, nothing will. Along with the iPad revolution, mobile advertising has also risen dramatically. […]

Business Insider: Mobile Exploding

  To answer the call for an industry leading technology in the ad space ZEDO has invested resources in the ZINC High Impact product suite. Our leading platform provides the technology to make an impact on the right audience on web and mobile. ZINC is fostering an environment for effectively reaching consumers on mobile devices […]

High Impact Formats Deliver A Banner Year for ZEDO

This is another time of transition in the advertising and publishing industries, two industries whose symbiotic existence is threatened by privacy advocates, ad blocking software, and the shift to mobile. Banner ads, the publishing industry’s main strategy for making the shift to digital in 1993, are longer effective after two decades of being the workhorse […]

ZEDO’s Cloud-Based Ad Server

This year,  ZEDO completed its migration to Amazon Web Services, making it one of the only truly cloud-based ad servers. The update made us faster, better, and more scalable. The migration is a demonstration of  the company’s technology leadership. Ever since we began, we’ve been dedicated to staying ahead of the growing ad tech industry. […]