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Digital Video Grows, But Upsets Duopoly

We like research, especially when it aligns with our own corporate strategy. We invested heavily in digital video several years ago, and have been waiting for the market to catch up. Now, apparently, it has, but in a very lopsided way Pivotal Research Group LLC is an equity research firm that provides research on media, […]

New York Ad Week Reveals Facebook’s Problems

New York Advertising Week was very revealing, both about the state of the industry in general (existential angst), and about Facebook’s problems in particular. I predict by next year there not only won’t be a duopoly–that’s well on the way because of Oath and Amazon–but will be a considerably more open marketplace. Facebook has begun selling video […]

Salesforce Study Shows Rising Customer Expectations

This is the year that control of the advertising industry has once and for all passed to the customer. Events from the last year like the launch of more personal digital assistants and the passage of GDPR have altered the industry forever, raising expectations and changing corporate norms. Back in the “Mad Men” era, it […]

Criteria for Acceptable Mobile Ads Released

Nothing is black and white. While it is true that 25% of users block online advertising, surveys conducted by Eyeo, the makers of Ad Block Plus, have revealed that there are some ads even users of ad blockers don’t mind. That led to Eyeo setting up a “white list” of companies that agreed to run […]

AI and Blockchain Dominate DMexco (But Not Reality)

We withdrew from doing business in Europe temporarily until GDPR sorts itself out, so we didn’t feel the need to attend DMexco.  However, the people who did reported back that it was a more heavily European-market focused conference, and like Cannes, a bit smaller. As usual, following it on Twitter gave us an overview, and […]

Peretti Says Electing Trump Changed the Media Business

Jonah Peretti is traditionally an optimist about the media business, and especially about his own business, which has been a beacon for digital first media businesses. But in the past six months, even he has had to come to grips with the fact that reach and scale don’t necessarily turn on the revenue spigot as […]

Values Re-Enter the Marketer Vocabulary

A number of trends have converged in my mind this week to convince me that marketing has to change — AGAIN. A pendulum has swung too far without us noticing it, and it’s about to hit us in the face as it swings back if we aren’t careful. Here are six trends that point to the need […]

Publishers Need a New Understanding of Business Models

Jason Hirschhorn is a man with an illustrious past in the media business and much to say about the future of media. The industry ought to be listening to him now that he’s writing again. Born in New York, home of the media business, he cut his teeth on a company, Mischief New Media, that […]

Are Techniques Like Microtargeting and Retargeting Worth it?

There was a very interesting article in the NYTimes last week about how Facebook has “weaponized” ad tech. Although the article was really meant to highlight the abuses of political advertising on Facebook as we move toward the 2018 elections, the impact of micro targeting in the political sphere carries over to all publishers. Facebook […]

New Game: Consent String Fraud

Well, that didn’t take long. GDPR went into effect at the end of May, and as we all return from summer holidays we are already the victims of consent string fraud. I guess fraudsters don’t vacation. They spent the summer generating fake consent string numbers. Digiday has already run its “WTF is a Consent String” […]