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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2012

VPAID Ad Format: Expandable Overlay After adding support for VPAID swf file uploads, we now give users the ability to create VPAID overlay ads by uploading normal swf files. We support two overlay expandable ads and expandable ads using Flash. Both functions can be found in the trafficking for VAST Compatible tab. Get More Data […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June 2012

VAST Advanced Report Last month we released a Summary Report for VAST video ads that will give you statistics for all 16 standard IAB events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO. This month, we added more: Advertiser performance report Channel report Publisher report Account report Ad dimension report Campaign report City, Country, State, DMA reports […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2012

VAST Events Report Now you can track all sixteen IAB standard events for a VAST Ad in ZEDO. We added a multi-select box  in the VAST Ad template that allows customers to choose the events they would like to track for an ad. See below: To see the report for all sixteen events, look under […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2012

ZEDO Inventory Forecast 3.0 [Beta] Sales teams for online publishers need to know exactly what’s available to sell. To this end, they need precise inventory forecasting. Forecasts also allow Ad Operations teams to optimize performance, leading to maximum revenue. Always responsive to customers’ needs, ZEDO released Inventory Forecast 2.0 in mid-2010, which used ad server […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2012

Customized reports by Campaign You will be able to specify which fields your advertisers can see in campaign reports. Activate Custom Reporting for the campaign Choose reporting metrics [Show: impressions/clicks/actions/revenue] for “custom reporting” campaigns for advertiser roles Passback for VAST ads Users can enable pass backs in the Create ad form for VAST ads, and […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2012

February’s been good to us and our ad server!  Here’s a look at what we released so far this month. Improved Search We added the ability to search by IO (Reference number) in Global Search and Ad Search. Introducing Ad Retirement A new status has been added for ads that stopped serving 12 months ago. […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2012

Here’s a preview of the latest improvements in our recent release! Push On Demand: With the click of a button, you can “hurry up” those fixes and changes you need pushed quickly.  Regular ad updates are processed every 15 minutes (give or take), but for those things that can’t wait until the next train, you […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – 2012's First

We’ve been a bit too busy to update you monthly, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the feature highlights from the end of the year. Bulk Clone Ads – by popular demand! Select multiple ads from a campaign and clone them with a single click (wuuuut?).  This is a huge time saver for […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July

VAST Video Ad Serving With our July 28th release, ZEDO will complete the adoption of the VAST 2.0 standard for video ad serving.  Our customers can use their custom flash player, or a VAST compatible player. Frequency Cap by Hour In response to customer demand, we now support frequency capping by hour. Ad Title Your […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – June

With half of 2011 now behind us, the ZEDO development team continues to produce innovative advertising technology for publishers.  We are most excited about our newest development – ZEDO mobile ad serving!  Read all about it in our latest press release here. Run ads on mobile devices Customers will now be able to run ads […]