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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – May 2013

Infinite End Date for a Campaign: Usually remnant and house ad campaigns are long running with only the creatives changes. Most of the users want such campaigns to never end. With this feature we will allow users to set the end date of the campaign to infinite. This will enable user to serve house ads […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2013

Country Forecast Report We have now added forecasting by country to the Inventory Forecast Report.  This includes a country-by-country breakdown of total, sold, reserved and available inventory. This is useful for allocating impressions and allows your sales team to monetize inventory based on countries. 3rd Party Research Vendor support for VAST You can now insert […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2013

We continue to work hard on developing great advertising technology solutions for publishers here at ZEDO. Here is a list of the what we have been working on: Publisher Role Enhancements We have added the ability to hide Advertisers/Campaigns/Creative and revenue information from your Publisher and Publisher with Ad Trafficking (PAT) home dashboard graphs. You […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2013

VAST event report enhancement Previously, the VAST event report we showed data up to the previous day – you had to wait for another day to check the current day’s event data. We now include the current day’s data in the report, and as it’s updated hourly, you can get the most current VAST events data […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2013

Streamlined Navigation for Easier Campaign Access Previously, to  view or edit a campaign, you had to Go to the Campaign Dashboard Select an advertiser to see its campaigns When the campaign list loaded, select the campaign Click the campaign name to see the details We have simplified the process by adding searchable drop downs to […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December 2012

Ad code update for AdXpose: now Comscore AdEffx AdXpose has changed their name to Comscore AdEffx, and they’ve released a new vCE code that offers significantly better viewability metrics and view through rate. They have stopped supporting the old code,  so we have updated our system with the new code for all our customers currently […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2012

Rank Ads Rank Ads is one of the most important features of ZEDO; widely used by all customers. With the growing demand to add features to the page, it got a little difficult to navigate, so in the next few releases we lined up some changes we think will make it easier for users to […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2012

October has been a busy month for our development team as we planned some important upgrades to boost the performance and quality of our system. While our main focus was on Quality, we also released the following features. Ad Title Layer As Google knows, ad networks can gain brand recognition by including their name on […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2012

Logical operators for Activity targeting In the quest to find the most appropriate user for your ad we want to help you get as granular as possible. To that end, we have enhanced our Activity targeting feature to support logical operators (OR, AND, AND NOT), which will allow you to create the desired combinations of […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – August 2012

AdHoc Reports is now Report Builder AdHoc reports let you build you own reports, so we decided to rename it “Report Builder”. To keep everything in sync with the new name we have also made some label changes in the UI. Report Gallery Along with the new name, we have also added the “Report Gallery”. […]