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ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – April 2014

1) Transcoding of video to multiple bit rate (to be released by the end of this month!) We have built and integrated a new Transcoding tool in our VAST compatible ad template. Users will now be able to convert their often higher bit rate videos into multiple videos of different bitrates. This will allow the […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – March 2014

IAB – Full Page Flex: ZEDO now supports IAB Mobile Rising Star – Full Page Flex ad format. This new ad format offers a full screen ad experience with sight, sound, motion, and interaction capabilities. Full Page Flex ads are designed to fit  responsively across different mobile devices with consistent behaviours that keep the viewer […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – February 2014

Custom HTML Ad Template Ad templates is a powerful template creator tool that will allow ad traffickers to insert frequently-used HTML/Javascript Ad codes and create a template. Create Ad Template Screen: The templates created will be available in the Create Ad page as a new primary ad type called Ad Templates. Create Ad Screen: This […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – January 2014

ZEDO ADMagic is now ZEDO Ad Inspector The initiative was aimed at distinguishing this ZEDO product from similarly named products on the market. The functionality hasn’t changed, just the name. You can download the latest version here. Revenue format setting in Account Preferences With this project, users will be able to choose the number of decimal […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – December 2013

Custom Targeting Improvements: We released Custom Targeting a couple of months back, and have been rolling out enhancements. What’s new this time:           Key-Value Filter in Rank Ads           You can now filter your Rank Ads results by Key-Value.           Display Name for Key-Values     […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – November 2013

Changes to Custom Ad Generator for Rich Media Our Custom Ad Generator is well known to all ZEDO customers running Rich Media ads. When we first added this tool, it stood alone, in the  Normal tab of Create Ad. We have now incorporated it into the more appropriate Rich Media trafficking template, under the new […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – October 2013

New Look for ZEDO header!  We’ve revamped the ZEDO UI header to look and work better.  It’s more streamlined, more modern, and has more features. Adopted Flat UI guidelines More prominent Search box Focus on usability. The header is now semi-responsive, and will be fully responsive in the near future Reduced Header height to accommodate […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – September 2013

Custom Targeting Custom targeting will allow users to create and target ads to key-value pairs, as well as apply logical operators. You will be able to target based on user agents as well as combination of demographics, for example: targeting users from Mumbai and San Francisco who are working in the IT industry, between the […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – August 2013

Cost Per Engagement Phase 2 Cost per Engagement (CPE) allows you to allocate ads based on VAST events. We released Phase 1 of CPE in July. In Phase 2, we’re adding revenue data for CPE campaigns to Campaign dashboards and Profit Reports New Tag Type: Ad Requests API We’ve introduced a new ad tag type: […]

ZEDO Advertising Technology Updates – July 2013

New Revenue type: Cost Per Engagement [CPE] With video ad serving growing rapidly, advertisers need to be sure that their video ads are engaging viewers and generating interest about their products. Viewer engagement is measured by events:  start, midpoint view, full screen views, etc., that are defined by VAST video standards. These metrics give good […]