Ads in iPhone apps? There’s a tag for that.

I love my iPhone. I love my iPhone apps. (Also, I’m cheap, so I’m happy to see ads if it will keep my costs down.) Undeniably,  iPhone apps are hot. In April, TechCrunch stated that, “the total number of devices running on the [Apple] platform [is] 85 million. There are now 185,000 applications on the app store, which have been downloaded 4 billion times.”. If you’ve got (or are planning to have) an iPhone application, then we can help you make some money with it.

If you’ve been following us over the last year, you know that we’ve branched way out from being just an ad server (with ad network optimization, ad ops, and other cool stuff). But don’t think we’re not still making our ad server awesome: We’ve built an ad tag that works in iPhone apps!

The tag is just a couple lines of code –  easy to implement. Ads for iPhone apps will be managed just like all other ads. You can run ads before or after the app is used,  in different dimensions (full screen or as a banner). A nice thing about ZEDO’s iPhone tag is that clicking on an ad doesn’t close the running app. Once the user is done browsing she can return to what she was doing in the application.

As an office with a lot of  iPhone users, we’re pretty excited about this. (The Blackberry users are waiting patiently for theirs.) If you have any questions or comments about this (or anything) we want to hear them.

As always, you can call your Account Manager or contact Sales at or 415-348-1975.

Reach the TechCrunch article!