AdNetRevMax got even better!

Are you wondering what CPMs are in different geographic locations? Wondering which ad units you should be running? Or which ad network should get GOOD and more impressions? Well, just ask our all NEW AdNetRevMax and you’ll get all the information you need to make the MOST from all your ad networks.

What has changed?

1. New Ad Tag Performance page shows the following:

a.  eCPM by country/ ad dimension combination.
b.  eCPM trend graph for 8 days and eCPM comparison with same day last week.
c.  Rank and frequency for each Ad
d.  Impressions served yesterday
e.  Sorting on eCPM, Rank and Impressions
f.   Ability to change Rank and frequency

2. Improved Ad Network dashboard

Now watch your eCPM trend for the month and compare it with last month.
AdNetRevMax is built to help publishers make more money from ad networks. Publishers use many ad networks, sometimes in different geographic locations. If a publisher has to make more money, then it’s very important to know which ad network is paying what CPM and in which country. Not only that, one should be able to compare the CPM of  “ad network A” with the CPM of “ad network B”. AdNetRevMax has all the data you need to MAXIMIZE your revenue.

Use it now and start making more money! Email for more details.
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