Add/Remove Ads from Ranks ads

Do you wish that you could have a basket of ads by your side, so you could just add good ads and remove the bad ads from a channel?

ZEDO has released a feature which allows you to add or remove any creative to or from a channel directly from the “Rank Ads” page.

Adding Creative

You can directly add a creative to the desired level on the “Rank Ads” page, and set an impression limit and frequency cap too.

add creatives

Removing Creative

Removing a bad creative is also easy. Just mouse over on the ad name, click on the “recycle bin” icon and select the ads to be untargeted from the channel.

Ads to be removed will be shown as below:

When you click Submit, all the selected ads will be added and/or removed.

You can also remove ads from the Channel Dashboard!

Ads to be removed will be shown as below:

All the changes will be saved on clicking submit.