Fully-Featured Ad Server and Ad Serving Tools for Direct Sales

Specialized Ad Serving tools for Publishers, Advertisers & Ad Networks

Optimize workflow, improve efficiency and take advantage of the powerful ad serving tools offered by ZEDO – one of the oldest ad servers, and the largest independent ad server today.

Ad Trafficking

ZEDO’s got a template for every ad – and options for trafficking that make your life easier.

  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Customizable Access Control for advanced and new users
  • Standard and Custom Ad Dimensions sizes supported
  • Frequency Caps at the Ad or Campaign Level
  • Easy Rank Ads/ Sequence Manager
  • Channel Sets and Geography Sets for custom targeting needs
  • Connexion Tags/ Universal Pixels
  • Advanced malware screen checks code for vulnerabilities and ensures ad networks are safe
  • Ad Operations services

Ad Tracking

Advanced ad tracking helps you work with any advertiser’s needs.

  • Standard Impression and Click Tracking
  • Action/ Conversion, Post-Click and Post-Impression (View-Through)
  • Behavioral Activity Tracking
  • Revenue Tracking (Delayed, Dynamic or Standard)

Ad Serving

ZEDO’s 3rd Generation Ad Serving Platform serves all types of ads, to all target groups, for all campaigns and with multiple options for optimization.

  • Rich Media Ads – Expandable Banners, Overlays, Intromercials, Pre- and Post-Roll Video Ads
  • Ads Served inside flash sites and applications
  • Standard Banner, HTML, Text, and javascript ads
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Geography Targeting to City, State, Country, DMA and custom groups
  • Bandwidth targeting
  • Day/ Time Targeting
  • Exclusive ads and campaigns
  • Speedy, evenly-delivered ads
  • Premium and Excess inventory management
  • Automatic Optimization based on eCPM, CTR, Clicks or Impressions

Ad Planning & Reporting

Better forecasting tools and dynamic reports help you manage and plan your business.

  • Canned and custom reports
  • Advanced forecasting and inventory reports
  • Campaign Pacing Reports
  • Scheduled Report Delivery
  • Cell phone/ SMS report delivery
  • Profit Reports
  • Executive Summaries and Dashboards

API Integration [Z:API]

ZEDO helps you seamlessly integrate with any other system to save time and reduce errors in manual data transfer. [Z:API] supports Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

  • [Z:API] supports Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • Manage and create advertisers, campaigns and more
  • Request and access reports as needed, on your schedule
  • Schedule report requests and pick up reports when ready

Customer Service

ZEDO’s customer service team is dedicated to helping you grow and manage your business.

  • 24/7 support through phone, email or chat
  • Online knowledge base and computer-based training
  • Implementation Professionals for a perfect Go-Live day
  • Technical Engineers on staff for troubleshooting and tag support
  • Dedicated Account Managers during your business hours
  • Complete access to the ZEDO Product Development team